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I would marry pizza if I could.

Male, 33, United Kingdom

John can generally be found wearing pyjamas with a PS4 controller in his hands, operating on a diet that consists largely of gin and pizza. His favourite things are Persona 4, the soundtrack to Rocky IV, and imagining scenarios in which he's drinking space cocktails with Commander Shepard.

Mon 11th Apr 2016

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johncalmc commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Offers Sing...:

As long as you don't have to play the multiplayer to succeed in the single player then it's not really an issue for me. If you do, I'll be sending a basket of poisoned muffins to Bioware.

DISCLAIMER: Under no circumstances will I actually be sending a basket of muffins, poisoned or otherwise, to Bioware.



johncalmc commented on Review: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone...:

@darkswabber Not every song is available in Easy mode, but the vast, vast, vast majority are. Without being near my console to check, from memory, there's something like 224 songs in total, of which around 200 can be played in Easy mode. It's not like playing in easy limits you to four songs or anything.

I didn't really mess around with No Fail Mode much, but from what I can tell, the only real penalties are that your high scores don't count and you earn less VP I think. But since VP is accrued quickly in this game it doesn't really matter anyway. You can still earn trophies in No Fail Mode, too.

If you're not particularly good at rhythm games then you can quite easily enjoy the songs and costumes and videos and stuff on Easy/No Fail, and other than a few songs you won't be able to play, you'll get pretty much the whole experience.



johncalmc commented on PS4 Has Been the World's Best Selling Console ...:

@thedevilsjester And the Wii is a prime example of it not just being about sales. That attracted lots of third party support but it was nearly all shovelware. Sales matter, of course, but primarily what matters is the games. As long as a console sells enough to attract developers to make games, it doesn't really matter who "wins" a generation to anyone other than shareholders.



johncalmc commented on PS4 Has Been the World's Best Selling Console ...:

Xbox One is probably around 25-28 million. You can kinda infer that from the last time they announced sales forever ago, combined with the info EA dropped, and then a bit of guesswork. PS4 has been outselling it, globally, at just under 2:1 since launch so that would be about right.

Scorpio will do absolutely nothing to help Xbox One catch up. Switch won't outsell PS4. Nothing will. This generation is over.

But it's not all about sales, unless you've got shares in one of the companies.



johncalmc commented on Nintendo Supposedly Shunned Square Following F...:

@get2sammyb They limited publishers to like five games per year or something in the NES days in an effort to make sure that the overall quality of games on the system remained high. The rationale was that if publishers only had five games they'd make them count and wouldn't just release any old tripe.

Of course, what actually happened is a) publishers set up dummy publishing companies to release extra carts, and b) publishers concentrated on games that would make money first and foremost.

Imagine if Sony did that. We'd miss out on all the games they keep making/helping/promoting that are amazing but don't have a prayer of ever making any money.



johncalmc commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Beta Sounds...:

Glad people are looking forward to the multiplayer for this game (are they?) but I'll just be here hoping it's utterly inconsequential for the single player experience and I never have to touch it to improve my ending or anything.



johncalmc commented on Review: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone...:

@Ralizah Both are good in their own way. X has worlds, a story, structure. This throws two hundred songs at you and lets you go wild. Some may prefer the more rigid approach, but there's something impressive about the arcadey goodness of this one. No plot, no nonsense.



johncalmc commented on Review: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone...:

@get2sammyb Yeah it's like they've moved Hatsune Miku to be a platform rather than a standard game. This is the sort of thing that could really use that approach. The mechanics in every game are fine, so just adding songs would be way more consumer friendly.

Unfortunately, if you're not down with the music, you're gonna have a real rough time with this one. But since it's a free demo you can always have a go.



johncalmc commented on Feature: How PS4 Can Fend Off the Nintendo Swi...:

They don't need to fend anything off. Whether Switch sells by the bucket load or goes the way of the Wii U, I doubt it'll be direct competition. It's more like a handheld with an HDMI Out port. Unless it's a cultural phenomenon like the Wii, third party studios likely won't bother porting to it - we've already seen there's no plans for Mass Effect and I assume others will follow suit.

Scorpio is whatever. It's just a more powerful Xbox. Xbox One pretty much only still exists because it sells well in America and the UK. Nobody else cares. Maybe it might sell a bit more for the power hungry gamers, but I doubt it will make much of a difference at all.

