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the Ancient One

33, Canada

fav games:sf series, double dragon 1/2 arcade, bethesda & horror games, life is strange, heavy rain. fav book: at the mountains of madness by hp lovecraft. my obsessions are: video games, death metal, halloween and all things weird and creepy.

Mon 18th Nov 2013

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Gmork___ commented on The Witcher 3 Developer Shares the Love for Fa...:

i had used up all of my vacation/sick time so i wasnt planning on taking tim eoff for FO4 but once it was in my hands i couldnt help my self the next morning i called in sick. couldnt care less that i wasnt getting paid. i was getting paid in caps



Gmork___ commented on Which December PlayStation Plus Games Do You D...:

give us axion verge aready, im DYING to play it but just know it will come with ps+ some time. so hurry up sony
other than that how aboouuuutt GTA ps4, TLOU ps4, TR ps4, you know.....the remakes. because reeeeally they are ps3 games so imo its not too early to get them. i dont know, im usually mostly happy with what we get.



Gmork___ commented on Fallout 4 Patches Will Copy Skyrim's Approach ...:

give us a way to compare equipment easily. let use talk to our companions and choose their disposistion. aggressive, calm (sick of them firing on an enemy i didnt want to engage) also the option to have your companion follow closely or from a distance (sick of them blocking doors)



Gmork___ commented on Someone Made a Working Rubik's Cube in Fallout 4:

i only helped sanctuary fix it up though i havent got there food situation sorted yet, still working on that mission. i didnt bother making anything yet figuring id stumble on a better location further into the game.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

@TheMightyPunram lol i shouldnt really be complaining abou the aiming because i actually DO use VATS 99% of the time, not as a solution to aiming but just because i love it so much. always have since FO3. reapers sprint was always my favorite perk. makes me giddy just thinking about getting my luck up for alll of its perks!



Gmork___ commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

@TheMightyPunram nah youre right. i just had to get over the initial shock. its actually vastly superior to FO3/NV, just not by nearly as much as i was expecting. please dont get me wrong, i am NOT one of those people that think graphics are what make a game good as im a HUGE fan of oldschool/indie/etc games. but it really is more of the same for the most part. which is good but imo also a bit bad. once again we are dealing with raiders, ghouls, super mutants, deathclaws, bloat flies, etc. it does feel IMO like a remastered FO3. i thought it would "feel" different, like characters/objects had some weight to them. it needs some head bob. keep in mind this is coming from someone who spent countless hours/years playing FO3 and NV but the combat doesnt feel any different to me other than the reconfigured control scheme. the grenade button is awesome for instance. but the actual feel of aiming still feels so herky jerky in the same way as it was before. and the dead zone on the dual sticks is so large. wish there was an option for the sticks dead zones and also an option for aiming acceleration. older generation games let us do these things to fine tune our aiming preferences, wish FO4 did too. and the FOV is awful too. ok oko k wait, im sorry. my point was suppose to be that i still LOVE this game. like....i would kill my family if they tried to stop me from playing it. i do!!! i was just expecting it to be more "next (current ) gen"



Gmork___ commented on Guide: Where to Find All 20 Bobbleheads in Fal...:

thanks but this guide gives zero indication where on the map these areas are. i want the luck bobblehead but i have no idea where Spectacle Island is. just thought maybe id bring this up as maybe others are wondering the same thing. no disrespect.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

...well then. i have to say that im actually pretty unimpressed by FO4. i mean i love it because its a new fallout out but i must need my eyes checked because when looking at pictures and videos online before its release i could have sworn that it looked really nice and next gen-y. but my god it looks and plays EXACTLY like fallout3/NV.ok it looks a TTIIINNNYYY bit better but not by much. sometimes its hard to see/know what youre looking at, it has .....i dont bad contrast or something, everything kind of blends into everything else. hard on the eyes. this whole time i thought we were getting a super high quality beautiful fallout game but it feels more like FO3 dlc.imo after this long a wait to release a new FO it should have been heads and shoulders above the last one. mind you im still having fun. hopefully the next one will be a true next gen game. i know i know, graphics arent whats important, surely im not alone on this. 1/2 happy! YAY new fallout game. 1/2 dissapointed. Ugh its the same fallout game we played 7 years ago / [7/10]



Gmork___ commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

i cant believe its here! heres hoping bethesda really cares about this and continues to work at patching and making it the best it truly can be. its going to be pure torture when i get my copy later today just to set it down until i have ample solitude to really dive in to it.



