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the Ancient One

33, Canada

likes: death metal, human origins, the paranormal, conspiracy stuff, kittens and cats, other animals. i grew up playing street fighter 1 (yes there was a part 1) in arcades. fav games:street fighter series, double dragon 1 and 2 arcade. fav book: at the mountains of madness by hp lovecraft.

Mon 18th November, 2013

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Gmork___ commented on Gamescom 2015: Vamos! Vega Flamenco Dances to ...:

still no characters for me growing VERY concerned here. gimme makoto capcom!!!! NOW! or sakura or guoken. and please for the love of all thats good dont make the brand new characters gimmicky joke characters. bring in some real world warriors. ya hear me capcom?.......YA HEAR ME?



Gmork___ commented on Talking Point: What August PlayStation Plus Fr...:

axium verge, shovel knight, BF4, another world, murder soul suspect, wolfenstien the order, maybe one of the remakes like the last of us, gtv, tomb raider, since they are last gen games. id be happy with any of these



Gmork___ commented on Destiny's Getting an Action Figure, and It Cos...:

if you people dont know 3A toys do yourselves a favor and check em out, they are absolutely amazing! there is a cool little super geeky (like me) toy store in my city and everytime i go downtown i step in to see if they have any streetfighter stuff but i also wil stand at the glass display lusting over the 3A toys lol



Gmork___ commented on Dying Light to Be Resurrected with Major PS4 E...:

i quickly beat the game when it first came out then sold it to put the money towards a new guitar amp. then i realized i had bought the season pass when i bought the game. now i need to buy the game again lol. such a good game!



Gmork___ commented on Street Fighter V's New Challenger Is a Bit of ...:

i kind of like him. imo though hes a bit too over the top. i miss street fighter when it was about human(ish) realistic(ish) fighters, you know like, karate guy, boxer, wrestler etc. and yeah there was blanka but he was still somewhat down to earth. he wasnt magical he was just an animal/man. it all is getting too manga like. oh back on topic i hate necallis hair, at least when its red and floating. looks ridiculous imo. sorry bout that folks. no one wants to hear an old man rant about how things use to be lol



Gmork___ commented on Goat Simulator Bleats to PS4, PS3 from 11th Au...:

??? huh? sooooo you get to be a goat in an open world doing goaty things...........and tony hawk like tricks???? this is really weird but i think i'll like it lol (my post made it seem like i dont normally like weird things, that is the opposite of the truth fyi)



Gmork___ commented on Street Fighter V's Already Sounding Slammin':

i always HATED sf4 music. just sounded like generic japanese techno pop or something. these new track sound amazing! though im a bit bias as im a guitarist so hearing real guitar tracks gets me all teary eyed lol. m/ indeed . ive been saying for the past couple years that sf5 should have an orchestrated soundtrack which it sounds like some of it will be! now i just need a character or 2 i actually want to play as, hopefully just a matter of time.



Gmork___ commented on First Impressions: Our First 50 Hours With The...:

i had a really bad feeling about it. but being a huge ES fan i couldnt resist and broke down and got it. i am now addicted and find myself repeatedly noticing that the sun has risen and that im powerless to go to bed on time. the fact i have to work most days is the only thing keeping me alive lol



Gmork___ commented on E3 2015: Bethesda Says Graphics Were Sacrifice...:

i agree with everyone. gameplay is 1st priority then graphics. but judging from the e3 demo i honestly think the graphics are awesome! the character models are a bit on the unnaturally robotic side but certainly good enough for me. the environments looka pretty great imo. cant wait!



Gmork___ commented on E3 2015: Sony's Been Exchanging Ideas with Ocu...:

i so badly want the morpheus to succeed and work perfectly as intended and to have the software to back it up. we need the creative indie developers aswell as the bigger devs to really do the best they can. i would love if you could ouput ps4 vid to the morpheus regardless if its a game made for vr. watching movies or playing regular games would be awesome. hope my headset will fit over it aswell.



Gmork___ commented on E3 2015: Don't Count on Playing Cuphead on the...:

when i saw the first trailer for this a while back i thought it looked SO good, mind you i LOVE old cartoons. im disappointed but then i remember im getting fallout4, streetfighter5, the last guardian, mg phantom pain etc etc etc etc etc etc etc soon!



Gmork___ commented on E3 2015: The Last Guardian's PS3 Trailer Wasn'...:

i thought it looked a little rough. im still excited as all heck but i cant deny that in the back of my mind i was thinking hmmm this kind of still looks like a ps3 game, and not even a really good ps3 game (graphically). im sure it will turn out fine though. my faith has been renewed for another 5 years or so lol. id LOVE if they redid SotC for ps4 NO!!! A SEQUEL !!!!! OH MAN!!!!! YEAAAHH a sequel to SotC for ps4!!! i doubt im the only one who would kill for that.



Gmork___ commented on E3 2015: Stare Agape at The Last Guardian PS4 ...:

im a COLOSSAL fan of SotC and have played through it multiple times. probably one of my all time favorite games. its just astoundingly beautiful in every way. also liked ico though if i remember correctly i got stuck and eventually gave up on it. i cant wait for this, though its already proven that i CAN infact wait for it................a VERY long time lol. anyway my favorite moveie of ALL time since i was a kid is the Never Ending Story. ive noticed SOOOO many things in common with this movie and all of these games. has anyone else? ive always wondered if it was intended that way, if the developers were big never ending story fans.