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Puppeteer, Stick It to the Man, and Surge Deluxe Free for PS Plus in US

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony pulls back the curtain

SCEE may have beaten, er, SCEA to the PlayStation Plus punch, but the latter has been prompt to respond with May’s content lineup. As in Europe, strange side-scrolling platformer Stick It to the Man will be your free PlayStation Plus game for the month, offering a mixture of point-and-click puzzles and old-school navigation in one delightfully presented package. We loved the original PlayStation 3 and Vita release, so we recommend giving it a try, even if you do so grudgingly while complaining about indie games on your social network wall.

Japan Studio’s underrated Puppeteer will also be part of the Instant Game Collection in North America next month, allowing you to finally explore Kutaro’s stage-based escapade without having to spend a cent. It’ll be accompanied by soccer simulation PES 2014: Pro Evolution Soccer and beautiful brawler Skullgirls Encore. Over in handheld land, freebies will include quirky puzzler Surge Deluxe and Limbo. That’s perhaps a little weaker than Europe’s offering of Muramasa Rebirth and Everybody’s Golf, but both are still excellent games.

As always, SCEA hasn’t attached a date to these titles, but it’s safe to assume that you’ll get Stick It to the Man first, and then be drip-fed the remainder of the lineup throughout May. And of course, these giveaways will be accompanied by the usual roster of savings and discounts, which will be announced a little closer to the time. What do you think of this little lot then? Express your rage at free games in the comments section below.

Which PS Plus title are you most looking forward to in May? (22 votes)

Stick It to the Man




PES 2014: Pro Evolution Soccer


Skullgirls Encore


Surge Deluxe




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User Comments (21)



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Can you really complain about 'free' games? Even if they are indie? Even if you own them? Even if you insert reason here?

Cue more complaints in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....



Dohv said:

Dang I was hoping Vita would get Maramusa for Us to. I stocked up on the free Vita games for when I get my Vita Slim when it releases next month. A have a lot to play all ready.



MadchesterManc said:

@Big-Boss No doubt there'll be complaints as Sony haven't given everyone the games they want Sony will never please when it comes to PS+ on Ps4. I'm a little peed you guys get Skullgirls tho, I'd take that over Payday 2 every day of the week



charlesnarles said:

Puppeteer is supposed to be fun.
And $50 / 12 = $4.16 per monthly offering of multiple games = $1 or so for the $10-20 indie game is still worth it



Splat said:

I'm interested in Puppeteer and Skullgirls. I probably give PES 2014 a shot but I'm not really interested in sports besides football (NFL).



Squiggle55 said:

Well I already bought Puppeteer so I voted for Surge deluxe. I'm glad it's free bc I hadn't decided yet if I would double dip.



ztpayne7 said:

I was really hoping for muramasa and golf as I have puppeteer. Not really complaining. I love plus. Just not the best month for me.



RawShark said:

I got the Vita version of Limbo free as the PS3 version was given away on plus a long time ago in the EU. Did the US not get that too?



divinelite said:

Well I have none of the games but maybe like this month's games... I might not play it after 1 or 2 stages



irken004 said:

@RawShark I believe we did but for whatever reason it was a temporary promotion.
Too bad I suck at fighting games because skullgirls is gorgeous



Gemuarto said:

Meh, so sad... Second month for US with 2 indie games for PSV instead of big ones in EU. So sad that stupid Sony don't let people play games from one account on another. I need to sell my Vita =(



Gemuarto said:

No, really, while Vita is a good handheld overall, but those limitations are just meh... The funny thing is, they restricted PSP and PS 1 games again, for US accounts. LOL!!!



KAPADO said:

Smeagoal,Gives us the Pro Evo Soccer 2014 precious.
We wants it. Goalem



blindndeaf said:

yet another month not much for the four .I just want a game simple that it may be to show what we can expect when the programmers go to its limits or even Sony doing a short demo of what the four is able to do still love sony still waiting to be impressed..



Donald_M said:

@charlesnarles Hell, I paid $30 each for my two years of PS+, so it's more like $2.50 a month. Seems worth it to me whatever games Sony offers and they've offered some good ones so far. I've already beaten Stick It to the Man on Vita, but for no extra charge I'll probably give it another shot on PS4.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

I could care less again for this months junk for the PS4. Another re-release.

And before the whole "you cant expect AAA" **** starts, that is not what I expect.
It may be free, but the odds are high that many PS4 owners have already played this rubbish, myself included.

Ill stick to playing Battlefield 4 online along with Assassins Creed until they actually throw us a bone, in the form of better quality.
Take this however you folks want, I don't care, this is just my opinion.

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