One of the greatest assets of this industry is its unpredictability. Just when you think you’ve got it sussed – a rumour will throw you completely off base. Consider the ongoing discussion surrounding the PlayStation 4. We took The Last of Us’ spring release date as confirmation of the next-generation system’s imminent arrival – but technology website SemiAccurate reckons that we’re wrong.

Citing internal sources, the publication states that Sony’s futuristic hardware is being referred to as ‘Thebes’ internally. That contrasts speculation regarding the codename ‘Orbis’, although we suppose the platform holder could be using both project titles. According to the site, the futuristic system is being built around an AMD chip, which is set to be produced at either IBM or Global Foundries. But here’s the interesting bit – the report claims that the circuit will go into production after Microsoft’s own next-generation chip, giving the platform holder a head start with the Xbox 360’s successor. Apparently, the PS4 will not launch until spring or autumn 2014.

The date counters almost everything that we’ve heard about Sony’s in-development system so far, with a late 2013 release date frequently touted. It also ignores comments that the company has made in the past about wanting to beat the next Xbox to market. Let’s just hope that SemiAccurate’s sources are true to the site’s name, otherwise the next-generation could hold another game of catch up for the PlayStation brand.