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Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation Vita

  • JP 28th Mar 2013
  • US 25th Jun 2013

PlayStation Store

  • EU 16th Oct 2013, £19.99
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  • Review Muramasa Rebirth (PlayStation Vita)

    Radiant revival

    While most widely known as the family-friendly home console featuring a myriad collection of party games and fitness titles, the Nintendo Wii was also home to some of last generation’s better adult-oriented forays. Many of these titles got swept under the rug due to poor sales and a missing target audience, but some received much...

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Muramasa Rebirth Screenshot
Muramasa Rebirth Screenshot
Muramasa Rebirth Screenshot
Muramasa Rebirth Screenshot
Muramasa Rebirth Screenshot
Muramasa Rebirth Screenshot
Muramasa Rebirth Screenshot
Muramasa Rebirth Screenshot
Muramasa Rebirth Screenshot
Muramasa Rebirth Screenshot

Muramasa Rebirth News

  • News Muramasa Rebirth Will Be Refreshed with Fresh DLC This Month

    Another reason to return

    It’s currently free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America, so it’s no surprise to see the announcement of new Muramasa Rebirth DLC overseas. Aksys has confirmed that a fresh add-on named ‘A Spirited Seven Nights’ Haunting’ will release on 15th July in the US and 16th July in Europe. There’s no word on...

  • Store Update 16th October 2013 (Europe)

    Oh, what mighty big teeth you have

    It’s the calm before the storm on the European PlayStation Store this week, with only a handful of noteworthy titles vying for your attention. The first entry in Telltale’s episodic The Wolf Among Us series is very much the star of the show, but the overdue arrival of Muramasa Rebirth is worth a mention too...

  • News Muramasa Rebirth Brightens Up the Vita on 25th June

    Born again

    Aksys’ dreamy re-release of Muramasa Rebirth will dazzle the PlayStation Vita on 25th June in North America. While you’ll be able to purchase a vanilla version of the, er, Vanillaware favourite, the publisher has also confirmed that there’ll be a bumper special edition available at launch. There’s no word on an official price just...

  • Rumour Muramasa Rebirth Cutting PS Vita on 25th June?

    Sharper than a razor cut

    The only thing missing from this evening’s Muramasa Rebirth announcement was a release date – but online retailer Amazon may have outed that. The site is listing a 25th June launch for the title in North America, despite Aksys being frustratingly quiet. According to our extensive calendar checks, the listed date is a...

  • News Muramasa Rebirth Slicing North American PlayStation Vitas

    Dream come true

    We told you that the PlayStation Vita port of Vanillaware favourite Muramasa: The Demon Blade would make its way overseas, didn’t we? Siliconera is reporting that Aksys will be publishing the title in North America as

  • News Muramasa DLC Adds Four New Character Scenarios

    Ever wanted to play as a two-tailed cat lady?

    Back in September, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu revealed that the PlayStation Vita port of Muramasa: The Demon Blade would be receiving a brand new batch of DLC for its Japanese launch on 28th March. However, other than the content's title – 'Genroku Kaikitan' – very little was disclosed about...

  • News Don Your Sunglasses for New Muramasa Footage

    Taste the rainbow

    Phwoar, those folks over at Vanillaware sure like their colours, huh? This brand new trailer for the PlayStation Vita port of former Nintendo Wii exclusive Muramasa: The Demon Blade is more vibrant than a packet of Skittles. The title’s due out on 28th March in Japan. Sadly, there's still no word on a Western release.

  • News Muramasa: The Demon Blade Stuns with Brief Vita Footage

    Watch Momohime in action

    Back in September we reported that critically acclaimed Nintendo Wii action RPG Muramasa: The Demon Blade would be coming to the PlayStation Vita after a surprise announcement at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference. Since then Marvellous AQL has released a brief, albeit beautiful, clip of the remake in action, along with...

  • News Muramasa: The Demon Blade Attacks PlayStation Vita

    Take a stab

    Vanillaware's exceptionally beautiful Nintendo Wii title Muramasa: The Demon Blade is being ported to the PlayStation Vita, it was revealed during Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference earlier today. The game will release on 28th March in Japan, and will be expanded by DLC. The game's only been confirmed for Japan so far, but we'd be...

About The Game

In a land of myth and legend, a tale of two souls and 108 deadly blades begins. Muramasa Rebirth, the follow-up to Murasama: The Demon Blade, comes vividly to life on the PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system with redesigned high-res graphics, enhanced controls, and available downloadable scenarios.

Journey east as the amnesiac ninja Kisuke in search of the legendary demon blades. Or travel west as Momohime, a princess possessed by a vengeful spirit, as you hunt for the same weapons. With 108 powerful blades, each with a special deadly attack, fend off enemies big and small in this exciting action-RPG specially redesigned for the PS Vita.