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Wed 6th Feb 2013

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meldarion commented on Here's Your Very First Official PlayStation 4 ...:

@Reverend_Skeeve Don't know about taxes. But I bought playstation stuff from the US over the internet and it is quite cheaper from there. The only reason why I still buy from european/Uk stores are cause it is quicker and do to warranty.

Another good example it the PS store. If you have a US account you would get games much cheaper from there then on the European store.... although I have to admit that European/UK PS+ deals tend to be better than the US ones



meldarion commented on Feature: Xbox Reveal - Microsoft's Biggest Thr...:

Subsidised pricing ... WTF?? But it does sound like something that MS would try to do and I think they will succeed. MS always tried to keep the people with them look at Xbox Live one has to pay for it and indirectly they force people to play online so that they don't waste their money, they invented trophies people who like trophies will never change their system because they will loose all their trophies.

And now subsidised prices forcing people to commit themselves for at least two years. I know most people will like it but seriously it is sad to see that the gaming industry has to fall in such shallow business models.

One final note if the Xbox is really priced at $399 that is a good think for the PS4 because I think that Sony could easily place the PS4 at a lower price point especially if they introduced a paid online service which include GaiKai feature which would make up for the reduce price tag. Or if they make a PS4 + PSVITA bundle which includes PS+ subscription for a year and other goodies... although they have to convince people first that remote play will work flawlessly on the PS4 and PSVITA



meldarion commented on Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (PlayS...:

Wow is this the third entry in the series? I laugh about it when I saw the first one and saw that it was about the console war but three entries it is insane. Nonetheless I like how the Japanese manage to do a game about anything while the West is always recycling the same IP's and the same storyline and genres. I like both side of the coin but it is amazing and interesting to see how different the outlook Japanese culture has on games, cartoons, comics card games etc.

Also the fact Nobou Uematsu composed music for this game is an amazing fact always enjoyed the musical pieces the guy produces especially Final Fantasy ones those are the best. It is always nice to see his name written in musical pieces of a game



meldarion commented on Cerny: PlayStation 4's Launch Lineup Will Be '...:

@Jaz007 Although that was running on the ps4 there was no one actually playing the game with the controller in their hands that what I meant by gameplay. I know everything they showed was running in real time but actual gameplay with a person on stage playing the game was only shown for knack, killzone and watchdog although watchdogs



meldarion commented on Cerny: PlayStation 4's Launch Lineup Will Be '...:

@rjejr Knack and killzone were the only games which we saw actual game footage of apart from the other third party games. Plus knack was the only one which was shown playing via remote play on the vita so it will definitely be a launch title. I think they did not mention it simple because for many people it was not as impressive as all the other games which we are used to.

I am looking forward to see a final fantasy game launching with the PS4 that would be the most amazing launch line up for me though I doubt that will happen since they are releasing lightning returns this year.... maybe we'll get versus sometime later the following year



meldarion commented on Heavenly Sword Also Being Cut into Direct-to-V...:

@Epic It is an early ps3 game it doesn't have trophies so I doubt they will give it on PS+ since they are usually giving out 'recent' games. But you can find for very very cheap prices.

It's a nice game if you like hack and slash genre and the story is interesting not that deep but enjoyable and visuals look great and some sequences are quite memorable. And also it is not a very long game probably finished in 5 hours or so



meldarion commented on American McGee Is Disappointed with the PlaySt...:

I loved Madness returns. But I don't worry much about what this guy says because not long ago he spoke out against EA and few days later he bowed down to them

But anyways he is only saying what he is saying cause they shifted towards mobile gaming. And if he is so much obsessed with input innovation then he should be impressed with the VITA nearly every inch of the VITA is type of input and while it is good to have many input on mobile devices. When it comes it consoles it is all gimmicks look at the Wii the WiiU Move Kinect all were held as if they were technological and revolutionary technologies but people did not care. And besides developers are struggling to make games with traditional input devices and costs are always rising and us consumers have to pay for the games... so why the hell would they and us need more complications in the development and in the way we play??

