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likes: death metal, human origins, the paranormal, conspiracy stuff, kittens and cats, other animals. i grew up playing street fighter 1 (yes there was a part 1) in arcades. fav games:street fighter series, double dragon 1 and 2 arcade. fav book: at the mountains of madness by hp lovecraft.

Mon 18th November, 2013

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Gmork___ commented on Uh Oh, Watch PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Take Ove...:

i am by no means bad at video games and my reflexes are pretty darn good i think (SF is a game all about reflexes, im a B rank makoto) despite this i had to give up pretty early into demons souls due to the difficulty. it just wasnt fun repeating the same level over and over again just to die in the end AGAIN. because of this i never bothered with dark souls 1 or 2 though i REEEEEAAAALLLY wanted to. having said that when it comes to bloodborne i really wish they would at least have a SUPER EASY "BABY' difficulty so some of us could actually play and enjoy the game and maybe ever BEAT IT, god forbid. the developers wouldnt want that now though would they. it looks amazing so far but im so hesitant that i may never end up playing it.



Gmork___ commented on Konami's Recruiting a New Team to Build a Fres...:

this seems devastating. the MG series has had a good run but seems to just be hitting a new level of awesomeness. really too bad for it all to come crumbling down now. and dont get me started on silent hills. ive said it before and ill say it again, i have never been so excited for a game in pretty much my entire video game playing life. this is a huge blow to me. :'(



Gmork___ commented on Predator Stalks Mortal Kombat X as Post-Launch...:

ok this is kind of weird for me. on one hand i HATE that mk puts horror movie characters in there game. it just seems really out of place and stupid. on the other hand, if someone hands me a dog s*** sandwich and tells me that the predator is in it. im going to damn well eat that sandwhich because i ABSOLUTELY LOVE LIVE AND BREATH THE PREDATOR.



Gmork___ commented on There'll Be More The Walking Dead Before Seaso...:

im still waiting for season 2 for vita. stumbling with a cursor for precise split second aiming/choices just doesnt work for me. i really prefer to just instantly point with the touch screen. having said that, i loved season 1 so hurry up season 2 for vita.



Gmork___ commented on Rumour: Konami Power Struggle Leads to Hideo K...:

i swear ill go berserk if i find out that silent hills isnt happening as intended. im more excited for that than ive been for anything before. no lie. they cant give us the PT demo and then ........nothing. berserk i tell you .......BERSERK!!!



Gmork___ commented on PS4 Exclusive Everybody's Gone to the Rapture ...:

yep, im still interested. hope theres a power walk button though :p although i was expecting the visuals to be a bit more post apocalyptic. it just seems more like taking a stroll on a nice day lol. still really looking forward to it. would be cool to get dear esther too maybe as a bonus or something. maybe a chinese room collection.



Gmork___ commented on Talking Point: Are There Any Remasters You Sti...:

i cant believe people really want games remastered that just came out last gen. ps3 game look fantastic already lol. plug your ps4 controller into your ps3 and play. i can see older games where they really need a big graphical boost like resident evil. personally i want double dragon 1 and 2 (the ARCADE versions) in HD. just as i remember them but in HD, none of this neon horrible character designs and crap. a redone ninja gaiden 1-3, AND. a completely redone (PLAYABLE/CONTROLABLLE) street fighter 1



Gmork___ commented on Feature: Should You Buy Dying Light on the PS4?:

to put it simply, i LOVE this game! typical videogame story but it works. absolutely beautiful graphics. and very satisfying game play. they have created a great atmosphere. still havent tried any multiplayer but from the sounds of it it should be pretty fun. imho anyone on the fence about this should definitely get it. its top notch. prob my fav ps4 game so far by far.



