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the Ancient One

34, Canada

fav games:sf series, double dragon 1/2 arcade, bethesda & horror games, life is strange, heavy rain. fav book: at the mountains of madness by hp lovecraft. my obsessions are: video games, death metal, halloween and all things weird and creepy.

Mon 18th Nov 2013

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Gmork___ commented on Telltale Publishing Has Just 7 Days to Die:

HOLY FART!!! its a zombie minecraft!!! this is going to take over my life!!! i wonder how big the workd it randomly generated like minecraft? so many questions!.........ok just 2 questions for now



Gmork___ commented on Feature: 5 PlayStation VR Games That Have Us H...:

im really excited for vr in general but none of these do anything for me. they all seem like old atari games. put the ball in the hoop, shoot the other tanks, stack the things, the heist seems interesting but im sure its going to be an hr long gamr if were lucky. there is something seriously lacking in the first batch of VR "games" sadly. cant wait for some "real" games though! SO much can be done with this.



Gmork___ commented on Store Update: 15th March 2016 (North America):

hey pushsquare crew, not tryin to tell you how to do your jobs but every time i read these ps store update posts i find myself with a list of games, many of which i have no idea what they are. as far as i can tell you dont ever seem to talk about a lot of the games that appear. maybe on these store update posts you can add a little synopsis or something rather than JUST the game name and price. i always have to go googling to find out what these game that ive never heard are. that is all. dont worry i still love you.



Gmork___ commented on Hmmm, Street Fighter V Came Close to Having Su...:

in the end its best to stay true to its self.....BUT i have always kind of wanted a photo realistic fighter. ive always thought capcom should make a street fighter spin off with completely brand new characters.but in the same universe as sf. perhaps my dream game could have photorealistic graphics. .



Gmork___ commented on Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 Are All Shuffling to...:

what happened to the capcom we grew up with? come on cap, you know what you have to do. why are you ignoring it. make a street fighter spin off (a new IP) in the same universe but create completely new characters (no sf characters), make a new rival school game already and make a new onimushu for crying out loud.or at least redo an onimushu trilogy. these REs were on the ps3 and will hardly benefit from this. so stupid. i miss capcom so much. remember when EVERY SINGLE capcom game was a master piece? i do. what happened?



Gmork___ commented on Risk of Rain Finally Forecasted to Fall on PS4...:

hmmm never heard of it, looks interesting! and speaking of axion verge, i had a hard time NOT buying it from the critics award sale since it never goes on sale. but something in me is telling me it will be showing up on plus sooner than later......i hope.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Gone Home (PS4):

woah scary! i actually DID grow up playing streetfighter and listening to sonic youth! this should be interesting! also noticed something VERY strange! {{{FALLOUT4 SPOILER ALERT}}} so the last name of the family is greenbriar right? and the briar family are missing i guess (i havent played gone home yet). well has anyone played fallout4 and come across the greenbriar radio signal? its near water somewhere in the center-ish of the map. the radio signal is a guy calling for help, saying something about them being trapped in a bunker beside the lake. you find the hatch to the bunker at a nearby camp ground. you go down into it to find a couple skeletons....MR AND MRS BRIAR!!! anyone else put 2 and 2 together? in gone home do you find out that they went camping? NO DONT TELL ME lol. is there a connection you think?



Gmork___ commented on Yes, Sony's Still Teasing a Crash Bandicoot Re...:

am i the only one who grew up playing the snes then saw/played pretty much any ps1 game and thought....YUCK! ? plus i just dont like crash' attitude lol. look at me im so cool lol. anyway i hope (& believe it WILL) come for the sake of all those who grew up loving it whether or not i "get it"



Gmork___ commented on Street Fighter V Busts Out a Free Story Expansion:

well since we're on the topic of what character we want in as future dlc then i have to go with my main Makoto. im gonna reeeeally miss her otherwise. after her i want sakura. almost more than nything i just want brand new characters. but not stupid waste of a slot joke characters ie rufus/furte etc.



Gmork___ commented on Talking Point: What February PlayStation Plus ...:

its time they bring out the big guns!!! AXION VERGE!!! its time.....GIVE IT TO ME SONY AND STOP PLAYING WITH ME. im DYING to play it but i know ill buy it will be one of the freebies on the next ps+ thing. or how about shovel knight, slender (on ps4 because i have it for ps3 and dont want to pay again, should have been cross buy), among the sleep, gun gore and canolli, bastion, bedlam, wasteland2, knock knock, calvino noir, i am bread, adventures of pip, the escapist, LA cops, hotline miami2, starwhal, giana sisters.....and the list goes on. id be happy with any of these as far as indies go.