After all gaming is about sitting down and enjoy yourself in front of a screen and at the same time relax from anything that you have been doing during the day. I don't care about jumping like an idiot in front of my screen



meldarion commented on Rumour: Could Assassin's Creed: Rising Phoenix...:

considering the release date of ac3 and ac liberation , liberation did quite well to sell the amount of units it sold especially with less advertisement than ac3 and on a system which is not as common. So it is quite reasonable to think that they could be making another ac for the psvita especially since they use the same engine so it would not be like making a game from scratch which means that money and amount of people needed and time would be less.

I personally would be excited cos liberation was very good and sometimes its story seemed more compelling than that of ac3. Let's hope they don't release it on the same day of ac4 a later launch date even march 2014 would be ideal considering the ps4 and a bunch of next gen games coming out with ps4 and a bunch ps3 games ac/cod etc. which come out in November



meldarion commented on Sony's Bundling Games with PlayStation Vita Me...:

that's a nice thing finally i needed another card after filling my 4gb and 8 gb quickly from ps+ offers and dlc's I was planning to buy a 16gb one. I would have preferred lower prices but I was going to buy mod nation racer anyway just to try it out so having it included with the card is a nice thing



meldarion commented on Digital Sales on PlayStation Vita Eclipse Play...:

Totally agree prices on the vita store are similar to those at retail and games download very very fast. The only thing holding me back from using it more is the fact that memory cards are pricey and so i have to make sure I don't exhaust all the space in the memory card



meldarion commented on Talking Point: How Will the PS3 and Vita Facto...:

Price cut on PS3 would like to buy another ps3 especially if I could pick up the red color at reduced price and cos my ps3 is full of PS+ games. Reduced prices on PS VITA memory card cos all my cards are full with PS+ games



meldarion commented on PlayStation Vita Bonus Pack Bundles 32GB Memor...:

before releasing bigger cards they should make the other cheaper so at least people will decide to buy the vita cos the console per se is not that expensive but considering that you have to buy the memory cards as well is ridiculous especially considering the fact that the psvita is more inclined towards downloading games from the store and if anyone has a ps+ subscription already they will need a memory card immediately.

So bundling card and reducing the prices of the cards should be a greater concern than reducing the actual price of the VITA



meldarion commented on Sony's 20th February Countdown Continues with PS3:

they showed gravity rush and uncharted golden abyss when mentioning PS+ however they forgot to mention specifically God of War 3 although they showed the upcoming GOW: Ascension along with other upcoming games like Beyond: Two souls and Last of Us.

And they did not mention the Wonderbook I mean come on that is one of the most innovative things that happened in this gen and you forget to show it off and I thought that Wonderbook was like a super important thing seeing that they spent 30 mins on it during E3... I mean come on you feel like Harry Potter with WonderBook



meldarion commented on Sony Cuts Losses, PlayStation Sales Tumble:

@charlesnarles facepalm why would you use a psvita as a word processor no that i haven't though about it but it is useless when nowadays there are tablets. PSVITA should be solely focused on Games and Video streaming. Regarding the gaming side it is amazing but the prices of the games need to go down as well as the memory card. I did not mind paying 250 euros for the vita but I was a bit pissed off having to pay for a 4gb memory card just to play uncharted which came as a promo code with the vita.

I have high hopes however for the Vita if they introduce Gaikai with it. I have tried Gaikai on a poopy PC and it worked amazingly well and it was mind blowing playing Crysis 2 with better graphics than the PS3 on a browser imagine that on a Vita. And I am more convinced that Gaikai will be a saver for the Vita because of the inclination that the whole industry is having towards cloud gaming with service such as OnLive and the new handheld which was announced by Nvidia (Project Shield). All of that is good atmosphere to promote the PSVITA