Gmork___ commented on Feature: What Are February 2015's Free PlaySta...:

apotheon and transistor! nice! ive been wanting these. yakuza4 and theif! really! this is amazing! yakuza4 !!! holycow! wow and rogue legacy which ive also wanted. ive got to say, this is a great ps+. dont understand why they would give the pd3 version of theif away, then no one will ever buy the ps4 version. if theyre just gonna give it away why not the besst version of it? oh well. im still happy



Gmork___ commented on Talking Point: Are Bigger Open Worlds Really B...:

IF DONE RIGHT then yes i think bigger is better (when it comes to open world games). cant compare open world games to RE lol. apples and oranges man, apples and oranges. why not compare it to street fighter (my favorite game of all time). this discussion gave me a great idea for a game though. i dont think its ever been done, and i think it would be really cool. ok, get this........OPEN WORLD PINBALL!!!!! would that not be awesome or what?!?!? btw im serious :)



Gmork___ commented on Guide: How to Survive the Spencer Mansion in R...:

i played the original but i never got the chance to play the gamecube remake. i have got to say this re-remake is AMAZING! it looks so good. the atmosphere is astoundingly spine tingling lol. im really enjoying it so far and would LOVE to see a remake of part 2 (my favorite RE)



Gmork___ commented on Vampyr Is an RPG from the Studio That Brought ...:

@ToddlerNaruto i thought remember me was super cool. very unique. very polished game. it may borrow bits and pieces from other games but it really is its own thing. really good graphics, awesome artistic design. if youre into steam punk stuff (its very blade runnerish) then you will probably love it. i really should start playing it again. on a side note its SO hard for me to pick a game from my list of over 200 (i go ALL digital due to my discdrive not working) so i often fall back on a few that i always play.



Gmork___ commented on Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered Attempt...:

i RREEEAAALLLY want this on ps4. i remember playing a demo on ps2 and thought it was the coolest thing. i remember something about a bathroom with a checkered floor and picture in picture of someone coming. anyway i NEVER saw it for sale anywhere otherwise i would have gotten it in a second. back then i didnt know a thing about ebay. those were many years ago and until know i had all but forgotten about it. BRING IT TO PS4!!! PLEEEEASE



Gmork___ commented on Capcom Hopes to Appeal to Younger Players with...:

its the hardcore players that have kept street fighter and the FGC alive. i live for street fighter and have been playing it since before sf2 even existed. i sure hope they dont do anything too drastic. i dont think they should cater too much to casual players. if anything they should have the proper match making set up so beginners actually stay in the wading pool with other beginners where there are no points so that trolls wont just sit in the wading pool destroying the novice players and gain points. dont give them any reward or incentive for trying to mess with the system. unfortunately those people are out there. i havent been as excited for a game .....well since street fighter 4 lol.



Gmork___ commented on The Elder Scrolls Online Slaughters Subscripti...:

im a HUGE ES fan but something about this just doesnt seem right. its not the multi player either. the entire time i was playing oblivion and skyrim i always thought it would been awesome to play with some friends no more than 4 though, not MMO. i like the idea of going off adventuring with friends. also microtransactions are going to kill video games somehow, i just know it. eventually its going to go too far and other companies will follow suite and it will all just go down hill from there. hopefully im dead by then. now just give me fallout 4 dammit! then after that a real ES game.



Gmork___ commented on Oh No, the Terrible PS4 Themes Have Arrived:

ok so theres a dynamic galaxy G (green) and a galaxy P (purple) but then theres the dynamic galaxy theme NO LETTER but it uses the same pics from the galaxy P ?!?!? anyone now whats going on with these?

also i just have to say that i sure do like the ps3 xmb WAAAYYYY more. i like having all that space to show off a good wallpaper/theme. everything is all up in your face and in the way with the ps4. i wish it had an option to change the size and position of its icons so that you could put the row of games/apps and junk up at the top rather than in the middle, and to make them smaller.i love be insanely happy if they could and would release a firmware for that. will probably never happen sadly.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Citizens of Earth (PlayStation 4):

hmmm interesting! to be honest i wasnt interested in this at all. seeing that smug look on the politicians face every time an article was posted made me want to jump into the picture and punch him. i didnt realize it was a social commentary about the awfulness (is that a word? lol) of politicians, which which quite frankly i can totally get into. hell, i write songs about the awfulness of politicians lol. what really grabbed me though was the mentioning of EARTHBOUND. ok NOW im interested. think i may have to get this. alllthhouuugh maybe i should just wait since it will probably joing the PS+ giveaway someday soon.



