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TodayMon, 1st Jun 2020

  • News US and EU PlayStation Blogs Merge Into One to Streamline Sony Messaging

    One for all

    Update (1/6/20): Sony's Sid Shuman has clarified what's happening with PlayStation Blog via, well, the PlayStation Blog. In a new post, he announces that the Blog has received various updates that all will now benefit from, including any foreign language versions of the site. Shuman also acknowledges that the European and North American...

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  • News Killzone: Mercenary Online Servers Haven't Actually Been Turned Off

    False alarm

    Over the weekend, you may have read reports that Sony had turned off the multiplayer servers for PlayStation Vita exclusive Killzone: Mercenary all of a sudden. Players reported that they were unable to connect to online matches, with one particular user questioning customer support staff on the topic. They apparently confirmed that the...

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  • News Cyberpunk 2077 Was Officially Announced Over Eight Years Ago

    The wait is almost over

    Over the weekend, Cyberpunk 2077's official announcement had its eighth anniversary. In other words, it's been eight whole years since CD Projekt Red first revealed that it was working on a Cyberpunk game, all the way back on the 30th May 2012. Where on earth did the time go? Of course, if all goes to plan, this will be the...

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  • Rumour Silent Hill PS5 Reboot 'Should Be' Part of Sony's Next-Gen Event on Thursday

    Exclusive is in playable state

    Excitement is at an all-time high surrounding the Silent Hill series. After a long hiatus, it really does look like Konami's survival horror franchise is about to make its return on PlayStation 5 with a reboot developed by Sony Japan Studio. Keiichiro Toyama has returned to direct the PS5 exclusive and according to one...

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  • News Anime RPG Fairy Tail Gets Over 20 Minutes of English Gameplay


    Upcoming turn based RPG Fairy Tail is back with almost 25 minutes of uncut English gameplay. The footage shows a bit of exploration, a lot of dialogue, and a few flashy looking fights. The video gives us a decent idea of the title's structure, so it's well worth a quick watch if you're interested. Fairy Tail was recently hit with a delay,...

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  • Hands On The Last of Us 2's Firefights Are Fraught, Uncomfortable, Fantastic

    Bloody Nora

    Here’s what we’re allowed to say about The Last of Us: Part II so far: the combat is utterly enthralling. Naughty Dog’s brand of game design often gets criticised for putting the plot ahead of gameplay, but we’ve always considered this form of feedback reductive. Despite all of its extended climbing sections, Uncharted 4: A...

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  • News Devs Still Raving Over PS5, Some Say It Has 'Better Architecture Than Any Console in History'

    PraiseStation 5

    Over the last few months, we've seen numerous developers comment on the PlayStation 5, with the vast majority heaping praise on Sony's next-gen console. Some have been going nuts over its super fast custom SSD, while others have simply pointed out that the machine is a pleasure to work with.

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  • News PS5 Game Quantum Error Debuts Gameplay Preview This Weekend

    At the Future Games Show

    Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 game event isn't the only important showcase taking place this week. Over the course of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the indie-focused Guerrilla Collective livestreams will be broadcast across the internet and this includes the Future Games Show. Hosted by website GamesRadar, PS5 horror title...

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  • News Codemasters Signs On to Make Official WRC Rally Games on PS5

    Will run alongside DIRT series

    We've all thought it at some point -- why isn't Codemasters making officially licensed WRC rally games? If the DIRT series proves anything, it's that the team knows off-road racing better than any other. It's been making unofficial and brilliant rally games since 1998, after all. What better studio is there to take on...

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  • News PREY VR Listed for PSVR by UK Online Retailer

    Doubt the mimic

    Arkane Studios celebrated its 20th-anniversary last week and here at Push Square, we were rather selfishly hoping to hear word on Deathloop or even another entry in the Dishonored and PREY franchises. That obviously never happened, but the latter may at least be getting some sort of re-release. In a now pulled advertisement, PREY VR...

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  • News UK Sales Charts: Days of Play Sale Brings PS4 Exclusives Back to Top 10

    Outrunning the horde

    What a difference a sale makes. Sony's annual Days of Play sale hit the UK last week, and numerous PlayStation 4 titles have shot back up the chart. Three PS4 exclusives have made it into the top 10, with even more slightly lower down. Days Gone sees the biggest bump, re-entering at number six, while The Last of Us Remastered...

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YesterdaySun, 31st May 2020

  • Guide Upcoming PS4 Games and Accessories for June and July 2020

    The Last of Us 2! Iron Man VR! Ghost of Tsushima!

    It's been a very turbulent year for all of us, but somehow, we've wound up with three big PlayStation 4 exclusives over the next two months. There is some comfort in knowing that PS4 fans will have plenty to play over the summer; between these first party games, there's likely to be at least one...

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Saturday30th May 2020

  • News PS Plus June 2020 PS4 Games Confirmed

    Two blockbuster PS4 games

    June 2020's PlayStation Plus games have been officially announced. As you may already know, the lineup includes Call of Duty: WWII, which was confirmed earlier this week. The historical shooter will be joined by Star Wars Battlefront 2, which happened to be leaked just prior to this announcement. That's two...

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  • Quiz Can You Name These PS1 Games?

    Say what you see

    PlayStation has been around for a while now, and we hold a special place in our hearts for the console that started it all. Ushering in a new age of 3D games, the PS1 had an excellent software lineup that helped bring gaming into the mainstream. So many games released that many of them are quite obscure. We've put together a bunch...

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  • News PS5 Reveal Event: Sony Wants Fans to Be As Excited As if They Were in an E3 Auditorium

    "You'll see we've been able to do that"

    Coronavirus has put an end to the physical game events of old, meaning that Sony will showcase the PlayStation 5’s software roster during a pre-recorded livestream. The manufacturer has, historically, been known for its glitzy stage shows – and it wants to create the same levels of excitement next week...

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  • Talking Point What PS5 Games Do You Expect at Sony's Future of Gaming Reveal Event?

    Take your pick

    We now know that Sony will reveal the PlayStation 5's first selection of games on 4th June, during its Future of Gaming livestream event. Coronavirus has forced it to reveal its hand as part of a State of Play-esque broadcast, as opposed to its typical PlayStation Meeting stage show. That means that it will have the opportunity to...

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  • News Bluepoint on PS5 Reveal: It's Time to Leave Our Old Gaming Limitations Behind

    Souls sisters

    Bluepoint Games is, technically, the only developer that Sony’s confirmed to be working on a PlayStation 5 project. In reality, we know that all of its teams will be knee-deep in next-gen development by now, but you may recall Mark Cerny revealing that the Texas team has a “big game” in the pipeline for the platform as far back...

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  • Talking Point Do You Agree with PS5's Approach to Generations?

    Exclusive games for new hardware

    With the PlayStation 5, Sony is sticking to what it knows. Alongside the announcement of its upcoming next-gen games reveal event, boss Jim Ryan conducted an interview with Games, where he stressed that it’s “time to give the PlayStation community something new, something different, that can really...

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  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 326

    The weekend before the PS5 reveal

    The weeks are just flying by, aren’t they? If this were a normal year, we’d be beginning to think about E3 2020 right about now. Of course, it’s not a normal year, and we have a more exciting event on the horizon: PlayStation 5’s hotly anticipated reveal event. Here’s what we’re playing this weekend...

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