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YesterdaySat, 22nd Feb 2020

  • Talking Point What Free March 2020 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    When will March 2020's PS Plus lineup be announced?

    What’s the March 2020 PlayStation Plus lineup? And when will the March 2020 PS Plus games be announced? February 2020's offering was a bit of a bonanza for subscribers, with three games made available for the first time in quite a while. The headline addition was obviously BioShock: The...

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  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 312

    Decisions, decisions

    It’s been a hellish weekend for weather, so why would you ever want to go outside? Fortunately, a day indoors means an afternoon in front of the PlayStation 4, so what are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ve got in store. Sammy Barker, Editor: I have a list of mini reviews to complete as long as my left leg, but...

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Friday21st Feb 2020

  • Guide Best PS4 Games

    PlayStation 4's top games

    What are the top 50 PS4 games? The PlayStation 4 is in the latter half of its lifecycle now, and with age comes a substantial library of games. With such a huge selection of top quality titles, it can be tough deciding what to buy or play, and that's why we've put together this list of what we think are the best games on...

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  • News In An Alternate Timeline, We'd Be Playing The Last of Us 2 Right Now

    Bloody 'Ellie

    How different the beginning to 2020 could have been! Late last year, we were expecting a PlayStation 5 reveal event and The Last of Us: Part II’s launch right around now – neither have materialised. The latter is still shrouded in mystery, while Ellie’s sophomore outing was pushed back to 29t

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  • News Big in Japan Sale Returns to EU and US PlayStation Store with Hundreds of Discounts

    Beasts from the East

    Big in Japan, one of PlayStation Store's semi-regular sales, is back today, bringing hundreds of discounts on all the Japanese PS4 games you could want. It's arrived on both the European and North American Stores, and the selections are largely the same. Let's have a quick look. Some big names are here in force -- Kingdom...

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  • Feature Amazing Dreams Creations You Need to See - Issue #1

    Pier management, glitchy showcases, and robot whales

    We're huge fans of Dreams here at Push Square Towers, but it's difficult to define what this PlayStation 4 exclusive is. With the possibilities almost limitless, the variety of experiences available within this title is ridiculous. There's no way everyone will have time to play everything. If...

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  • News Tekken 7 Celebrates 5 Million Copies Sold With Updated Character Artwork

    Season 3 fighters join the party

    Tekken 7 just keeps selling. Surpassing everyone's expectations, including Bandai Namco's, the fighter has maintained a very healthy competitive scene since it launched on consoles back in 2017, and its good reputation has kept those sales figures ticking along nicely. And we all know what happens whenever we get...

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  • News Dying Light Commemorates Fifth Anniversary with DLC and New Difficulty Mode

    Story mode incoming

    Techland's post-launch support of Dying Light has been nothing short of phenomenal. Dying Light: The Following was a huge expansion which added an entirely new area to explore, but free pieces of DLC supported that content drop in the lead up to it and long afterwards. And five years after the base game's release, the developer...

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  • Mini Review Knightin'+ - Zelda-Lite Is Too Simplistic with Just Dungeons


    Are we witnessing the origins of an all-new genre? Knightin’+ started life on and bills itself as a Zelda-lite. The gameplay is easy to describe: it’s Zelda in dungeon form only. This means that there’s no hub-world to explore, just a maze of rooms with keys to find, puzzles to solve, and bosses to beat. You’ll also happen...

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  • News Rogue Lords Is a Hellish Roguelike That Sees You Take Control of Satan

    Devil may cry

    There are no shortage of roguelikes on the PlayStation 4, but Rogue Lords appears to have a unique twist on the established genre. Set in a gloomy 17th century New England, “the game inverses the usual tropes, with the player taking on the role of the Devil who, weakened following a terrible defeat, is seeking to regain his...

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  • News Othercide Is a Turn-Based RPG From Publishing Heavyweight Focus Home Interactive

    This summer on PS4

    Focus Home Interactive has become a major publisher in the AA space over the past couple of years, helping the likes of Call of Cthulhu, The Surge, and the fantastic A Plague Tale: Innocence reach the PlayStation 4 market. And it is set to continue that initiative in 2020 with Othercide, a tactical turn-based RPG from developer

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  • News Tony Hawk's Pro Skater to Get Its Very Own Documentary

    Pretending I'm a Superman

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is a series pretty synonymous with PlayStation. The first game released in the late 90s and became an instant phenomenon, spawning numerous sequels and spin-offs. Of course, these days it's a different story, but 20 years ago, Tony Hawk was just as much a video game legend as a skateboarding one. The...