Regardless of the (lack of) competition, Sony can still improve though. Hit target dates, keep shipping games, improve the network, promote VR, and get some better games on Plus. Keep the fan-base happy.



johncalmc commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Throws Possibility of S...:

Season passes are a thing that needs to go away. Asking for money from people on the good faith that you'll deliver something worthwhile is second only to people actually paying money on the good faith that they'll deliver something worthwhile in the category of dumb things in gaming. Most of the time they're not worth it, and you're much better off waiting to see what the DLC is like.



johncalmc commented on Talking Point: Will Sony Really Let the Unchar...:

Naughty Dog will move on to other things, but Sony will likely keep this money spinner spinning for as long as it keeps spinning money. They'll probably palm it off onto another studio and make a new series with a new protagonist. It'll be kinda like how Microsoft palmed off Halo or Gears to different studios after the series' had reached their natural conclusions. Money talks.



johncalmc commented on Rhianna Pratchett Packs Up Her Pick Axe and Sa...:

I'm in total agreement with the writing being one of the worst things about the rebooted Tomb Raider series. It's a bigger problem in the first game which suffers from tonal inconsistencies that undermine the adventure - "oh no, woe is me, I've committed murder" five minutes later Lara Croft transforms into Arnie in the last twenty minutes of Commando - but while the sequel is better it's still an absolutely bog standard story with cardboard cut-out characters and plot twists that might as well have been revealed on the box art.



johncalmc commented on This Is What Until Dawn Looked Like on the PS3:

Dollars to donuts they changed from first person to third person when they realised that we couldn't watch Hayden Pannateirieereereiiee run around in a towel for two hours if we were seeing it through her eyes.



johncalmc commented on Media Molecule's Dreams Beta Will Sleep Until ...:

Tearaway was brilliant. It might not have sold but it was absolutely the best Vita game in terms of demonstrating why each of the features of the Vita were necessary. It was like the essential, traditional launch title that shows new gamers how to use the system in cool ways, except it came out well after the system launched and nobody cared by then.

With Dreams it looks like they're just going further down the toolset-rather-than-game rabbit hole they started with LittleBigPlanet, and that's cool and all, and it's nice that they're following their, erm, dreams, but I just wish they'd rein it in a bit. Given how inventive they are, I just wish they'd use that to tell me a story rather than giving me all the bits and pieces to spend hours building my own.



johncalmc commented on Never, Ever Change Japanese Game Developers:

I imagine, somewhere in Japan, there's someone sat in front of two dart boards. One is marked "fetishes" and the other is marked "video game genres". They have a good drink, start throwing darts, and game ideas are born.

French Maid Volleyball
Swimsuit Girls Detective Mysteries
Bukkake Table Tennis HD



johncalmc commented on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Will Be Free on...:

@Tasuki I know that we're all doom and gloom over Call of Duty right now, and they're obviously a bit sour about the sales of Infinite Warfare, but the sales are only poor in comparison to other Call of Duty games. In comparison to games that aren't Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare has been a hit.

Basically, what I'm saying is, I'm hoping we get a Dinosaur Warfare one day.



johncalmc commented on Titanfall 2's Price Gets Stomped in Latest Pla...:

I'll pick it up when it's down to coppers. I quite enjoy a first person shooter, but since I never play the online portion of the games (except for Overwatch, occasionally) I won't be paying top dollar. No siree.



johncalmc commented on Review: Final Fantasy XV (PS4):

It's a totally fair review. I'm one trophy off the platinum right now, and I have to say it's one of my favourite games of the year. But it's riddled with problems and they'll probably be too much for some people.

It does recapture the spirit of old school Final Fantasy though. It makes me feel awe and wonder in ways that other recent games in the series didn't.

I have high hopes that if we get a Final Fantasy XVI, it might actually be a return to the glory days. As it stands, this is the best entry since IX, but that's not exactly high praise as far as I'm concerned.



johncalmc commented on PS4 Pro Is Selling Very Well, Many Adopting It...:

@get2sammyb Honestly, man, I'm just so bad at stuff like that. Technology totally annoys me. It's the same reason I've never upgraded the hard drive in my PS4.

I'm guessing it's just a case of uploading all my saves to the cloud and then just downloading everything again.



johncalmc commented on PS4 Smashes 50 Million Sales Milestone Before ...:

@rjejr There were more consoles around in that generation, but because of the release dates of each console, PS2 spent a stretch of it unopposed as I recall. Dreamcast was abandoned quickly after PS2 launched, and then Xbox and Gamecube didn't come around for another year, I think, leaving PS2 as the only game in town.

Not only that, but the PS2 had an absolute tonne of third party exclusives, with studios reluctant to do the same for the competition thanks to the gargantuan install base PS2 had.

By contrast, PS4 released two weeks apart from Xbox One, a console that has practically the same games line-up, and since they axed Kinect, has a price advantage too most of the time.

It's pretty impressive.

@get2sammyb Yeah, Europe must be picking up Japan's slack, and then some. Sounds believable though given some of the crazy market share figures we've heard from continental Europe.



johncalmc commented on Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Expects Nintendo Switch ...:

I'll refrain from predicting how the Switch will do upon release until Nintendo has dropped the bad news on us closer to release.

I do like the idea of playing Pokemon on my TV though. So that'll sell me on one, even if I think the central gimmick of the system looks kinda lame, and I question the commercial viability of the system.



johncalmc commented on You Can Jump Back into Final Fantasy XIV For F...:

I really liked FFXIV while I was playing it, but I just couldn't justify paying for it, and dedicating so much spare time to it, when there were so many other things to play. I kinda want to go back. But I daren't do it.