It seems that you're going to have to keep a close eye on your storage space on the PlayStation 4 – just look at our recent reports on the large mandatory installs for next-gen games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Knack. With such huge installs, the black box's 500GB of internal storage is beginning to look smaller and smaller, and a report from Kotaku reveals that space may be even more limited than we assumed.

Twitter user CJ was lucky enough to receive his PS4 early, and has been tweeting out a smorgasbord of interesting information about the upcoming system. One picture shows his console's internal storage without any games installed and – you may want to sit down before you keep reading – the internal memory sits at a diminutive 408GB.

That's right, the PS4's firmware guzzles a massive 92 GB of the console's hard drive, which, by Kotaku's calculations, will leave room for approximately 14 game installs. This should theoretically keep you afloat for a while, but if you're like us and plan on playing everything that the new machine has to offer, you'll probably want to invest in a new hard drive. The other option is to be utterly ruthless with your space, but we feel that uninstalling that adorable tyke Knack is just too cold-blooded. Will you be picking up some more memory for your PS4? We request a mandatory install of your opinions in the comments section below.