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PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Keeps Things Simple in First Commercial

Posted by Sammy Barker

Smells like teen spirit

Sometimes a game has the power to sell itself, and that’s certainly the case with impending PlayStation 4 exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son. Much like the system that it's on, Sony’s marketing team has gone right back to basics with this 30-second European television spot for the impending superhero title, showing protagonist Delsin Rowe blasting up Sucker Punch’s meticulous re-imagining of Seattle, and, well, not a lot else.

We still reckon that the studio would benefit from revealing a set-piece or two just to ramp up hype ahead of the sequel’s release next month, but this advert should very much hit the spot if the platform holder plays it in the right places. After all, given that the series has never been an especially enormous seller, we reckon that it deserves a shot in the spotlight. Whether or not it can fight off the inevitable Titanfall hype machine remains to be seen, though.


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Dodoo said:

"Smells like teen spirit"

Would be cool if this game had a 90's grunge sound track, seeing as it's based in Seattle and all...



get2sammyb said:

@Dodoo I've been thinking the exact same thing. Huge missed opportunity if they haven't licensed a handful of Nirvana songs, which it seems like they haven't...



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Well, at least one Nirvana song was in some trailers, so maybe there's hope.

Man, I can't believe Smells like teen spirit came out such a long time ago. Old. Me.



DoublezZ01 said:

I'm expecting this commercial to aire soon just as much as the taco bell commercial did



charlesnarles said:

@Reverend_Skeeve @get2sammyb @Dodoo Probably the best 3 piece band in the world. There's lots of super rockin riffs and screams for the actiony exploding punches over buildings (Aero Zeppelin; Scentless Apprentice; Endless, Nameless; Tourette's; Milk It) and on the flip side there are really fun poppy headbangers for being a hooligan (Mr. Mustache; Serve The Servants; Swap Meet; In Bloom; etc.). But yeah it's coming out pretty soon, so oops lol



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@charlesnarles Agreed. They had an unbelievable energy and creativity. Most songs use the same chords, but it's how they're used. Still love their music until this day.

Besides, Dave Grohl is still an absolute animal of a drummer, as he was back then, and seems to be an all-around awesome guy. Not that he isn't also a very good guitar player...bloody multi-talented man!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@charlesnarles @Reverend_Skeeve @get2sammyb @Dodoo dudes, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters. Nirvana aren't the only decent band out of Seattle. I've seen Alice in Chains live a couple of times and I'd love to see Soundgarden and Pear Jam. All of this Music I hope is in the game. If not then we should start a petition for Seattle Rock Radio DLC?



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@RyoHazuki Never said that they were the only decent one, just agreed they were one of the best. The ones you named are awesome as well...and Foo Fighters is Dave Grohls present band, so...

@Fire-and-Water Indeed they are the 60s, 70s and 80s...but that doesn't mean I can't still enjoy the music from back then.



Savino said:

Looks good but I am not hyped yet...

The gameplay is still something from the last gen... I really dont see nothing that Sands out apart from graphics and FX!

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