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likes: death metal, human origins, the paranormal, conspiracy stuff, kittens and cats, other animals. i grew up playing street fighter 1 (yes there was a part 1) in arcades. fav games:street fighter series, double dragon 1 and 2 arcade. fav book: at the mountains of madness by hp lovecraft.

Mon 18th November, 2013

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Gmork___ commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

i love ps+. i will never understand the complaints against it. as for what sony could add to it.....hmmmm well.... the only thing that really makes sense is making sony brand 5TB HDs and being able to order them from the ps store at an insane ps+ discount of course. the only problem i have is the fact that my 1tb hd is too smal for my ps3 backlog, dont get me started on my ps4s puny memory lol, im already juggling games around on it.



Gmork___ commented on Talking Point: What Did You Think of Sony's Pl...:

cant believe some people think it sucked?!?!?!?! this has been the BEST! ive never been more excited for a game as i am for SFV, coming pretty close is THE FOREST!!!!! man that looks incredible! i had heard people saying that it might come to ps4 but here it finally is. things are getting REEEEEAAL exciting !



Gmork___ commented on Review: Far Cry 4 (PlayStation 4):

@sinalefa when you get it make sure to update it first. I forgot about the update at first and thought I had just wasted $80 on one of the poorly made games I'd ever played in the last decade. The frame rate practically makes it impossible to play, but update it and its smooth sailing. My only complain about the game is that I think the camera should have been further away from the main character. When sneaking around tight areas 75% of the screen is your characters back. For a game where you need to rely on your sense of surrounding so dependently it really mucks things up.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Far Cry 4 (PlayStation 4):

@Savino aahhhh moon through leaves. You're talking my language! I love moonlight in games (&in general) but most games just don't pull it off realistically. My copy is installed, updated and ready to go, I just need to find the darn time. AAHGHHRRG its driving me crazy I can't wait



Gmork___ commented on First Impressions: Coming Home to Grand Theft ...:

@get2sammyb absolutely. Bully is by far one of my ALL TIME favorite games. For years now I've been typing bully sequel or bully 2 into google just praying something comes up. I often think about what the next one will be like, where it will take place. I wish more people talked about it. I'm afraid rockstar will sooner work on something else, something safer, a sure hit. What am I talking about.....rockstar safe lol. I have hope. maybe if we all yell it as loud as we can at the same time. ROOOCKSTAAAARRR PLEEASE MAAKE AAA BUULLLLYY SEEQUAAALLL.



Gmork___ commented on What New Songs Are in Grand Theft Auto V on Pl...:

There is a serious lack of metal. Come on rockstar, give me some candlemass and grimreaper. Give me some disgorge, pathology. Give me some origin and obscura. How bout some napalmdeath or benediction. Dang, I'd be happy jus with some arch enemy. Believe it or not heavy metal is epic, exciting and tonnes of people love it.



Gmork___ commented on The AR Bots Keep Watch in Fresh Free PS4 Theme:

they should be cranking out the themes. the masses are asking for it. they can profit. what the hell are they doing? personally i am a lot more interested in non game specific themes. and hopefully the ability to use our own pictures. also i wish there was a way to change the opacity of everything on the menu kind of like how some themes for ps3 made the icons see through.



Gmork___ commented on Sharpen That Blade, You're Going Hunting in Sh...:

am i the only person who was underwhelmed by this game? its an extremely small and dull map imo. not much really going on. i bought it thinking i was gonna go adventuring skyrim style, never knowing what might be around the next corner. i i thought id be wandering through forests, mountains, fields, creeks etc etc, but it seems to be a bunch of mostly flat(ish) land lacking variety. its like having one level to play the entire game on. im glad everyone else in the world loves it, i just wish i did too. ive heard that there is another part of map that opens up but that its even smaller than the main one. id hardly call this an open world game, more like an open area game. ok whining done :)



Gmork___ commented on PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 Will Also Let You Pau...:

(not trying to be a jerk at all but just trying to understand) what is the point of pausing downloads and why is it so exciting? wouldnt you want it done asap? also does anyone know if we will be able to use our own screen shots as backgrounds?



