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TodayMon, 14th Oct 2019

  • News Concrete Genie Has 'Nothing Specific Planned' for DLC

    Watch this space, however

    Concrete Genie is a lovely PlayStation 4 exclusive with extensive artistic features and mechanics. We say that because it feels like its launch last week passed pretty much everyone by, so much so that it debuted in the UK physical sales charts down in the 35th position. It's a nice, little game but it looks like the...

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  • News Silent Hill Makes Its Long Awaited Comeback, And the Results Will Certainly Scare You

    Konami strikes again

    Forgive us, but we've still not quite managed to get over the cancellation of Silent Hills. While Hideo Kojima moving on and developing Death Stranding more than makes up for that, we still occasionally ponder what the Metal Gear Solid creator's take would have looked like. But wonder no longer folks, Silent Hill is back! Well,...

    • Konami
    • Silent Hill
  • News Wargroove: Double Trouble Brings a Co-Op Campaign and New Units to PS4 for Free

    Should be releasing soon

    Wargroove is an excellent, strategical indie game that released on PlayStation 4 earlier this year, but since its launch came so late when compared to other platforms, it was somewhat overlooked. The game is about to get much bigger and even better, however, with a new Double Trouble DLC that introduces a number of new...

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  • News Inertial Drift Ditches the Brakes on PS4 in 2020

    Comes with local split-screen multiplayer

    The racing genre isn't particularly well represented on PlayStation 4. We reckon Gran Turismo Sport is the best driving game on the console, but even that takes a weird turn with an effort to showcase serious online racing. Inertial Drift, from developer Northern Softworks, is

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  • News Bloodborne Is the Best Souls Game, and Even Souls Creator Knows It

    Miyazaki knows best

    Every entry in the Souls series, spanning from 2009's Demon's Souls right up until its latest releases, is a bonafide classic. We'll never forget our first experience with Dark Souls, but when it comes down to which is the very best, we think the answer is quite clear. The PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne takes top spot, and as...

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    • Bloodborne
  • News UK Sales Charts: Concrete Genie's Wishes Dashed As PS4 Exclusive Flops in Shops

    FIFA 20 scores a hat-trick

    If you were hoping last week's new releases were going to shake things up in the UK's bestsellers, you're flat out of luck. FIFA 20 is still very much in prime position, landing a third consecutive number one. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint also lands a consistent result with another second place finish. GRID is the only new...

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  • News Guilty Gear Has an Axl to Grind with Rockin' New Character Trailer

    Get Low

    Axl Low looks sick in the latest Guilty Gear character trailer -- especially now that he's actually wearing pants. The time travelling Brit is sticking with his trusty chain sickle weapon, and we're loving the impact that it seems to have on unsuspecting opponents. Gosh darn does this game look pretty. The new Guilty Gear is set to release...

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  • News Infinity Ward Is 'Definitely Not' Working on Loot Boxes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    More info coming this week

    As with any Activision game, speculation runs rampant regarding the possible implementation of loot boxes or similar in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. No official word on the subject has been provided as yet, but that hasn't stopped people from holding the game at arm's length, expecting the worst. In an attempt to remedy...

    • Activision
    • PS4
    • Call of Duty
  • News Fortnite's Finale Shows Service Games At Their Best

    The end of the world as we know it

    Frustratingly, no one at Push Square plays cultural phenomenon Fortnite, so this article is running about 12 hours late. Nevertheless, it’s been fascinating to learn how Epic Games wrapped up the anticipated 10th Season to its Early Access Battle Royale blockbuster. (Yes, that previous sentence has us stumped...

    • Epic Games
    • PS4
    • Fortnite
  • News Granblue Fantasy Versus' Final Two Characters Are Pretty Beastly

    Zeta and Vaseraga join the fight

    The final two characters of Granblue Fantasy Versus' base roster have been revealed. The first is Zeta, a spear-wielding fighter, and the second is Vaseraga, a towering scythe-swinging warrior. The two of them are partners, and work for the Society -- a group that hunts down powerful monsters in Granblue lore. As...

