The impressive PlayStation Vita port of Phantasy Star Online 2 has already proved a massive hit in Japan, having been purchased or downloaded over 350,000 times in the region since its release at the end of last month. While a retail version of the MMO did hit store shelves on 28th February, it’s the free download from the PlayStation Network that appears to have proved most popular.

According to the latest Media Create report, the physical edition of the freemium sequel has sold 72,383 units at retail to date. That means that the game’s been downloaded approximately 278,000 times, which is a pretty impressive sum. Furthermore, as of 10th March, more than 2.5 million players had signed up for accounts in the title across PC and Vita.

There’s still no word on a Western release for the handheld version of the adventure, but the PC edition is set to be deployed in Europe and North America later this year. Considering these impressive numbers, we're hoping that there’s a chance of the Vita version making its way overseas. Fingers crossed, huh?