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This inFAMOUS: Second Son Live Action Trailer Will Get You Heated for the PS4 Release

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Burning alive

The inFAMOUS: Second Son news just refuses to stop today. After Sony stated that it reckons the next-gen title will be the most successful entry in the series, it was revealed that the open world romp won't be getting a demo. Now, a live action ad for the game has popped up on YouTube in a flash of smoke.

The video in question may be a short one, but it captures what we've seen of the release rather well. However, Delsin's clearly taken the bad karma route this time around, as he's hunted down in an almost post-apocalyptic city. Still, we're liking this live action approach to trailers that Sony seems quite fond of, especially when they manage to get the ol' hype pumping through our veins. Do you plan on tearing Seattle to bits later this month? Ignite in the comments section below.

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ztpayne7 said:

Are live action trailers very effective? They don't do much for me (even if they're cool)



PocketPenguin said:

I love live action trailers. And Sony has been putting out quite a few really good ones lately.



DoublezZ01 said:

Gonna go slap some more cash down on my pre order when I go get my gold Wireless later today! !!



Gamer83 said:

For some reason my anticipation for this game has died down. I'll be picking it up day one but the hype isn't there for me like for the first two. I partly blame Sony because while MS is busy throwing a party for Titanfall, Sony is releasing the same pieces of gameplay for inFamous and the people playing it don't do anything to make it seem exciting. I'm still confident the game will be good but the hype just aint there. I'm more excited for Batman: Arkham Knight and all we have is a CG trailer. And just so there's no question about it, I'm not looking forward to Titanfall myself- don't care for games with mechs- but others are hyped for it and it's in large part because MS and EA have done a great job marketing it.



InsertNameHere said:

Sony has been on a marketing roll lately and this is probably their best trailer yet, it's no wonder there's so much hype for this game. I wonder how they plan on promoting The Order: 1886 and DriveClub, I'm so hyped.



Jazzer94 said:

Really impressive trailer in my opinion I didn't find it cheesy at all which can be a problem with live action game trailers.



Ryno said:

I don't understand the point of live action trailers for video games but then again I don't really like realistic type games anyway.

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