Ever since it leaked earlier in the year, we’ve got the impression that The Last of Us Remastered was being plotted as a shock E3 announcement. Sony may have lost that element of surprise, but it still may send shockwaves through the Internet next week, as all signs are pointing towards a post-press conference launch.

The Barnsley branch of British retailer GAME is the latest outlet to tease a 13th June deploy date here in the UK, but we’ve heard from several different outlets that the re-release is set to arrive next week. That’s a Friday in these parts, which is consistent with other launches, but we suspect that the title will drop on 10th June in North America – the day after Sony’s big show.

While this tactic doesn’t always work, we reckon that the platform holder could have success demoing the re-release live on stage, and then informing consumers that they can play the full game the very next day. Moreover, those that attend the press conference live in theatres around the United States are being promised a special gift, which could very well be a copy of this. [Or access to the Battlefield: Hardline beta, as pointed out through here - Ed]

Granted, we’re making some sizeable assumptions here, but none of it seems out of the realm of possibility, does it? Assuming that the title is out next week, expect to hear more stores talking about it over the coming days. Do you think that a surprise launch would work out? Let us know in the comments section below.

Update: Interestingly, GAME Barnsley has opted to backtrack on the above Tweet. "Apologies about the release date everyone," it wrote. "We will update you when we get an official date, sorry!" Could this be a genuine mistake – or has the company been told to update by a frustrated platform holder? We'll find out soon.

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