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Mon 7th Nov 2011

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Pikachupwnage commented on Japanese Sales Charts: Soul Sacrifice Pushes V...:

@shinobi88 Wow just wow... Level 5 has developed/published about 2 dozen games for 3DS. Also Atlus has supported 3DS with, 4 SMT games, 1 etrain odyssey game, code of princess etc. Natsume has supported 3DS with 2 harvest moon games, and several other games. Sqaure enix has given 2 dragon quest games, 1 final fantasy spinoff, at least 2 new IPs, gyrozetter, kingdom hearts and is working on a sequel for one of those new IPs(bravely default flying fairy). Plenty of indie game support as well.

I could go on. Oh and you are misinformed on Capcom.

"Capcom has had little to say about the sales performance of Resident Evil: Revelations on the 3DS, but Takenaka refuted claims the publisher was attempting to make up for any perceived disappointment."

"We find that the reception from fans and critics was very positive and we were very happy with the sales given the 3DS market at the time of its release. It isn't anything to do with us trying to salvage any kind of lost opportunity; quite the contrary."



Pikachupwnage commented on Zombies Infiltrate Nuketown in Call of Duty: B...:

Dammit activision give me A DATE FOR THIS ON WII U ****ING NOW!

Seriously we are being treated like a third class citizen. On actiivsions help board they still haven't answered the one DLC question for the Wii U version...several months old but they answered a question about a patch that was posted after the DLC question IN THE SAME THREAD! They are ignoring us!

Microsoft gives them money so PS3 has to wait and it seems they just don't give a damn about us Wii U owners. Nice to know you guys care.




Pikachupwnage commented on Rumour: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Starting a R...:

That exclusivity thing is dumb as hell. We bought it don't make us wait so you can stuff cash in your pants.

Meanwhile on Wii U not even so much as a peep on season pass....they said we will get it but we aren't seeing it. And we still don't have nuketown 2025 or nuketown zombies. Just give me my ****ing nuketown and nuketown zombies Instead of shafting us.