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TodayMon, 23rd Oct 2017

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    Review Megaton Rainfall

    God almighty

    Even ignoring the fact that Megaton Rainfall was created by one man, this game is a technical marvel on the scale of a No Man’s Sky or other similar procedurally generated games. You play as Superman in all but name, and your task is to protect the Earth – amid brief vacations among the stars, of course. Sound fun? It’s actually...

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YesterdaySun, 22nd Oct 2017

  • News Resident Evil 7 Sneaks Past Its Sales Target Several Months Late

    Better late than never

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, one of the better games of the year in this author’s humble opinion, has ghosted past its sales target – albeit several months late. Capcom had expected the title to sell four million units by 31st March, but according to the survival horror’s website, that accolade has only just been...

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Saturday21st Oct 2017

  • Guide New PS4 Games Releasing in 2017

    Upcoming PlayStation 4 games release dates

    Looking for new PS4 games release dates? Then we've got you covered with an exhaustive list of every PlayStation 4 game scheduled to release in 2017. You'll find every confirmed release date from the end of October and beyond, alongside some tentative ones, and we'll be working to update this regularly so...

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  • News Inazuma Eleven Ares Plays a Long Ball to PS4 Next Year

    First entry to strike Sony systems

    Soccer series Inazuma Eleven will finally stretch its legs on the PlayStation 4 in the form of new entry Ares, developer Level-5 revealed in a stream earlier today. The historically Nintendo-centric franchise will also score Switch, iOS, and Android editions, so it seems as though the Japanese company wants to open...

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  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 191

    In the thick of it

    We’re in the thick of it now. There’s practically a major new game release every week through until the holidays, so you better be prepared for the onslaught – and the insane expenditure, of course. Much of our team is on assignment at the moment, and if they’re not, you can guarantee they're doing thumb exercises ahead of...

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    PS Vita

    Review Semispheres

    Puzzles: A Tale of Two Thumbs

    Semispheres, an indie puzzler from Vivid Helix, may have found its home on the PlayStation Vita with this recently released port. The game has been available on the PlayStation 4 since February, but the short running time and simple controls feel like a much better match for Sony’s “legacy” handheld. In...

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  • News Who Dares Wins in Full Metal Panic! Fight on PS4

    Robot wars

    Why is Ramsey playing jank-fest Elex when there are weeb games to write about? Full Metal Panic! Fight: Who Dares Wins has been announced for the PlayStation 4, with Super Robot Wars developer B.B. Studio at the helm. The strategy-based role-playing game will launch next year in Japan, with no date attached to a Western release just yet...

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Friday20th Oct 2017

  • Guide All PlayStation VR Aim Controller Compatible Games

    Which titles support Sony's new gun?

    Sony’s virtual reality solution PSVR already requires significant investment, but the PlayStation VR Aim Controller really is worth owning if you’re – ahem – aiming to get the most out of the headset. While the peripheral is only supported by a handful of games thus far, it really does add to the...

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  • Poll Do You Think Single Player Games Are Really In Danger of Dying Out?

    A dark future?

    There was a big ruckus earlier this week when it was revealed that EA had shut down Visceral Games -- the developer behind the once fantastic Dead Space series. The studio was working on a single player Star Wars title -- that one that's been in development for what seems like an eternity -- and EA said in a statement that it had...

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  • News EU PlayStation Store Flash Sale Discounts Destiny 2, Uncharted

    Elite Dangerous! Madden! More!

    Surprise! Sony’s dropped some weekend deals on the European PlayStation Store, spanning pretty recent releases like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Madden NFL 18. You can get the former for £24.99, while the latter is £39.99. Also on sale is Destiny 2, which can be yours for £39.99 if you plump up for the standard...

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    Review Battle Chasers: Nightwar

    Up all night to get lucky

    Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a turn based role-playing game with an emphasis on traversing randomised dungeons. However, it's not an endless loot-'em-up dungeon crawler – it has a story, a cool cast of characters, and an interesting game world to explore. It's also got a gorgeous art style and a fantastic soundtrack...

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    Review Life Is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 2: Brave New World

    What's past is prologue

    Life Is Strange, with its unique brand of teen drama, was already a franchise with a very distinctive vibe – but developer Deck Nine has done a great job leaning into that with its prequel side-story Before the Storm. The game’s rip-roaring first episode saw rebellious protagonist Chloe Price playing a role-playing game...

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  • News Final Fantasy XV's Multiplayer Comrades Expansion Delayed into November

    The darkness recedes

    If you were looking forward to teaming up with your buddies and taking down behemoths in Final Fantasy XV's multiplayer expansion at the end of this month, you had better sit down -- we've got some bad news. Titled Comrades, the add-on has been delayed... Into early November. Catastrophic. Joking aside, the slight delay is...

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  • News Sony's Unique Collectible Cards Will Return at PSX 2017

    Gotta catch 'em all

    For those of you who don’t know, Sony weirdly started a collectible card series at PlayStation Experience a few years back. It’s been adding to its collection of foil-embossed ephemera at various events like E3 and Road to Greatness, and once again the popular paper-based goods will return at PSX 2017 later in the year...

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  • News Star Wars Battlefront 2's Single Player Certainly Makes for a Great Trailer

    The Empire strikes back

    Well, everyone asked for it – and it seems like it’s going to deliver. EA has released an all-new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2’s oft-requested single player campaign, and it makes for an impressive 90 second clip. In case you don’t already know, you’ll be assuming the role of Commander Iden Versio, as...

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