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No, Monster Hunter 4 Is Not Coming to the PlayStation Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Don't shoot the messenger

Like a high school heartbreaker, Capcom has crushed our hopes and dreams. Yesterday we reported that there was a slim chance of Monster Hunter 4 stomping its way onto the PlayStation Vita – but, writing on the company’s official forums, publisher spokesperson Christian Svensson has slaughtered the story like an innocent animal.

“I would not believe everything you read on the Internet,” he pointed out, much to our chagrin. “It will set you up for disappointment or misdirected frustration.”

The rumour started when Japanese magazine Game Lab stated that the Nintendo 3DS exclusive was recently delayed in order to enable a simultaneous release on Sony’s struggling machine. But while Svensson's comments don't entirely rule out the report, things aren't looking particularly positive, are they?


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SuperNictendo said:

Hmmm....still a sliver of chance just cuz the way things work usually. Wouldve been nice to see the boost in sales even if a small one. But i'm planning on getting it on 3DS if it comes across seas anyway



charlesnarles said:

They could always be making another portable/freedom. I don't think they forgot about everyone who bought PSPs specifically for them. Just cause 4 isn't doesn't mean there won't be one some day : ) Also, yeah, then you have to see if your region even gets a release! lol just buying both brands seems to be the most logical option at this point tho



JavierYHL said:

capcom is a piece of s... company...they earn so much from psp and now they dun even want to help pull vita back from the grave...



Gemuarto said:

Guys,i think rumors weren't complete fiction =)))... And Capcom is really making Monster Hunter 4 for Vita. But it will come in 2014 or late 2013. And will have more content, better graphics, better controls and setera. I mean, i rather wait and buy Vita version than 3DS version. Never could enjoy first editions of Monster Hunter,because of content lack. Even Portable 3rd wasn't good enough for me. But at least, it was playable. And Monster Hunter Tri for Wii was so poor on content... After Freedom Unite, it really looked like demo version.



moomoo said:

@JavierYHL I think this has more to do with Nintendo making sure Capcom puts it out on 3DS than Capcom's own logic. Nintendo probably has exclusitivety towards the game, at least for a long while.



3Above said:

Untill there is an offical announcement one way or the other, it can be said that MH is both coming to vita and not cmoing to vita. Think Schrödinger's cat.



hamispink said:

I'd like to think that it will make it's way to the vita eventually. I doubt it, but I'd still like to think it.



Gemuarto said:

@3Above right now, it is officially not coming on Vita =) But rumors make some sense. Monster Hunter sales on 3DS is not very impressive and Capcom must consider some options. I mean, on PSP Monster Hunter was The King.... And on 3DS, it's just another game in the shadow of Mario. I really can't see Monster Hunter to be as successful, as it was on PSP.



NathanUC said:

That's alright. Hopefully we still have a shot at MH3rdP HD coming to NA maybe MH3rdPV?



belmont said:

[“I would not believe everything you read on the Internet,” he pointed out]

Except it was a magazine that started the rumor! Anyway there are some examples in the past where Capcom said and did different things. MH4 may come to Vita later as a "complete" edition.

Anyway I never tried a MH game before although I have beaten God Eater. I see some psp MH games on psn that are cheap. I may get Freedom Unite at some point.



Snorky said:

Freedom Unite is great! You will definitely enjoy it, you'll enjoy it even more if you can convice a buddy to play with you. The coop makes it shine.

I would have really loved MH4 to come out on vita as there is no chance I'd buy a 3DS. I guess we'll have to wait until the February(?) announcements to find out if it's sink or swim for the Vita.



hYdeks said:

yay, I don't believe everything the companies say either, still could come, as a secret, probably not though, Capcom seems to stick to it's reputation



MorriganIsHot said:

Vita doesn't need this crap. There are still great games on the vita, gamers which I hate calling them that are just ungrateful and as always no taste in games.



Gamer83 said:


Yeah, it's been a piece of poo company for this entire generation. The morons running the show have taken a dump all over the Mega Man fanbase, and eventhough I did enjoy RE 5 and 6 more than most I have to admit the series isn't near as great as it was back in the mid-late 90s and early 2000s. Aside from Street Fighter IV and the new DmC it hasn't released a game this gen that I'd say is truly a great one and even with SF IV gamers got screwed because of the stupid ass way DLC was handled for it. People complain about SquareEnix all the time and in some ways it's deserved but that company is far less ridiculous than Crapcom which I rarely ever see get taken to task.



BlueProxy said:

What's going on with the management, and decision makers at Capcom? Seems like every week their in the headlines for making the most ridiculous business moves known to man kind. They seriously need to clean house, and get some capable professionals in there.

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