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TodaySun, 21st Apr 2019

  • News God of War's Getting Its Own Full-Length Documentary Soon

    And you can watch for free

    Do you remember the original God of War trilogy shipped with a bunch of behind-the-scenes videos that you could watch once you completed the game? We were a little bit disappointed they never made it into last year’s critically acclaimed soft-reboot, but PlayStation’s gone one better: it’s shot a full-length...

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    • PS4
    • God of War
  • News Spider-Man Uses Your PS4's Internal Clock for a Nifty Easter Egg

    How about Shabbat

    Ever spotted the Jewish NPCs out-and-about while swinging through New York City in Marvel’s Spider-Man? Well, one thing’s for sure, you won’t have seen them anywhere on Saturday, as the exclusive uses your PlayStation 4’s internal clock to give the characters their day of rest during Shabbat. The tidbit was confirmed by...

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    • PS4
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    • Easter Eggs
  • Rumour Mortal Kombat 11's Entire DLC Roster May Have Leaked

    Spoilers, obviously

    Mortal Kombat 11 is not out until next week, but some lucky street fighters have already got their fists on the sequel. Naturally, this means that publisher Warner Bros is currently fighting fires trying to keep a lid on leaks – but it’s not having much success. In fact, a hacked version of the Nintendo Switch edition means...

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YesterdaySat, 20th Apr 2019

  • News Insiders Claim That Next Xbox Is More Advanced Than PS5

    It begins

    Sony officially unveiled the first details regarding the PlayStation 5 this week, catching the industry somewhat by surprise in the process. Many had expected Microsoft to move first at E3 2019 in a few weeks, but it seems the Japanese giant had other ideas. Of course, Xbox chief Phil Spencer alluded in Los Angeles last year that it will...

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  • Poll One Year Old Today, Have Your Thoughts on God of War Changed?

    Questions must be axed

    Happy birthday, God of War! Sony Santa Monica's masterpiece is one year old today, originally releasing on the 20th April, 2018. The title was met with universal praise, farming countless 10/10 review scores, and walking away with dozens of Game of the Year awards. As far as we're concerned, it remains one of the PlayStation...

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  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 268

    Easter activities

    The weather is sublime this Easter weekend – although not great for scoffing chocolate, we must admit. Nevertheless, if the sun’s already burning your eyes, may we recommend an afternoon indoors playing games? Here’s what we’re up to. Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor: I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Dreams Early Access,...

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Friday19th Apr 2019

  • Review World War Z - Enjoyable Zombie Action That Narrowly Misses the Mark

    Where's Brad Pitt?

    The more games that release in an attempt to emulate it, the more we start to believe that Left 4 Dead was simply a product of its time. While the series never put in an appearance on a PlayStation console, its success was felt far and wide as multiple co-operative knock-offs tried and almost always failed to replicate the unique...

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    • Focus Home Interactive
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    • World War Z
  • News Days Gone Counts Down to Launch with Free Theme and Avatar Pack in the US

    No freebies for EU accounts

    We'll all be playing Days Gone in exactly a week's time, and Sony is counting down to that fact with a free theme and avatar pack. This is a gift that is currently only available overseas in the US and Canada, meaning that those residing in Europe and the UK, such as ourselves, are out of luck. Follow this link and...

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    • Free
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  • News God of War Superfan Wins Guinness World Record for Largest Memorabilia Collection

    Grab some tissues

    God of War has been celebrating its first year on the market for the past week, but Cory Barlog and the team at Sony Santa Monica studio also used the occasion as an opportunity to give back to the community. Emanuel Mojica Rosas in particular, who during a visit to the studio, was presented with the Guinness World Record for the...

    • Sony
    • PS4
    • God of War
  • News Mortal Kombat 11 Launch Trailer Is Probably Gonna Give Fans Goosebumps

    They only went and did it

    Huh? Do you hear that? Is that... A remix of the classic (that should probably be klassic) Mortal Kombat theme? It is! And it's part of a pretty damn good launch trailer for Mortal Kombat 11. With the game out next week, NetherRealm's dropped what we assume will be the game's last trailer ahead of release, and fans of the...

    • Warner Bros
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    • Mortal Kombat
    • Trailers
  • News Shooting for The Last of Us: Part 2 Is All Wrapped Up

    2019, we hear you cry

    Is The Last of Us: Part II actually releasing this year? A lot of people are starting to think so, and although we're not quite convinced just yet, it does seem as though the project has hit an important milestone. Over on Twitter, director and writer Neil Druckmann has stated that "the most ambitious cinematic shoot we’ve...

