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likes: death metal, human origins, the paranormal, conspiracy stuff, kittens and cats, other animals. i grew up playing street fighter 1 (yes there was a part 1) in arcades. fav games:street fighter series, double dragon 1 and 2 arcade. fav book: at the mountains of madness by hp lovecraft.

Mon 18th November, 2013

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Gmork___ commented on Alien: Isolation's Pre-Order Bonus Is Turning ...:

I'm sick of this multiple version crap. I've come to except a barebones version of a game for people who are not completely into it and then a special edition that includes everything. Sigh... I miss the old days



Gmork___ commented on Rumour: Is Teen Horror Until Dawn About to Str...:

I'm happy for any horror/survival games that come along but what id die for is a new photorealistic fatal frame and a port of the forest both for ps4. I'm telling you if I found out these things were happening I'd explode and all the pieces would turn into spiders and kittens and scamper away.



Gmork___ commented on True Love Starts with a North American PlaySta...:

already have castle crashers, ibb and obb and scott p (on my old account) but i think ill pick up all stars finally especially since my gf use to like playing smash bros, and its hard to say no to ps4 lego marvel for only $30.



Gmork___ commented on Move Aside BlazBlue, This PS4 and Vita Fighter...:

sounds pretty awesome! im hoping it resembles street fighters slightly slower pace then the arc games. (not that i dont like Arc fighters, i just like a more realistic fight i suppose. although i would LOVE if it used death metal and heavy metalmusic in general, i think that would suit the horror theme very well). either way im very interested.



Gmork___ commented on Beyond: Two Souls Leads an Extraordinary Life ...:

for years now my ps3 hasnt been able to read discs so ive purchased games digitally. PLEEEEASE BRING THIS AND HEAVY RAIN TO PSN PLEEEEEEASE. ive already owned and beaten heavy rain but i would buy it again. i am DYING to play this.



Gmork___ commented on Matters of Import: Battling with Beautiful PSo...:

i grew up during the arcade brawler era, my favorites being double dragon 1&2, combatribes, ninja gaiden ( even though the nes version was a million times more epic and amazing), final fight, renegade, Avp ...................... and of course...............MUG SMASHERS. i never heard of this but it looks pretty cool. didnt own a playstation until ps2. im gonna pick it up for sure.



Gmork___ commented on Sony: Publishers Will Push the Boundaries of P...:

@Fenriswolf- hey Fenriswolf. You like Darkthrone? your name suggests it but it could just be coincidence. Anyway, Im not too sure where i sit with this whole cross gen contamination thing. On one BIG hand i want developers to focus on ps4. On the other i wonder how big a differance it makes creating it for th last gen.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition (Play...:

i have been waiting forever to try out minecraft. from about 10 seconds in i realized what i had been missing. terraria is great and they are basicly ithe same but first person is just that much more immersive (in my opinion). but im not here to complain. just listening to some VIRULENT STRAIN and painting gifts. hApPy HoLiDaYs everyone.



Gmork___ commented on Review: Mutant Mudds Deluxe (PlayStation Network):

I love my vita. I'ts my sidearm of choice. I also love that there is still a market for retro style games. In my current state im thinking my favorite is Lone Survivor. I'ts so awesome. and anyone who grew up or is interested in the good ol' NES days and horror themed things will undoubtedly love it. Hey happy holidays everyone :)