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Ethics have always played a pivotal part in Sucker Punch’s superhero series, but upcoming PlayStation 4 sequel inFAMOUS: Second Son will attempt to up the stakes by making you the architect of the entire cast's moral compass. Take protagonist Delsin Rowe down a dark path, and supporting stars such as the feisty Fetch will end up following you down it, adapting the types of missions that you’ll encounter later in the game. Assume the role of a good guy, however, and you'll stand a chance of changing the course of your hot-headed accomplice.

“Fetch is kind of on the knife’s edge,” creative director Nate Fox told PlayStation Nation in a video interview. “She has these violent tendencies, and as a player you can either stoke the fire of those traits and turn her into a ruthless killer, or you can go the other direction and be a hero and try to redeem her. So, you can choose to show her a way in which the conduits and humans can live together. Is that a subtle comment about something else in life?”

Of course, the path that you choose will not just depend on key narrative decisions, but also the way in which you play. Each of your powers – of which only smoke and neon have so far been announced – will augment you with different options in combat. You can, for example, vaporize antagonists using your smoke abilities, or simply impede them by wrapping their ankles in neon and sparing their lives. These are all moment-to-moment options that have appeared in the series before, but here the developer’s aiming to emphasise them by using the supporting cast as an, ahem, conduit for your actions.

Are you still eagerly anticipating Sucker Punch’s latest superhero escapade? Which path do you intend to take on your first playthrough? Choose between good and evil in the comments section below.

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