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E3 2014: Why Do PlayStation 4 Games Keep Getting Delayed?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Shuhei Yoshida speaks

Back when Sony announced the PlayStation 4, the platform holder declared that the system would offer an easy environment for developers to make games. Marble Madness maker Mark Cerny, who worked as the lead architect on the next-gen super machine, even touched upon the console’s ‘Time to Triangle’, demonstrating how much faster studios could get their ideas on screen. However, six months removed from the device’s release, a number of titles have been delayed – but why is that?

“It’s very easy to develop games on the PS4, except that the PS4 can do so much, that a team’s ambition is much higher,” Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told PlayStation Lifestyle. “What they are trying to achieve, they are challenging, y’know, something new: more realistic graphics, social connectivity, or seamless integration of single player and multiplayer. And they are encountering new kinds of challenges, so they have to take more time than they anticipated.”

Yoshida believes, however, that outside of the initial disappointment, gamers are more comfortable waiting for a better product these days. “They say that they’d rather wait to play the best game that the team can make rather than play a rushed title, because each development is such a big effort,” he continued, concluding that he “apologises for some of the games that we pushed back”. Considering the current state of DriveClub, we’ll never doubt Yoshida-san’s judgment again.

Are you happy for development teams to take their time, or are you getting fed up by the recent spate of delays? Do you think that Sony’s new last minute announcement policy is helping to mitigate this issue? Miss your target in the comments section below.


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scottishgiforce said:

Well if anyone is gutted about delays then they clearly never played Need For Speed Rivals (shudders) oh god that game totally put me off the Need For Speed franchise for the foreseeable future



WickedKnightAl said:

Playing their cards close to their chest is smart. Let the other console-makers rush out some announcement while still failing to match the PS4's sales.

And when these highly-refined, heavily-polished titles start trickling down (hopefully in time for Christmas), no one will be able to challenge Sony's dominance. A rushed launch, rushed announcement, or rushed anything can only end painfully.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Because the ps4 sucks? Probably not the right answer. I think a lot of devs were maybe a little lazy and have had to make their games a whole lot better, also I think they've been surprised by what the ps4 is actually capable of, a lot more than expected I assume.



charlesnarles said:

@SimonAdebisi MGS5 looks "next-gen" to me, but not so much for most cross-gen games.
Sounds like he was only referring to WD and DC. I hope he didn't mean to expect to wait 1+ more year for each game we're expecting!



sinalefa said:

Last thing I want to see is Yoshida saying "Please Understand".

But if the developers don't want to rush, then I don't need to rush to get a PS4 either.



KAPADO said:

Maybe It was because Sony kept those 8gigs of ram a secret for so long. They had to go back to the drawin board and do things right?
Or its because it is a delaystatio4



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I don't mind at all. I've moved on from ps3 but I still have a whopping vita backlog regardless of ps4 delays.



BlueProxy said:

I don't necessarily mind delays, still... I'm hoping it's not a regular practice, hitting every major release. If features like social networking don't add to the experience, then it can be left out. One less headache for devs, less delay time. I doubt we'd feel like somethings missing.



ToddlerNaruto said:

I don't mind the delays...but that's probably because I won't have a PS4 until 2017 if I'm lucky, lol.

It is the #1 console I want, but I would rather focus on buying cheaper systems now, like 3DS, Vita, and Wii U etc.



Gamer83 said:


Completely agree. The other thing is stop giving specific release dates. For example, WB had a release date nailed down for Arkham Knight, even re-confirmed it, then a week later 'sorry delayed.' With known franchises like an Uncharted, Zelda, Halo, MK, Batman, etc, I don't mind, and actually like early debuts just instead of something like 'available Oct. 18 2014' just slap a general 'holiday 2014' and give some wiggle room. I'll give WB this at least it didn't wait until Sept. 18 then pull the rug from under gamers with a month to go like Ubisoft did twice last year.



Kage_88 said:

Remember when people blasted Nintendo for finding Wii U development harder than expected?




JDig said:

I'm happy to wait for a game to reach its full potential really. It is disappointing when a game gets delayed but it's quite early days yet; once devs get used to developing for the PS4 delays should give way to more realistic release dates.

One advantage of this will be to cut the backlash. Along with the business of Watch_dogs not matching its initial E3 footage - the modern equivalent of Amiga screenshots on the back of C64 games - so many commenters could never seem to "forgive" the game for being delayed.



N711 said:

I think there s a difference between lets say aiming to release a game for Fall like the Order and then asking more time to polish and setting the release date in February 20 and giving a precise date like batman 10/14 then delay it
As long as a there s been no official release date I think fair enough that the dev take all the time they need.. When they give a precise date it should need really a serious issue to delay it



Matt_Berial said:

Yes delays are a disappointment, but if it's going to make the game a lot better and more stuff i am all for it.



BloodyBill said:

After an eleven month delay for Driveclub to find out it isn't 60 fps and Clubs can only have 6 members is a total joke.



CanisWolfred said:

In other words, as games get bigger, they take more time and resources, while publishers still want yearly release dates...



odd69 said:

Its fine, just dont take another year and still give us a turd.

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