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Wed 15th Jun 2011

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bauckster commented on You Can Buy These PlayStation Games for Less T...:

Man, this is such a great sale! I've already bought Crash 1 & 3, World Gone Sour, Super Stardust HD, Tales of Monkey Island, echocrome ii, and When Vikings Attack. Serious BACKLOGGERY! (Good thing I already own Everyday Shooter, Retro/Grade, 2 Spyros, and Tokyo Jungle )

Plus, I'm contemplating getting Braid, Plants vs. Zombies (I own both of these on PC but not PSN), and maybe Crash 2 or Sam & Max - Devil's Playhouse. Too good of a deal!!!



bauckster commented on Review: Master Reboot (PlayStation Network):

I don't know if anyone will read this - but...the art direction looks kinda great on this game. I think I'd play it for that and it's premise alone. It looks like a memorable experience, even if it's far from perfect...



bauckster commented on Review: Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut (Pla...:

How is this different (if at all) from the PC version? I'm just curious what the "Director's Cut" version entails. Are there additional endings or added content? I really liked the game a lot, but somehow one playthrough was enough for me. Some people will definitely want to replay it though, I mean it is really a very good game all in all.



bauckster commented on Feature: Eight PS4 Titles That Are Changing th...:

Wow - that's a lot of racing games! I am excited about the next gen, but to be honest I'm most intrigued by Octodad, mostly because I like weird nutty games. Thanks to the improved architecture and Sony's friendly approach, I do hope that indie games really soar with PS4 (hey that rhymed! )



bauckster commented on Review: The Smurfs 2: The Video Game (PlayStat...:

@get2sammyb I hear what you are saying. I just wish that WayForward wouldn't take on something like this in that case, if it is basically fated to be bad. Let an actual crappy developer deal with it...or maybe WF was contractually obligated? Not always sure how these things work. Well, at least we have Duck Tales to look forward to...I'm sure that will be infinitely better!



bauckster commented on E3 2013: PS4 Will Let You Play Used Games, Wil...:

I'm really not a fanboy either, but lately I have become a bit more anti-Xbox because of the way that they have alienated indie developers and generally kinda rip off consumers, let's face it. Yeah...still no confidence that PS4 will sell better than Xbox One, but whatever. Mostly I care that there is an option out there that I like, and that answer is a DRM-free, affordable, indie friendly one. That answer my a PS4



bauckster commented on E3 2013: You'll Need a PS Plus Subscription to...:

I don't love the decision, but like someone else already mentioned, I'd care more if I couldn't view Netflix via my PS3/4. I'm not a huge online gamer, so if I dropped plus it wouldn't be that big a deal to me... but, I DON'T want to have to pay more for other services I already pay for like Netflix streaming. So, yeah, Sony still wins that one too.



bauckster commented on Review: The Last of Us (PlayStation 3):

I totally get why a couple people said they are suffering from zombie shooter fatigue. Honestly, that was my initial reaction as well despite all the pre-hype surrounding this game.

After reading this review, I have to admit, I'm interested! The idea of a large world to explore, with nature growing over the lack of humanity is actually somewhat refreshing and seems like a nice contrast with the actual grim resource-managaement based gameplay. Excellent review, Sammy!!



bauckster commented on Review: Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut...:

I just bought it - LOVE IT. Truly awesomely bizarre game/narrative, and I've barely scratched the surface. Don't think I could stand it with tank controls (since I hate tank controls), so the Director's Cut is the better one for me, despite any niggling frame rate issues. Honestly, the story is too intriguing and wacky to have this bother me.

I'm actually a little surprised that the reviewer didn't mention that the Director's Cut has improved controls compared to the Xbox version. For me this is so far a 7/10 but my heart tells me 10/10.



bauckster commented on Reaction: PS4 Looks Poised to Play Second Fidd...:

I really just don't care at all about Call of Duty, and can't imagine this will be such a big deal, for all the reasons stated above. It just makes Xbox seem even more bland to me, like the series itself. But I know I have a general bias against most military shooters (with the exception of Spec Ops which is almost a deconstruction of the genre)



bauckster commented on Shuhei Yoshida Doesn't Want All PS4 Games to b...:

Variety is indeed very important to me, which is why I hope that Sony doesn't totally go the route of putting all their eggs in one basket a la Halo. I get that approach from a business standpoint, but I really do love the mix of indy/platforming, etc games that come out exclusively for Sony. I think that they can have their cake and eat it too. Why not? For me, a variety of high-quality software and indie-friendliness will definitely incline to eventually buy a PS4. (though it will probably be a while)



bauckster commented on Batman: Arkham Origins Swoops onto PlayStation...:

I still have to play the other ones first! I do own them, and they are on the very short back-burner list. I tell you, I don't know how everyone keeps up!!! Takes me forever to get through a game sometimes - I'm still working on Darksiders, actually, which was offered some time ago on plus.

That said, I'm pretty sure this will be good, though maybe not quite as good since it's not Rocksteady at the helm...? We'll see.



bauckster commented on Feature: Five Dormant Franchises That Deserve ...:

Great article, great poll! I voted for Bully 2, but would love to see Shenmue 3, Half-Life 3, and even Mirror's Edge 2. Personally, I don't really see the need for Gun 2, but I guess that's me as not the biggest shooter fan ever. (Half-life holds a special place in my heart, though). I guess it's slightly more interesting that Gun is a third-person and not an FPS. I feel like FPS games have to be pretty amazing considering the oversaturation these days.



bauckster commented on Demon's Souls Damns North American PS Plus Sub...:

I guess Labyrinth Legends looks mildly interesting... but I'm not touching Demon's Soul's with a 10-foot pole. Too hardcore for me, I just don't have time for that (nor do I want to replace my controller from the inevitable rage that will follow)



bauckster commented on Review: BioShock Infinite (PlayStation 3):

Can someone confirm that the US release (not Europe, I'm afraid) has the original Bioshock on the disc? My understanding is that you do install it on your harddrive from the disc but that there is no voucher, so no fear of expiration, etc. Can someone confirm this?

Game looks great. However, when I tried the demo, I found the Move controls a bit stiff...or something. Turning and looking with the wand just didn't feel as smooth as Portal 2's Move support, for example. Seemed a little rushed to me, like they couldn't really be too bothered with Move (I guess not too many of us even have Move so there you go). Any time I meleed the camera spun way out of control, I guess I need to shake the wand a little less vigorously, haha