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  • News Road to Guangdong Taking the Long Journey to PS4

    Road trip

    Chinese road trip simulator Road to Guangdong is fuelling up for a PlayStation 4 release. Originally launched on Steam last summer, the unique adventure sees a young art graduate reunited with her elderly aunt for a “memorable road trip”. The official blurb reads: “Settle into the driving seat for a moving tale of faded memories,...

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  • Feature The Best PS4 Music of January 2020

    New decade, new music

    Wow, 2019 just flew by, huh? Lots of incredible games released, and brought amazing music with them. And looking ahead, we have many more reasons to be excited. The new decade brings with it a new console generation, but not before the PS4 has one last hurrah. Let’s check out the best new PlayStation music of January!...

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Thursday20th Feb 2020

  • Guide All PS4 Games with Cross-Play Compatibility

    Making friends

    Which PS4 games support cross-play with rival consoles Xbox One and Nintendo Switch? Sony was underfire for a long time regarding its reluctance to support cross-play, but following an open beta featuring a handful of tentpole titles, the company now allows developers to support the oft-requested feature without any restrictions...

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  • Guide Best PS4 Exclusive Games

    Only on PS4

    What are the best PS4 exclusives? That's exactly what we aim to determine in this article. Whether you're the proud owner of a new PS4 or a bonafide veteran, you'll want to play the absolute best exclusive games. Well, the PlayStation 4 has plenty of those, covering a wide range of tastes. For this list, we've included games that are...

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  • News Sony Cancels GDC 2020 Appearance Amid Coronavirus Concerns

    That makes two

    After scrapping its plans to attend PAX East in Boston later this month, Sony has now confirmed that it won't be attending GDC -- once again citing the coronavirus as the reason why. Facebook joins the company in skipping the show while Oculus has announced that its announcements will take place online. In a statement given to Gam

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  • News The PS4 Was Officially Announced 7 Years Ago Today

    At PlayStation Meeting 2013

    Seven years ago today, on the 20th February 2013, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4. It did so at the PlayStation Meeting -- an event that it had been hyping up for around a week beforehand. At the time we all knew what was coming -- Sony itself had confirmed that next-gen hardware would be detailed -- but we...

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  • News Grand Theft Auto V Was the UK's Best Selling Game in January 2020

    What else did you expect?

    Let's not beat around the bush: January 2020 was an incredibly quiet month for video games. So quiet, in fact, that a release from 2013 ended up being the best selling title of the month here in the UK. We are, of course, referring to Grand Theft Auto V, a game which manages to appear on the UK sales charts week in, week...

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  • News Dynasty Warriors Is Making a Comeback in 2020 as Koei Tecmo Teases New Projects

    We go again

    It's been quite a while since we wrote specifically about Dynasty Warriors, and that's mainly because the series is still reeling from the immense disappointment that was and still is Dynasty Warriors 9. It's been just over two years since that game's release, and publisher Koei Tecmo has opened up a new website for the franchise's 20th...

    • Koei Tecmo
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  • News The Uncharted Movie Begins Shooting in Four Weeks, Says Tom Holland

    Uncharted 4 one of his favourite games

    The Uncharted movie has been such a long time coming that it's become a bit of a running joke. However, it's sounding like things could finally be coming together. Tom Holland, who will be playing a young Nathan Drake in the film, has been talking it up in recent interviews. Last week, he gave a glowing...

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  • News MMORPG Black Desert Is Getting Cross-Play Support Between PS4 and Xbox One

    One big console community

    MMORPG Black Desert, which launched last year on PlayStation 4, will be getting cross-play functionality on the 4th March 2020. But unlike a lot of other titles that boast cross-play on Sony's system, this won't link PS4 users with PC players. Instead, it's hooking up PS4 with Xbox One, allowing users on both current-gen...

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  • Mini Review EarthNight - Gorgeous Auto-Runner Is Spiky as a Dragon's Back

    Tread carefully

    EarthNight has been a long time coming, and you can tell just by playing that it's been polished to within an inch of its life. It's a pretty simple game at its heart; you auto-run across the backs of invading dragons, hoovering up loot and stomping on baddies, until you inevitably die and start over again. However, it's been refined...

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  • News Strategic Stealth Game Desperados III Gunning for Summer Release on PS4

    Check out the new trailer

    Desperados III was announced at Gamescom in 2018, but we've not really heard a peep about it since. This new entry in the classic tactical stealth series comes from Mimimi Productions, the studio behind Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. It's looking pretty good so far, and publisher THQ Nordic has just released a new tr

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