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What would be your dream PS5 launch game even if highly unlikely? As much as I love PS exclusives and can't wait to get my hands on them next-gen I would probably go with Diablo 4. I want something I can pour loads of time into day one.

I put countless time into D3 and can't wait to do the same with D4. A new Monster Hunter would be a close second. I give Diablo the edge mainly because Monster Hunter World is still getting new content and the itch for new Diablo content is growing by the day...

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that is all

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Silent Hills.

Yes, I'm still burning that candle. Obviously it won't happen (at launch, at least), but I really want that game.

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Demon's Souls! Not sure if I buy the rumors of Bluepoint working on the remake, but I will break out the tequila and make a nice margarita to celebrate if this gets announced.



Either a new and unique IP that shows the next gen power like Order 1886 or a game with a long tail that I'll dip into for months like Driveclub.



Probably Bloodborne 2 if I'm honest. Or Suikoden 6. But now I'm being ridiculous

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@kyleforrester87 I was daydreaming about a new SSX the other day. Probably the festive mood, snow, skateboarding rumours.... I don't really know how I got there but what I do know is we need a new SSX or Sony revive Cool Boarders!



Horizon 2 or the much-teased Batman: Arkham Legacy might get me to consider adopting the next generation at launch, but I'll likely wait it out (and I think the former of those two is very unlikely, whilst the latter is probably headed to as many consoles as possible, including our current lot).

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Metal Gear Solid Remake, Demons Souls Remastered, Bloodborne 2, or Elden Ring. I know Elden Ring is supposed to be coming to current gen consoles, but it could be delayed for PS5 or something.

Failing that a PS5 version of Lemmings. I only say that as I think Sony own the IP. Their name is all over the mobile game anyways.

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My 'dream' launch game would be The Witcher trilogy collection with remakes of the first two games to the standard of the Resi 2 remake and a visual upgrade to 3. Realistically I would go for Horizon 2, loved the first and I can't wait to see how spectacular the game will look on the next gen.


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Ape Escape 4



Possible ones
Spiderman 2
Final Fantasy 16 (right with you @FullbringIchigo)

Completely left field
Jet set radio 3
Timesplitters 4

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Well, I would love a new Driveclub. I mean, those weathereffects were (and are) something else... Compare that to Forza 7 & GT Sport and they pale in comparison.

Would take a new Tomb Raider game anyday too. Those past three games were pretty brilliant IMO.

And Gran Tursimo 7 of course (with Driveclubs dynamic weather) !

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Silent Hills, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Deep Down, Elden Ring, MGS Remake.

Lofty ambitions I know.

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A remastered Witcher 3 with some of those AMAZING graphical and texture mods that pc players enjoy. It would be so good if CDPR bought them or hired some of the modders for it.

@Ralizah @DonJorginho would you still be as buzzed for a Kojima-less Silent Hills? Obviously he's never made one of them but the buzz for it becauseof him was so huge. And Konami have taken a few steps back in the last few years really (the less said about MG: Survive the better).



@SnowTiesAreCool I will be interested in any Silent Hills game, but will be hesitant due to the disaster that was MG Survive.




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@SnowTiesAreCool I'm not a huge Kojima buff. I liked the direction the game seemed to be taking, the talent associated with it, etc.

If Konami gets another talented developer to work alongside Junji Ito and other visionaries to create a fantastic new game in the series? I'll be excited. But that probably won't happen.

I've said this before, but if Kojima wants to make Silent Hills, but without the Konami-owned brand name, I'm good with that, too. I'm not attached to the name.

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