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33, Canada

fav games:sf series, double dragon 1/2 arcade, bethesda & horror games, life is strange, heavy rain. fav book: at the mountains of madness by hp lovecraft. my obsessions are: video games, death metal, halloween and all things weird and creepy.

Mon 18th November, 2013

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Gmork___ commented on Laura Lays the Smackdown on PS4 Exclusive Stre...:

imagine that EVERY male character had huge junk hanging and bouncing around. that would bother you wouldnt it? you would be thinking, why does every guy have to have that! so why is it ok the other way around? most guys think with their dicks because they dont have any brains or empathy. but on to the new character. besides her ridiculous outfit completely unfit to be fighting in she seems pretty cool. some people think that she will be a hybrid grappler which i REALLY hope IS the case. im hoping for more realistic alt outfits for her and mika as i want to use both but hate how they look. also i think capcom needs to stop catering to teenage boys and just really sit down and think really hard on character designs and try to do something original. there are a million old man martial arts masters, its time to see a strong old woman martial arts master. sorry for the rant but all of you pervs are coming out of the woodwork for this article.



Gmork___ commented on Dinosaurs Are Being Revived on PS4 with Primal...:

i love dinos as much as the next person but this looks a little....... bargain bin-y. graphics are kinda horrible looking, especially the shooter mcshootenstiens, look like ps2 models. i get a real serious sam vibe from it. maybe some brainless fun until you decide to go play a "real" game. think ill wait for it to hit ps+



Gmork___ commented on Zangief Griefs Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4:

id LOVE to see makoto, sakura, oro, alex, gouken. but even more than them id like to see way more than just 4 brand new characters. preferably not silly joke characters. and id like to see more female fighters that dont look out of place. like strong muscular fighters rather than boobs and butts that fight.



Gmork___ commented on PS4 Firmware Update 3.00 Rolls Out Tomorrow:

i just want to save any picture onto the system and use it for my theme with at least the brightness option. plus an option for a less obtrusive menu so i can see said theme. AND FOLDERS! oohhh man folders would be SO nice. but i love the idea of having a pushsquare community!!! when im playing online i tend to easily forget whos who. im sure i play street fighter with some of you but i honestly cant say who. im sure this community thingy would help.



Gmork___ commented on Fallout 4 Will Irradiate About 30GB of Your PS...:

oh fallout4, my dear sweet dear. you can have ALL of my gigs my love. seriously though i might have to get rid of something, not sure what exactly. SUPER SERIOUS QUESTION: if i want to upgrade to a 2Tb HD can i successfully transfer the PT demo? if not then im going to need to buy a new ps4 which really sucks but there is NO way im going to lose that. has anyone done this? does konami havce a way of not allowing us to transfer it over?



Gmork___ commented on Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls to Get PS4 Relea...:

im curious as to why some think heavy rain wont hold up.... i dont understand why anyone would say this. anyway, heavy rain is easily one of my favorite games and i like it better than beyond two souls which i also love...uuhhh. yeah so i cant wait to revisit them on ps4. a remake i gladly accept!



Gmork___ commented on The Last of Us' PS4 Theme Will Grow on You:

i wish there was an option for a smaller unobtrusive ps4 menu screen. why does everything have to be so big and in the way. i miss my ps3s xbm with small translucent icons tucked away up top so i can actually see my theme OR PICTURE of choice. sigh. lol



Gmork___ commented on Review: Beyond Eyes (PS4):

i might get it now but eventually. i love atypical games. real nice on the eyes too! love the look of that screen shot with the darkness and scarecrow!



