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Talking Point: How Will the PS3 and Vita Factor into This Week's PlayStation Meeting?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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All eyes are on the PlayStation 4 this week. Sony’s widely publicised PlayStation Meeting is set to take place on 20th February, where we’ll almost certainly get our first glimpse at the platform holder’s next generation console. But while the emphasis has been very much on the future for the last couple of weeks, we can’t help but feel that the present has been somewhat overlooked. So, how will the manufacturer’s current consoles factor into its upcoming press conference?

Well, it’s not going to miss an opportunity to promote its impending wares that’s for sure. There are a wealth of PlayStation 3 titles in the pipeline, some of which are less than a month away. God of War: Ascension and The Last of Us are both certain to appear in some form, even if they are only part of a montage. Meanwhile, we wouldn’t rule out a release date for Quantic Dream’s tantalising Beyond: Two Souls, which has been on hiatus since last year’s E3.

Of course, the biggest PS3 announcement is likely to stem from its price. A number of industry analysts have already predicted that the console’s cost will be slashed in light of the looming PS4 news, and it certainly makes sense. Last year, when the company introduced the platform’s third hardware revision at the Tokyo Game Show, many of us predicted that it would launch alongside a significant price cut – but it didn’t. With the holiday season now over, it makes sense to make a change, especially with so many exclusive blockbusters on the horizon.

The same rings true for the PlayStation Vita, too. The company cut the price of the system in Japan last night, and we expect it to announce something similar for Western territories on Wednesday. The handheld may not have quite as many titles in the pipeline in Europe and North America as in its domestic region, but we expect the struggling system to play a big part in Sony’s next generation plans. For example, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company had found a way to make Remote Play function as standard across all PS4 releases. It would certainly be an enticing response to the Wii U.

And then, of course, there’s Gaikai. We’ve already speculated how the company’s technology could be used to stream content to the PS4 – but what if it was compatible with the Vita, too? Imagine being able to access PlayStation’s entire back catalogue on the handheld without any control compromises. That sounds like an enticing feature, and it would certainly add value to the system assuming that the price is right.

New game announcements seem less likely, however. We’re not expecting the press conference to be particularly long, and, as such, we doubt that there will be time for any new software reveals on either the PS3 or Vita. Besides, the venue doesn’t seem ideal – industry attention will predominantly be pointed at the PS4 coming out of the conference, and any new titles may get lost. With GDC right around the corner, there will be better destinations to discuss fresh content for the manufacturer’s existing machines.

But despite that, we still believe that the PS3 and Vita will play a big part in this week’s PlayStation Meeting. Sony has promised to show us a glimpse of the future, and its existing platforms will factor into that. All eyes may be on the next generation this week, but its current consoles will definitely be along for the ride.

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Actually, I'd quite like to see some new PlayStation Vita games


Please inject The Last of Us into my eyes


Price-cuts for the PS3 and Vita would be nice


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User Comments (17)



Splat said:

I hoping if the PS3 price cut is true that it will include the 500 GB model. I'm seriously thinking about picking up a second PS3 and that would seal the deal.



meldarion said:

Price cut on PS3 would like to buy another ps3 especially if I could pick up the red color at reduced price and cos my ps3 is full of PS+ games. Reduced prices on PS VITA memory card cos all my cards are full with PS+ games



Sanquine said:

PS4 > Killzone 4 / The last guardian instant buy and vita games: More games for Europe... Still no Persona 4 the golden. Europe the biggest sony supporter this generation is getting less Than the xbox drones in America and the Nintendo horny Japanese.. I Hate SCEE. Scej is giving more love at an smaller audience...



Placlu said:

A Vita price cut would be nice... not that I have the money to buy one anyway.. , but yea this meeting is just going to be sony telling you how shiny the PS4 is. Rumour is: It's very shiny. It may even sparkle.[citation needed]



3Above said:

BROKEN RECORD TIME! I want to see FF Versus 13 as a PS4 launch title, or at least launch window maybe even exclusive. But i think that would be better suited for E3 but stil....



hamispink said:

I think that gaikai connectivity for the vita would help it far more than ps4 remote play. If Sony announced Wednesday that you could now stream PS 1/2/3 games to the vita (which will presumably cost $200) it would instantly squash all the talk of the vita having no games. They wouldn't be exclusives, but the idea of playing ps3 games on the go is certainly exciting. I think it makes more sense for the vita to receive streams from gaikai servers than from an actual ps3.



rjejr said:

Vita needs a price cut way more than the PS3.

Who doesn't own a PS3 yet? It was $199 in the US the last 2 holiday shopping seasons. If you wanted 1 for $199 you could have easily found it the last 15 or so months.



hYdeks said:

I would like to hear progress on upcoming PS3 games, and I would like to hear more on Vita games too, but the grand daddy for the 20th is the PS4 reveal, it's gonna be awesome!!!



ReyLuca said:

A drastic overhaul of ps vita memory card prices! And introduce a 64 gb card for those who like to dwnload.



divinelite said:

If vita and ps4 is linked,that's a way for me to buy ps4, even I have to wait for two years so games will be better



Zombie_Barioth said:

The Vita and it's memory cards could use a price cut all around, not just in Japan. Its got a decent selection of games but I think the initial start-up costs are scaring people off, especially the price of decent sized memory cards.



ThreadShadow said:

Maybe it's all a trick, and it will just be the reveal of Super Street Fighter 4 Extend Special Arcade Stage Live it Up! Edition...fragrance.



Savino said:

Sony will show a kinect clone and they will tell:
-PS4???? We never said anything! Now shake your body and play just dance!



turtlelink said:

Personally, I'd like to see an announcement for a Gravity Rush sequel and maybe even a new Patapon.

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