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Dragon Quest Meets Dynasty Warriors in PS4's Dragon Quest Heroes

Posted by Robert Ramsey

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It seems like an eternity since we had a Dragon Quest game on a PlayStation platform, but that's all changing next year — in Japan, at least.

Announced at Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show conference earlier today, Dragon Quest Heroes is a collaboration between Square Enix and Omega Force — the developer behind the Warriors games. In that sense, it's a bit like Nintendo's upcoming Hyrule Warriors, except in Japan, Dragon Quest titles have to be released on a weekend so that the country doesn't suddenly grind to a halt. Take a look at the embedded trailer, and plead with us for a Western release in the comments section below.

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Gamer83 said:

I'm generally not a fan of the 'warriors' games but like Hyrule Warriors this has been thrown into a universe that I enjoy quite a bit. If it comes West, I'd check it out for sure. Nice score for Sony Japan and I hope it pays off, competition is a good thing and Nintendo has had it a bit easy in Japan.



FullbringIchigo said:

oh I hope we actually get this one unlike DQX still if I have too I will import the japanese version (even though I won't understand a thing)



ShogunRok said:

This is seriously like one of my dream game ideas. I adore Akira Toriyama's art style, and I love Warriors' gameplay. Absolutely praying that this comes West.



Jazzer94 said:

I want DQX and DQVII so much more than this but yes this would be cool.



Artie said:

Holy bejezzus! This looks amazing, and feels like less of a stretch with DQ monsters and characters to fit this genre than with the Zelda gang.



Punkinhead145 said:

Oh that theme gets me all the time! And man this looks awesome, if unorthodox for Dragon Quest. I love Moster Joker and of course my all time favorite DQVIII. I seriously can't express how much I CAN'T wait for this



rjejr said:

Wow, that looks ridicoulously awesome. Momentarily considered buying a PS 4 for this until I saw the PS3 at the end. This just needs to come west. And the PS3 Godzilla game.

And Ive only played 1 DQ game in my life, Cursed Mirror on PS2, and Im still in love w/ the series.

Props for mentioning HW, you guys cover X1 on a daily basis but Wii U doesnt exist, so nice touch. X1 releases today in Japan? Wii U will beat that too



odd69 said:

That was awesome. I haven't played any of the dragon quest games which is weird cause i LOVE jrpgs but i never got around to it, due to the huge ass selection of rpgs in general . But the Games on the Nintendo DS looked great as well.



Hokage17 said:

Hoping this comes out west, that trailer was awesome and really got me hyped up. I had to replay it about 10 times. lol



VIIIAxel said:

Wow, my jaw dropped as soon as the trailer started. This looks amazing! Despite being interested in Hyrule Warriors, I think this looks even better. I really hope this one comes to the West, I'm dying to play it! I'm glad it's on PS3 also, since I won't be getting a PS4 for a while.



rastamadeus said:

Not a fan of Dynasty Warriors or Dragon Quest (especially the art style) but Hyrule Warriors looks amazing. The hype and desire to play that so much will likely lead to me buying this.

@Artie Yeah as the Zelda games never had fighting in them, did they? There's no stretch whatsoever with Zelda or DQ.



Artie said:

@rastamadeus That's not why, it just feels like a more natural jump with the Dragon Quest characters and world than it does with the Zelda characters and world. I never feel like any spinoff Zelda titles are that opinion is allowed.

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