Gmork___ commented on Fallout 4's Canine Companion Is Based on This ...:

@special_donkey same here. been doing the same thing.......for YYEEEEAAARS lol. i almost cried when that fallout4 countdown teaser site turned out to be a hoax and at the end of the count down it just said F you or something or other. man, that hurt lol. it still seems unreal that its.....uhh ...real



Gmork___ commented on Review: SOMA (PS4):

darn was really hoping for SCARY scary. people kept saying its the same people who did amnesian, just you wait!.....still seems interesting. but i was hoping for a "i cant sleep and i just peed the bad" horror game lol



Gmork___ commented on TGS 2015: Sony Suggests PlayStation VR Won't B...:

they need to get games first. no one is going to buy something they cant even use. i really want to see a crud load of decent games for it and hope it takes off. but i have a feeling 3 years from now there will be a total of 5 games for it. and some of those will just be filler like all the eyetoy games.



Gmork___ commented on TGS 2015: Karin Comes Out Swinging in Street F...:

i havent liked a single charaxter in the sfv roster so far but karin was my main back in alpha3 so this is AMAZING news for me! she seems to be all intact. very excited here. i had a sense of dread and despair looming over me. thought id be forced to use characters i dont even like for the next 8 years or so. wish her old music was used, it really got me pumped for the fight. to bad.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Knock Knock (PS4):

despite what this review is saying everything im reading and seeing does not seem the slightest bit scary.maybe nerve racking. it looks like a saturday morning cartoon !?



Gmork___ commented on Feel The Wind in Your Hair with Street Fighter...:

as a street fighter fanatic id just like to say that the revealing of characters one at a time is a perfect way of keeping the hype going. keeps us SF crazies all speculating and talking about it. capcom knows we are all foaming at the mouth for it lol. its all in the fun of it.



Gmork___ commented on Three Dog Voice Actor Not Returning for Fallout 4:

im not particularly attached to him. he was fun but honestly id rather have something new. although it would be cool if he played a different character. on this whole radio station note i hope there are WAAAYYYY more radiostations to listen to and that they dont just repeat every 3 or 4 minutes. this wait is DEATH!



Gmork___ commented on Fallout 4 Features More Voiced Dialogue Than A...:

absolute top of my list by miles! even if bethesda didnt care about their fans the game would still turn out pretty damn awesome but it really seems like they are giving it their all for the fans. this is going to be fallout on a whole other level!!! i cant wait!!! HYPE LEVEL EXPLODING NUKE LIKE!!!



Gmork___ commented on Metal Gear Solid V's Best Trailer Yet Feels Li...:

i dont know how im goin to fit this game into my life. i know its going to be there somehow. i just wonder what it will band..........girl friend.......hmmmm i wonder what it will be.



Gmork___ commented on Sony: We Cannot Entertain People Without Tryin...:

i absolutely love the idea of VR and have since the 90's when i first found out about it. so ive been waiting for this forever! and i will buy it even if its more on the expensive side but first i need to see games and know that the thing doesnt break down within the first 2 years. SONY....DO NOT ABANDON THIS. AND MAKE IT COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PS4 GAMES.



Gmork___ commented on Horizon: Zero Dawn Has the Best PS4 Clouds Sin...:

the clouds look very nice but whats getting me all riled up is the fact that its open world and there is a day/night cycle and weather!!! imagine wondering off track and getting lost while day light is slipping away, finding yourself lost under armed sneaking about as night has fallen in the rain during a thunderstorm!!! THAT excites me. the more i hear about this game the better it sounds. i hope its very light on the HUD for better immersion. hope its not bogged down with inventory management. i have faith it will turn out really good.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Zombi (PS4):

nice!!! ive always wanted to play this but never owed a wii. ive read some semi poor reviews/comments about it in hopes that they just didnt know what they were talking about as i had always thought it looked pretty cool. so this is great! WOOOHOOOOO more zombies!!!!



Gmork___ commented on Here's a Quick Look at Dying Light's Huge Upco...:

aaahhh man, i REEEEALLY need to rebuy this asap. i got it day one and played through to the ending really quickly and loved every second of it. but then sold it completely forgetting i had purchased the season pass when i bought it. what a great game and it seems that it just keeps on giving!



Gmork___ commented on Review: Goat Simulator (PS4):

if its under $10 im definitely going to get it. it sounds perfect for sitting around with friends getting the type of drunk that stops you from being able to play "real" games