    • Sony
    • Naughty Dog
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    • The Last of Us
  • News US PlayStation Store Flash Sale Discounts The Division 2, Metro Exodus, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Much More

    Big savings on big games

    The US PlayStation Store has just kicked off a flash sale over the Easter weekend, lasting from now through until 8am PT on 22nd April. It slashes the prices on multiple high-profile games such as The Division 2, Metro: Exodus, and

    • Sony
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  • News Dollhouse Brings Noir Horror to PS4 on 24th May

    Creeping in style

    Dollhouse, the horrific and fascinating psychological scare-fest from developer Creazn Studios, is set to release on PS4 next month on 24th May. Announced via yet another suitably creepy trailer, you can check out some new footage from the game above. Following on from the title's previous story trailer, we know that protagonist...

    • PS4
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    • Release Dates

Thursday18th Apr 2019

  • Guide Best PS4 RPGs

    Roll the dice

    What are the best PS4 RPGs? Well, the PlayStation 4 is home to a vast library role-playing games. From MMOs and open world epics to niche Japanese RPGs (or JRPGs) and traditional adventures stuffed with text, there's something for just about everyone. It's an expansive genre in which East meets West, and we see numerous takes a similar...

    • Best PS4 RPGs
    • PS4
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    • PS4 Essentials
  • News Cel-Shaded Shooter XIII Returns 13th November on PS4

    Lucky number

    We can’t help but feel old when we consider there's an entire generation of gamers who haven’t seen PlayStation 2 copies of XIII in a GAME bargain bin. But with the cel-shaded shooter now being over 15 years old, there will be kids sitting their GCSEs this summer who are younger than the artistically inspired FPS. For those of you...

    • Microids
    • PS4
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    • Announcements
  • News There's Speculation that Final Fantasy VII Remake May Reappear in Time for E3

    We're not holding our breath

    How many years have we been waiting on Final Fantasy VII Remake now? Too many is the only correct answer to that question, but could we finally get some new information in the coming months? Maybe at E3 2019? Well, anything's possible, and there's some speculation doing the rounds right now that says it's happening. All...

    • Square Enix
    • PS4
    • Final Fantasy
  • Guide The Easiest PS4 Platinum Trophies

    What are the easiest platinums on PS4?

    Which PlayStation 4 games are the easiest to platinum? Not every PS4 game has a platinum trophy, and many that do are often pretty tough. However, if you're looking to bolster your trophy collection with some low effort top trinkets, you'll find some of the easiest platinums in this guide. There are plenty of...

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  • News Castlevania Anniversary Collection Release Date Announced, Full Lineup of Games Revealed

    Happy birthday, Konami

    Last month, Konami announced a trio of retro collections coming to PlayStation 4 in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The publisher has just provided more details on Castlevania Anniversary Collection, including its release date and the full selection of titles it offers. Writing on the

    • Konami
    • PS4
    • Castlevania
    • Release Dates
  • News Charming Free-to-Play RPG Caravan Stories Comes West This Summer on PS4

    The journey begins

    Caravan Stores, a delightful looking role-playing title which launched in Japan earlier this month, is heading West. The game's part MMORPG and part turn based RPG -- you can play it alone or with others, and there's PvP as well as PvE. Based on the gameplay we've seen it does look decent, but given that it's actually a...

    • Aiming
    • PS4
    • Caravan Stories
    • Trailers
  • News Netflix's The Witcher Series Arrives in Late 2019

    Geralt a load of this

    Netflix, the huge, subscription based entertainment giant, is currently producing a TV adaptation of The Witcher, following the immense success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. All we've seen so far, though, is a very brief preview of Henry Cavill in character as Geralt. We should get to see a little more pretty soon, as it's

    • Netflix
    • CD Projekt
    • The Witcher
  • News Overcooked 2 Campfire Cook Off DLC and Season Pass Out Now on PS4

    Get it while it's hot

    If you want a second helping of Overcooked 2, you're definitely not short of options. The latest DLC pack, Campfire Cook Off, is out today on PlayStation 4, bringing you more of that delicious co-op cooking. It features 15 new levels, four new characters to unlock, and two new recipes. You'll be making s'mores and all-day...

    • Team 17
    • PS4
    • Overcooked
    • DLC
  • News New Mortal Kombat 11 Character Trailer Shows Off Shao Kahn

    Hammer time

    We've known Shao Kahn will be included in the roster of Mortal Kombat 11 for a while now, but NetherRealm has just released a character trailer devoted to the hammer-wielding villain. As a reminder, he's a pre-order bonus, so you'll have to put your name down if you want him on your side. How does he look, then? As expected, like a big...

    • Warner Bros
    • PS4
    • Mortal Kombat
    • Trailers


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