Gmork___ commented on Survival Horror Outlast Resurges with Spooky S...:

im stuck in the sewers. lost my attention somewhat. need to start playing again. PT raised the bar for sure. i had to leave lights on when it was time to sleep lol. in my defense i had to walk through a hallway past the bathroom to get to the bedroom. still trying to figure out how PT can create photorealistic graphics but every other game cant. i really wish that PT was fleshed out into a real full game. wondering around haunted murderscenes. man that would be awesome!



Gmork___ commented on How the PS4's Social Features Inspired Forthco...:

i think im excited for this. not entirely sure why lol. just something about it. i like the idea of working together. hopefully we'll see more about it soon. i think a game like this will definitely need an alpha/beta to spread the word about it. i here and now enroll for said alpha!



Gmork___ commented on Review: Minecraft: PS Vita Edition (PlayStatio...:

minecraft is maybe the best game ever.for those who havent played or dont think they ever will, it can be so tranquil and relaxing. its a beautiful open world experience. imagine an open world original zelda. being able to play minecraft while im out and about waiting for this or that is just the greatest thing. poor terreria vita edition, it was nice knowing you.



Gmork___ commented on Sony Deploys Deadly Hallowe'en Discounts for P...:

dang!!! N.A. sale sucked compared to this. i dont understand why they are not the same. dont understand why they dont just discount ALL horror themed games, they are ALL old games by now. and they did it foir EU... GRRRrrrrrrr lol. whine whine whine. complain complain complain. rinse and repeat. even week 2 in NA sucks. i dont normally complane about things but halloween is my favorite time of year so naturally im super hyped (as the kids say these days) in antici....................pation (excited to go see rocky horror in theatre saturday :P) for the halloween sales. last year NA sales were terrific. oh well maybe next year.



Gmork___ commented on Round Up: Alien: Isolation PS4 Reviews Hold Th...:

and i JUST paid off my pre order. i have a feeling its going to be pretty cool though. as long as it plays smoothly and gets me sweating and worrying about whats around the corner i think ill be happy. im a sucker for the alien franchise. i also didnt think aliens: colonial marines was nearly as bad as people made it out to be. im sure ill be happy with this. just keep the horror games coming!!!



Gmork___ commented on Telltale's The Walking Dead, Er, Walks onto PS...:

as much as i want this for ps4 i cant help but feel the vita is much more intuitive seeing as its a reflex based point and click type of game. you have light fast pin point precision with the vita. even though im a decent fps player i feel using the analog is a bit clunky for these games. i remember not really feeling the demo for season one on ps3, but then i bought it later for the vita and WHAM! it hit me and i absolutelt loved it. will season 2 be coming to vita soon i wonder?



Gmork___ commented on DriveClub, Dust, and Spelunky Free for PS4 in ...:

Pretty good month. Not sonys fault but I own a few already. I love spelunky but have it. Isn't Dust that mmo haloish game? Isn't it free to play? In confused. Happy for driveclub. My only real complaint is that I wish the October games would be fall/halloween/horror (you get the idea) themed. Buuuut then I'd slightly complain that I've already got all of them. I'm sure there's some I'm missing though. Like the corpse party games. Can anyone recommend them?



Gmork___ commented on Exclusive: How Consumerism Helped to Shape The...:

yeah i also have been waiting for this since the first video. though ive started thinking its too good to be true. ive got my fingers crossed. if its what it appears to be, then holy ***T! this is gonna be a fun ride!



Gmork___ commented on Sony Reckons Project Morpheus Is Seriously Gam...:

they need to make sure they do everything possible to have it running the best it can when it releases including but not limited to waiting a couple years to perfect it. they will only get one chance to do this. i for one am praying that it turns out amazingly. ive been waiting for VR for like 20 years.



Gmork___ commented on Store Update: 23rd September 2014 (North America):

wooo slender! also i thought i was excited about arcana but then i watched some vids of it in action and the whole air juggling die in one combo thing is kind of a pet peev of mine. i think im too old for that crazy nonsense, ill just stick to my slow walking makoto thank you very much.