Gmork___ commented on Layers of Fear Paints a Not So Pretty Picture ...:

ive had my eye on this for a while (on pc) and had hoped it would come to console!!! ive watched like 10 mins of video and it really looks cool! hear nothing but good things about it. its only until now that i knew that its by the basecrawl team!!! now THATS scary. i still have high hopes though. you know... i never would have thought the ps4 would be the crazy horror platform it has become (and always was from the beginning). i love my ps4



Gmork___ commented on PS4 Owners Have Terribad Music Taste:

@Johnnycide no i havent heard of spire but ill check em out. have you heard of the schoenberg automaton? they were from australia but relocated to vancouver canada which is right beside where i live! i am a show promoter and they are playing my show this feb with my band Terminal Sequence.



Gmork___ commented on PS4 Owners Have Terribad Music Taste:

wow i cant believe how much musical taste i have in common with everyone. heres what you might find on my mp3 player on any given day. surely these are some favorites of many of you too!
xenomorphic contamination - deeds of flesh - blotted science - absu - de profundis - obscura - diamanda galas - first fragment - angelcorpse - vintersorg - gorevent - archspire - kate bush - phobia - and of course tiny tim (im not kidding)
so as you can see, we are one in the same.
this is why i dont use horrible "music" apps



Gmork___ commented on Feature: 12 PS4 Games We'd Love to See Announc...:

ok list i suppose, i agree on some of them. mine would go like...
red dead 2 - last of us 2 - life is strange 2 - allison road - bully 2 - outlast 2 - cyberpunk 2077 - the forest - the hum: abductions - brand new capcom street fighter spin off with completely new characters/story - new fatal frame with vr support - PT 2 and there you have it folks, if i had my way this is what we would get........SCARED lol. OH! im adding a bonus too, night in the woods!



Gmork___ commented on Sony Trademarks New Title Named Days Gone:

please be an open world horror game.there are many open world games but few are horror themed, dying light is the only thing that comes to mind. would LOVE a really creepy and serious OW survival horror game!



Gmork___ commented on Rumour: Assassin's Creed Sequel Set in Egypt a...:

personally ive never really liked the assasins creed series though i had a bit of fun with black flag (or whatever it was called). watchdogs on the other hand i liked quite a bit and never understood the negative press it got. im really excited to see what they do with it!



Gmork___ commented on 2016 Is the Year of VR, Says Sony London Producer:

i keep reading things like "There are already a great selection of titles announced" but i dont see it. where are ll these great games? all i keep seeing are basicly tech demos. whos got the scoop and can tell me what games are lined up for it? because im MEGA interested and want an excuse to buy the vr when it hits.



Gmork___ commented on Game of the Year: #1 - Bloodborne (PS4):

dont hate me but i cant stand it personally. i want to like it, i REALLY do! but i just dont have the patients to repeat the same parts over and over and over and over until i get it just right. that is not the least bit of fun to me. and no im not one of those adhd COD meat heads who need splosions and gun fire every 2 seconds. i love a lot of quiet slow games and am usually pretty darn good at games. but me and the souls series just do not gel. its a totally nich game and i dont agree that it should be #1/goty. not that im bent out of shape about it, its fine lol. doesnt affect my life. just my 2 cents. i probably would have gone with life is strange (also totally nich proving that im just full of crap lol ) or fallout4. my favorite "game" to date would have to be the PT demo though.



Gmork___ commented on Game of the Year: #5 - Life Is Strange (PS4, PS3):

i was excited for this game when it was first announced, before i even really knew how it would turn out. it ended up FAR surpassing my expectations. i (and my partner) LOVE this game. not much in life hits me in the "feels" like this game did. we were so engrossed in the story that after the ending it was like your BEST friend had just moved away and you were realizing you werent going to see them again and that life was not going to be as good without them. as much as i adore fallout4 life is strange hit me like nothing else has. GOTY.



Gmork___ commented on Soapbox: Why PlayStation VR Has Me Cautiously ...:

i want the VR to work out well almost as much as i want silent hills to still be happening. i am also scared it will not do well manly because despite it being around the corner i still have yet to see any games for it. i cant believe they are showing tech demo in the trailer for it. a few little simple games are not going to warrant spending the kind of cash they will want for it. if the games were there and the proof was being pushed in my face then i would gladly spend $300/$400 since i, like the fellow above, have been waiting since the 80s for needs to start showing us "REAL" games. i also hope sony sees the importance of allowing us to use it for any game/movie/etc. no ones going to buy a new "system" to play 3 games and nothing else. please do this right sony.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Among the Sleep (PS4):

ahhh man i was SO looking forward to this since i first heard about it. wonder what would cause them to stop trying and just go the generic route. sad. oh well. would be nice if someone came along and used the same premise to great affect. its such a cool concept, hurts to think that it was wasted and we probably aont see a game like this again. Saaaad