Gmork___ commented on Hopefully This Canis Canem Edit Video Will Bul...:

bully is easily one of my ALL TIME favorite games EVER! i have been waiting for a sequel ever since. it had more atmosphere than any game i have ever played before. i really felt as if i were there living in that little town. if they make the sequel i really hope they use the same composer, the music was amazing and a HUGE part of what brought it all to life. most games seem to have music just to fill a space but imo it was part of bully. like sammy im a huge fan of red dead and gta but i would rather see a bullly sequel by far.



Gmork___ commented on Take a Tour of Dying Light's Dilapidated Map o...:

i KNOW im going to love this game and have tons of fun none the less but i also KNOW that ill always be thinking, this would have been really something special if it was a huge open world. that should be 1 of 4 areas that size.



Gmork___ commented on Take a Tour of Dying Light's Dilapidated Map o...:

hmm. actually a little disappointed. im a believer of quality over quantity but i cant help but to expect bigger maps then last generation. i may be wrong but san andreas still seems like the biggest open world game out there and that was ps2!!! i dont understand whats happening here. it seems like open world games are getting smaller. maybe due to how expensive and time consuming it is to make games now. before the ps4 came out i thought i was going to be playing open world games and have the feeling of really being in an open WORLD where it really feels almost limitless. like i am actually lost if i wander long enough. but instead games like this, watchdogs and infamous feel more like open small part of town games. im not saying these games are not good because they are. i almost wish i had never played san andreas or skyrim. guess ill have to wait for the next bethesda game to feel that REAL open world feeling.
EDIT- just realized farcry4 is HUGE, but also the map is all kind of the same. come to think of it, i think minecraft takes the cake. i love getting lost in its huge diverse world. so ive kind of disproved my point but i hope some of you kind of get what im saying. thanks for listening to my rant.



Gmork___ commented on Feature: What Are the Stories That Will Shape ...:

2016 is going to be the mind exploding year of gaming (for me at least). street fighter V, fallout4, silent hills. those 3 games are more than i could ever wish for, and to think that they will more than likely release within the same year is beyond insanity. i couldnt be more excited for 2016. 2015 is going to be the longest year EVER.



Gmork___ commented on What's It Like to Be a Zombie in PS4 Undead-a-...:

hmmmm i dont know, its quite the stretch calling that a zombie. looks like a ton of fun anyway. ive always loved that type of thing. a small team slowly hunting something that goes bump in the night! its very horror movieish. i was actually going to go pre order it today (not just because of the zombie mode). i absolutely cannot wait for this game!



Gmork___ commented on You'll See Sony's Logo on These Capcom Games:

sfv is still a ways off. its not like its coming out in 4 months or something. i dont think i can justify getting it for ps4 when i already have it on ps3. the vita on the other hand! i always wondered why it wasnt released for the vita. id much rather be playing usf4 on my vita than sfxt.



Gmork___ commented on Need a New Year's Resolution? PS4 Zombie Sim D...:

wow i completely forgot this was coming so soon! im pretty sure im going to absolutely love this game seeing as i loved dead island despite all its flaws. it looks great, i just hope it plays smoothly. dead islands biggest flaw (imo) was its insanely clunky movement.



Gmork___ commented on These Are Some of the Big PS4 Exclusives You'l...:

vanishing of ethan carter looks awesome, as well as rime, and darn nabbit i NEED to know what the rapture is all about already!!!!. alienation!!! and ill see what people think about until dawn, though seeing that its a horror game ill probably get it right away. im mostly very happy with ps4 so far except in the fighting game category. us fighters need some fighters. and not just the jugglefest that is most fighters these days but some new IPs, something to tide me over until.......STREETFIGHTER V!!!. cant wait to see what cool indies come out and am just DYING to find out more about silent hills. still awaiting fallout4 announcement.......HURRY UP! edit* OH! and dying light!



Gmork___ commented on Sony Extends PlayStation Plus Subs Due to Xmas...:

not sonys fault that childish friendless lifeless losers exist. and besides it was 3 days for cryingout loud lol. 3 of the worse days for it to happen i realise but 3 days non the less. my advice is to take up guitar :)



Gmork___ commented on Japanese Developer Granzella Files a Disaster ...:

i really liked the original on ps2. its been awhile but i kind of remember something i hated, you had to constantly find water or something??? something about it was tedious. but i love the idea behind it. this could be really cool!