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  • News June PlayStation Plus Games Announced

    Another strong month

    Sony has just announced the PlayStation Plus titles for June 2018, and it's another cracking month. The brilliant strategy title XCOM 2 headlines PS4's selection this month, and it's accompanied by Trials Fusion, the arcade platforming/racing game. On PS3, June's update brings Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Zombie...

  • Talking Point What Free June 2018 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    When will June 2018's PS Plus lineup be revealed?

    What’s the June 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup? When will the June 2018 PS Plus lineup be announced? All questions you’re probably pondering as another month edges closer to its conclusion and E3 2018 lurks tantalisingly on the horizon. In this article, we’re going to share all of the latest PS+...

  • News May 2018's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Out Now

    Go Beyond

    May 2018's gaggle of PS Plus titles are now available for download in Europe, with the North American PlayStation Store set to update soon. This month, PS4 owners can look forward to Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls ahead of the release of Detroit: Become Human, as well as the excellent 2D platformer, Rayman Legends. On PS3, you'll be...


  • News Last Chance to Download April 2018's Free PS Plus Games

    Mad, Max

    There are just a few hours before Sony replaces April 2018’s roster of free PlayStation Plus games with May 2018’s roster. This means that you’ve got one last opportunity to download the likes of Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo on the PlayStation 4, as well as the various PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles, too

  • Soapbox PS Plus Freebie Beyond: Two Souls Is One of Sony's Stranger Games

    Go Holmes

    I can’t stop thinking about Beyond: Two Souls. It’s just so weird. Ever since the title was announced as part of May 2018’s free PlayStation Plus lineup, I’ve been recalling my two playthroughs of Quantic Dream’s ghost-themed sci-fi story. I was originally rather enamoured with it on the PlayStation 3; I thought the handful of...

  • News PlayStation Plus Subscribers Surpass 34 Million

    Plus one

    PlayStation Plus is one of Sony’s not-so secret success stories, with the company’s latest financial report revealing that there are 34.2 million members as per its latest financial report, recording data as of 31st March, 2018. That’s a dizzying number when you consider that each user is likely tied to an annual subscription; we’ll...

  • News May PlayStation Plus Games Announced

    Another good month?

    Yep, it's that time of the month again. Sony has unveiled which games PlayStation Plus subscribers will be getting in May 2018, and in our opinion, it's a solid selection. On PlayStation 4, you're getting Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends. Elsewhere, PlayStation 3 users can, er, look forward to Risen 3: Titan Lords and...

  • Talking Point What Free May 2018 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    When will May 2018's PlayStation Plus lineup be revealed?

    What’s the May 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup? And when will the May 2018 PS Plus update be announced? Another month tiptoes towards a swift conclusion, and we’re here with all of the latest PS+ rumours and speculation. When will May 2018’s free PS Plus games be announced?: Assuming...

  • News PlayStation Plus Promotion Adds Three Free Months

    If you purchase a 12 month sub now

    Sony’s currently selling 15 months of PlayStation Plus for the price of 12 months in European territories. In the UK, this means that you can significantly extend your subscription for £49.99, either on the PlayStation Store or from online stores like Amazon. It represents a saving of roughly £20, which is no

  • News PS Plus Members Score Exclusive Savings on Spotify

    Stream scene

    How’s this for corporate synergy? Sony’s knocking money off Spotify Premium for PlayStation Plus members, assuming you subscribe to the music streaming service through the PlayStation Store prior to 18th October. If you do, then you’ll be entitled to 10 per cent off your recurring bill as long as you remain a subscriber to both...

  • News April 2018's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Out Now

    Road rage

    April 2018’s roster of free PlayStation Plus games are available to download now in Europe, with North America set to follow shortly. The free games, in case you missed the announcement, include Mad Max and TrackMania: Turbo on the PlayStation 4. One extra bonus is that PlayStation 3 freebie In Space We Brawl appears to be cross-buy, so...

  • News PS Plus Duo Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank Exit Tomorrow

    Last chance

    This is your last chance to grab PlayStation Plus duo Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank, as well as the collection of other PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles that were added to the premium service in March. The titles will be replaced by Mad Max and TrackMania Turbo among others starting tomorrow, so make sure you’ve added the current...


  • Poll Has PlayStation Plus Improved in 2018?

    Games, games, games

    PlayStation Plus is a topic that has long been the cause of heated debate on the internet. Sony's service sees subscribers claim a selection of "free" games each month, and each month, people have something to say about the software that's on offer. Ever since the PlayStation 4 launched in 2013, PlayStation Plus has certainly...

  • News April PlayStation Plus Games Announced

    Another solid month

    Yep, it's that time of the month again as Sony confirms what PlayStation games will be made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. On PlayStation 4, you're getting open world adventure Mad Max and the potentially mental TrackMania: Turbo. Meanwhile, PlayStation 3 users nab In Space We Brawl, and Toy Home. Yeah, we're not...

  • Talking Point What Free April 2018 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    When will April 2018's PS Plus lineup be revealed?

    What’s the April 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup? When will the March 2018 PS Plus update be revealed? As another month draws to a close, we’re here to look at all the latest PS+ speculation, and also share all the freshest PS Plus rumours. When will April 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games be...

  • News March's PlayStation Plus Games Are Available Now

    Bloody brilliant

    Yes, the time has arrived. Without question one of the PlayStation 4's strongest PS Plus lineups, March's freebie games are now available for download in Europe, with other regions following suit in due course. As if you need reminding, this month's roster of titles is headed by two excellent titles in Bloodborne and Ratchet &...

  • News Your Last Chance to Download February 2018's PS Plus Games

    Knack attack

    February 2018’s roster of free PlayStation Plus games will be rotated out tomorrow (6th March) to make way for Sony’s spectacular selection of new software. Of course, that means you have less than a day to add the likes of Knack and RiME to your library. PlayStation VR bonus StarBlood Arena will also be making a hasty exit, so be...

  • Deals PS Plus Subscriptions Discounted Ahead of Killer Month

    UK pays less through March

    There’s probably never been a better time to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, with both Ratchet & Clank and Bloodborne available as part of March 2018’s update. Sony knows that, and so it’s knocking 25 per cent off the price of an annual subscription in the UK. This means that, if you order through the












  • Poll Are You Happy with May 2017's PlayStation Plus Games?

    Is it really such a strong month?

    With news having slowed to a crawl as the industry preps itself ahead of E3 this summer, it's only fitting that we end the week with a quick and easy poll. It's been a while since we polled you lot on the quality of PlayStation Plus and its 'free' games, but we reckon May's selection is actually one of the more...

  • News May 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Announced

    They differ in NA and EU for the first time in years

    Well this is weird. For the first time in years, next month's PlayStation Plus selection will differ between North America and Europe. North American subscribers can look forward to ABZU and Tales from the Borderlands on PlayStation 4, while European users get Alienation instead of ABZU. Yep,...