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the Ancient One

35, Canada

fav games:sf series, double dragon 1/2 arcade, bethesda & horror games, life is strange, heavy rain. fav book: at the mountains of madness by hp lovecraft. my obsessions are: video games, death metal, halloween and all things weird and creepy.

Mon 18th Nov 2013

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Gmork___ commented on Store Update: All the PS4, Vita Games Availabl...:

Never even heard of mother russia bleeds. Having grown up playing double dragon 1 and 2 in arcades back in its hay day this is like a dream come true for me! Though ive read that its extremely hard due to cheapness and poor hit detection which is a real shame. Will still get it at some point after the holidays. Will definitely grab the sfv pass and MvC3



Gmork___ commented on Hands On: Playing Non-VR PS4 Games on PlayStat...:

not sure if its already been said but sony need to make ONLINE virtual environments! so you and pals can meet up in a virtual space and are free to move around and talk with each other while they watch a movie or play games together! that would be the bees knees!



Gmork___ commented on PlayStation VR's Launch Lineup Is Legitimately...:

hopefully not a case of quantity over quality. i mean, how many of those are FULL FLEDGED games and not some 2-3 hr "experience" ?
serious question btw.
of course i still want it lol. mostly for horror games (of the full fledged variety), so maybe ill wait a while until theres more for me.



Gmork___ commented on Bethesda Gives 'Big Thanks' to Sony for Allowi...:

there was a strong chance i wasnt going to buy skyrim without mods since ive already played and beaten it multiple times back on ps3. the prospect of mods has me VERY excited to jump back in. i was always jelous of the pc folks lol hoping for a mod that makes everyone look more realistic/lifelike



Gmork___ commented on Guide: How to Create, Manage, and Organise Fol...:

its SSSOOO good to finally have folders! and like others have said already it would be cool to be able to put games into multiple folders but still very cool! i really like the cover pic option too. now just let us use custom themes !



Gmork___ commented on Promising PlayStation VR Exclusive Farpoint Wi...:

sony keeps saying that they have 2 bajillion games being made but it feels like they really havent shown a single "FULL" retail like game. everything seems to be little demos etc. hope we wont be paying full price ($69.99) for small 2/5 hr "experiences" rather than full games because im super excited for vr but they havent sold it to me yet.



Gmork___ commented on Will PS4 Pro Improve Games on Traditional 1080...:

i wish frames per second were the priority rather than resolution. i think a lot of people must be confused or something and jump into forums etc talking about how they want better resolution when what they really mean is better frame rate which over time has made the game makers think thats what people really want. time splitters 2 on ps2 taught how important frame rate is. and im stickin to it!



Gmork___ commented on Bethesda Speaks Out: Sony Will Not Allow Fallo...:

good chance i wont buy it now. i played the hell out of skyrim and completed it multiple times back on ps3. i was REALLY excited for the mods. and ive been waiting for FO4 mods since i bought it day one. WTH sony! am i crazy or were we told that there would be mods for ps4? false advertising much?



Gmork___ commented on PS4 Exclusive Alienation Loots Local Co-Op Patch:

ive been waiting for the local co op. my friend and i LOVED playing dead nation. ive been clamoring on about alien nation since i first heard of it, of course when it released and i found out it was online co op only it was like taking an arrow to the knee and realizing my adventuring days were over. so this is GREAT! the game looks AWWWWEESOME! cant wait!



Gmork___ commented on 2D Action RPG Death's Gambit Is Looking Seriou...:

jeez luise! this looks amazing! screams quality! but my god i hope its not as frustratingly off-puttingly unforgiving as ...well you know. i dont have the time for that much dedication unfortunately so it would be great to be able to play the game and be able to get through it without TOO much hassle from all those monsters. heres hoping theres an actual easy (ie. not disrespectfully hard) mode.



Gmork___ commented on Street Fighter V Free Story Mode Update Now Co...:

excited to try out all the new dlc characters. his stage is neat but i think they could have done SO MUCH better on stages. look at the stages from mkx or the new injustice 2 and think of what could have been for sfv. they pale in comparison unfortunately. BUT theres been news that capcom are adding stage transitions to some of the current stages which is pretty awesome news.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Trials of the Blood Dragon (PS4):

when i went into the PS store and saw the neon words BLOOD DRAGON i started freaking out and quickly went to its page, read something about 2 new sibling characters and im like WWHHOOAAHH!! CCOOOLLL!!!! started watching the trailer and was like.....WHOaahh.......WHAT!?!?!? .........WTF IS THIS? what a dissapointment. i need a blood dragon sequel.



Gmork___ commented on E3 2016: Escape the Undead in Extended Days Go...:

wow! nerve wracking lol. anyone else heart skip a beat when he was in one of the buildings and he stops for a couple items on a table and sssllllloooooowwwwllllyyyyy picks them up ? lol. hope we can pick items up a hell of a lot faster than that lol. anyway this looks really good though! crazy horde! want to see more.



Gmork___ commented on Telltale Publishing Has Just 7 Days to Die:

HOLY FART!!! its a zombie minecraft!!! this is going to take over my life!!! i wonder how big the workd it randomly generated like minecraft? so many questions!.........ok just 2 questions for now



Gmork___ commented on Feature: 5 PlayStation VR Games That Have Us H...:

im really excited for vr in general but none of these do anything for me. they all seem like old atari games. put the ball in the hoop, shoot the other tanks, stack the things, the heist seems interesting but im sure its going to be an hr long gamr if were lucky. there is something seriously lacking in the first batch of VR "games" sadly. cant wait for some "real" games though! SO much can be done with this.



Gmork___ commented on Store Update: 15th March 2016 (North America):

hey pushsquare crew, not tryin to tell you how to do your jobs but every time i read these ps store update posts i find myself with a list of games, many of which i have no idea what they are. as far as i can tell you dont ever seem to talk about a lot of the games that appear. maybe on these store update posts you can add a little synopsis or something rather than JUST the game name and price. i always have to go googling to find out what these game that ive never heard are. that is all. dont worry i still love you.



Gmork___ commented on Hmmm, Street Fighter V Came Close to Having Su...:

in the end its best to stay true to its self.....BUT i have always kind of wanted a photo realistic fighter. ive always thought capcom should make a street fighter spin off with completely brand new characters.but in the same universe as sf. perhaps my dream game could have photorealistic graphics. .



Gmork___ commented on Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 Are All Shuffling to...:

what happened to the capcom we grew up with? come on cap, you know what you have to do. why are you ignoring it. make a street fighter spin off (a new IP) in the same universe but create completely new characters (no sf characters), make a new rival school game already and make a new onimushu for crying out loud.or at least redo an onimushu trilogy. these REs were on the ps3 and will hardly benefit from this. so stupid. i miss capcom so much. remember when EVERY SINGLE capcom game was a master piece? i do. what happened?



Gmork___ commented on Your PlayStation Plus Games for March Have Bee...:

@adf86 ......slow clap! that was the best example anyone could have come up with! by the way, have we added each other to psn yet? i see you like street fighter, perhaps we could have some friendly violent matches sometime? mines Gmork___



Gmork___ commented on Risk of Rain Finally Forecasted to Fall on PS4...:

hmmm never heard of it, looks interesting! and speaking of axion verge, i had a hard time NOT buying it from the critics award sale since it never goes on sale. but something in me is telling me it will be showing up on plus sooner than later......i hope.