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  • Guide Best Free Games on PS4

    The best free to play games on PlayStation 4

    What are the best free to play PS4 games? There are hundreds of excellent games on Sony's console, but almost all of them require you to cough up some dough. If you're feeling the pinch, there are a number of great free titles on PlayStation 4 that you can play without spending a penny. These free games...

    • Best Free PS4 Games
    • PS4
    • Free
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    • Free to Play
  • News Death Stranding's File Size Will Eat Up a Fair Amount of Room on Your PS4

    As expected

    File size is something people are becoming increasingly concerned with, as modern games take up more and more precious storage space on our consoles. Red Dead Redemption 2 famously eats up more or less 100GB of space just on its own, and some other AAA games are trending that way too. What about Death Stranding, then? How much room will...

    • Sony
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    • Death Stranding
  • Reminder Sony's Celebrating the Third Anniversary of PSVR with a Big PlayStation Store Sale

    VRy nice

    PlayStation VR is now three years old, and Sony isn't letting that go totally unrecognised. In case you missed it, a PSVR specific sale is currently underway on both the European and North American PlayStation Stores, offering up lots of savings on a wide range of virtual reality titles. The sale lasts until 23rd October, meaning you have...

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YesterdaySun, 13th Oct 2019

  • News Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Will Probably Replicate The Witcher 3's Model, No Microtransactions After Launch

    Major expansions and smaller DLC

    Developer CD Projekt Red has already promised that Cyberpunk 2077 will be a "whole, full value game" at launch, but following its phenomenal support of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt after the game released, we can't help but wonder what we'll get to experience after the base game has shipped. Thankfully, it looks set to...

    • CD Projekt Red
    • PS4
    • Cyberpunk
  • Random Untitled Goose Game Infiltrates Metal Gear Solid in Incredible Dreams Creation

    Honk honk!

    The creations coming out of Dreams just keep on getting better and better. That pesky goose from Untitled Goose Game is the next popular character to feature in a video game mashup only made possible by the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, and it has decided to take the place of Solid Snake and infiltrate Shadow Moses itself. The video...

    • Sony
    • PS4
    • Dreams
    • Random
  • Review ReadySet Heroes - Fundamental Flaws Betray a Novel Twist on Multiplayer Dungeon Crawling

    Party animals

    ReadySet Heroes, the dungeon crawling party game from Robot Entertainment, arrived two weeks ago, but doesn't seem to be as prepared as its title implies. As of right now, the game just isn't up to scratch, with some glaring issues betraying its interesting ideas. There are just two modes of play. Crawl n' Brawl has up to four players...

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Saturday12th Oct 2019

  • Guide Best PS4 Co-Op Games

    The greatest couch co-op or online co-op on PlayStation 4

    What are the best co-op games on PS4? Which coop games should you play with your friends? If you’re reading this article then we’re guessing that one of your preferred pastimes is playing the PlayStation 4 with pals. Playing together in couch co-op or online can be one of the most...

    • Best PS4 Co-Op Games
    • PS4
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  • Round Up All New PS5 Info from Sony - Name, Release Date, Controller, User Interface, and More

    Sony spills the beans

    Sony has dropped another PlayStation 5 information bomb out of nowhere, once again detailing the next-gen console in an exclusive Wired article. Although we're yet to see the machine, we now know quite a bit about it, including its official name, its confirmed release window, what its controller is like, what the console's user...

    • Sony
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  • News PS5 Is 'Not Just About the Future, But Also About the Past', Insider Claims

    Linked to Demon's Souls

    We all thought we were gearing up for full PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility with the PS5 a few months ago, but after a vague statement from Sony suggested that it's possible not every current-gen game will work on Sony's next system, we started to have some concerns. However, while it's in no way confirmation of...

    • Sony
    • PS5
  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 293

    Sammy Strikes Again

    With the fall setting in, things are getting a little cooler and a little rainier lately. You know what that means: new games are starting to arrive, and it's the perfect time to dive in. Whether it's something from your backlog or a fresh purchase, won't you join us on a lazy gaming weekend? Sammy Barker, Editor: This weekend...

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