"Why have you forsaken me"

Better put those neon glow sticks down, because you won't be partying with an InFAMOUS: Second Son demo any time soon. With the game set to release in just a couple of weeks, brand development director Ken Schramm has told Videogamer.com that there are no plans for a bite-sized trial of the super powered sequel.

"It's hard to have a demo with an open world game to be honest with you," Schramm stated to the the publication, despite the fact that the game's older PlayStation 3 brothers both received their own demos. "You what, pick two missions out of the whole thing then you give them a little slice of the world, you gotta make all these walls? I don't think [having a demo] does justice to an open-world game," he explained. Has this change of heart put you off Delsin's adventure, or have you already pre-ordered? Tag us in the comments section below.

[source videogamer.com, via neogaf.com]