Last month, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age had shifted one million copies on PlayStation 4, taking both shipped figures and digital sales into account. It's a good result for a remastered PlayStation 2 title -- a divisive one at that -- and as such, the publisher will be hosting a celebratory livestream next week.

The stream won't just be a bunch of Japanese developers popping bottles of champagne open, however, as the company's teasing some sort of reveal. Apparently, the broadcast will feature "news that will make Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age fans happy". What the heck could it be?

Now, before we all start speculating wildly, let's not discount the possibility that this may have nothing to do with PlayStation. It could be that The Zodiac Age is coming to PC or another platform, so we wouldn't get too hyped just yet. That said, we're still very interested in hearing what Square has to say.

What do you think this news could be? Now that the article's over, feel free to speculate like crazy in the comments section below.