Gmork___ commented on Rumour: Two of Your November PlayStation Plus ...:

the walking dead season2 !!!!!!! YES !!! YES!!! YESS!!! sorry but that makes me SO FREEKIN HAPPY!!! i LOVED playing through part 1 on my vita (and ONLY the vita) and could not wait for season 2 but kept forgetting about it due to, you know, ps4 and junk. YES!! YES!! YESSS!!! what the heck is magica???



Gmork___ commented on Paris Games Week 2015: PS4's Dreams Looks More...:

!!! ok i think im sold!!! its just the next step in LBP really. unfortunately we'll probably have to slog through a lot of poorly made dreams in order to find "the gold". looking forward to well made horror themed dreams as well as making my own!



Gmork___ commented on Sony Knows Exactly What PS4 Firmware Update Fe...:

no offence but i dont understand why people care about backwards compatibility. ps2/3s are dime a dozen these days. why not just go buy one to play those games. if anything sony needs to make sure to properly emulate them digitally on psn. i guess im in the minority because i am DYING for custom backgrounds as well as folders and a store wish list. i would LOVE to have multiple options for the menu layout. i personally HATE it with its huge icons that take up the entire screen.



Gmork___ commented on Watch One of the First Dreams Made on PS4:

i hope its SUPER intuitive and easy/quick to turn your dreams into a reality but i kind of dont see that happening. i wonder if this will literally just be something to make little animated shorts. i dont think this will do well. im definitely intrigued but...geez...i just dont know. i agree with what someone said in one of the other news articles that MM need to clear up what this "game" is exactly or risk no one really caring. and if there is no "game" in this then i really cant see most people willing to shell out for this. i myself probably will ... maybe, but i like creating stuff. would be awesome if you can import your own music so we can make say a music video for our bands!



Gmork___ commented on Rumour: Darkside Was the Name of Sony Santa Mo...:

the mega slick new gen aka current gen is here. ALL companies should be makin brand new ips rather than milking and stretching their tired old stuff from the ps2 era.............except silent hills of course... RIP silent hills



Gmork___ commented on Review: Life Is Strange: Episode 5 - Polarized...:

i guess im the only one who didnt have a problem with eps. 1 and 2. to be honest i thought there were parts in the finale that felt emotionless during conversations, mind you not enough to make me dislike the game at all. everyones a critic cant wait to play through the whole thing again. and i also really hope for a season 2.



Gmork___ commented on New PS4 Games Will Be Revealed in Paris Next Week:

but....but............i like zombies and guns
(not the mobile game). im still waiting for a guns and zombies game that actually plays/feels like a real life zombie apocalypse. realistic graphics like PT, set somewhere realistic. just normal everyday "boring" chracters not super agents on a mission to bla bla bla. open world survival game without all the ......"video gameyness" tacked on. ..but i hope you get your ps1 games too



Gmork___ commented on Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Becomes Available Ag...:

the day fallout4 was revealed i went to my local ebgames to put money down on the pipboy edition. "sure no problem" is what i was told. went in there to put another $40 down on it about a week ago and asked "just to make sure everything is undderstood and all good.....this IS the pipboy edition im getting right?" ..............."nope, its just the regular game, we never had the pipboy edition" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!%?#!$%%$#T#%*^%! im sure you can imagine what i may have been thinking. my heart was CRUSHED. now its too late to get one.



Gmork___ commented on PT's Spiritual Successor Could Sport PlayStati...:

so why the comparison to PT? made the the people who made worms eh? o.O though i want to just go with this and scream out my window at the 6:30am dark sky "PT IS REBOOOOORRRNNNNNN" im more logically thinking that this isnt going to turn out like i imagine/wish. but ill keep a weary eye on it. hopefully it turns out pee my pants scary.



Gmork___ commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

ultra street fighter4 is a constant thing in my life. so its hardly worth mentioning but other than that ive been playing and very much enjoying the vanishing of ethan carter. was playing ESO quite a bit but kind of stopped that for the witcher3 for the past couple weeks. little bit of metro redux here and there. really just waiting VERY IMPATIENTLY for eps.5 of life is strange and of course fallout4!!!