Infamous Neon

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sony has stated that it reckons super powered sequel InFAMOUS: Second Son will be the most successful entry into Sucker Punch's series. Speaking with MCV, SCE UK product manager Josh Walker said that the company is "excited by the level of pre-orders which are exceeding that of The Last of Us at this point in the run up to its launch."

Indeed, despite Naughty Dog's grim apocalyptic tale's popularity, it's looking like Delsin's romp through Seattle is outpacing the PlayStation 3 title when it comes to pre-orders in the same time frame. Walker goes on to say that "We can already see it benefiting from the goodwill and of buzz surrounding the PlayStation 4 and expect Second Son to be the biggest game in the Infamous series to date.” We think that he'll probably be proven right on that point, as the release certainly seems to be keeping the hype train rolling on the way to its March 21st launch date. Do you have high hopes for the next-gen title? Light up the comments section with neon trails below.

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