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Your 500GB PS4 Is Essentially a 400GB PS4

Posted by Kell Andersen


It seems that you're going to have to keep a close eye on your storage space on the PlayStation 4 – just look at our recent reports on the large mandatory installs for next-gen games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Knack. With such huge installs, the black box's 500GB of internal storage is beginning to look smaller and smaller, and a report from Kotaku reveals that space may be even more limited than we assumed.

Twitter user CJ was lucky enough to receive his PS4 early, and has been tweeting out a smorgasbord of interesting information about the upcoming system. One picture shows his console's internal storage without any games installed and – you may want to sit down before you keep reading – the internal memory sits at a diminutive 408GB.

That's right, the PS4's firmware guzzles a massive 92 GB of the console's hard drive, which, by Kotaku's calculations, will leave room for approximately 14 game installs. This should theoretically keep you afloat for a while, but if you're like us and plan on playing everything that the new machine has to offer, you'll probably want to invest in a new hard drive. The other option is to be utterly ruthless with your space, but we feel that uninstalling that adorable tyke Knack is just too cold-blooded. Will you be picking up some more memory for your PS4? We request a mandatory install of your opinions in the comments section below.


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MANTAGTJ001 said:

Already got a 2tb in users should already know to get a big drive....never mind mandatory installs ....



InsertNameHere said:

I plan on downloading all the F2P titles that Sony is offering, so this doesn't matter to me because I was going to swap in a 1TB HDD.



elocinkrob said:

What kind of hard drive can I use? Can I just get a regular internal hard drive that fits.



elocinkrob said:

does anyone know a good website to buy something bigger than 1tb perferibly 2tb or even 3tb



elocinkrob said:

alright i thought it had to be a something above sata l, thank you for the help, i want to buy one but i dont want to get something so cheap its garbage



Heshmagray said:

Hi guys!

First time time poster, but I've been on the site for ages! Just got to say it's an awesome site and my go-to-site for all things PlayStation

Anyways on topic, I've been planning on getting a bigger HDD for my PS4 as I have PS+ since the start of it and I'm having to delete games even on my 640GB HDD. I was thinking about 1TB but I'm thinking it may be too small still.

So does anybody know where I can purchase a 1.5TB or 2TB hard drive. I know the 2TB isn't out yet so do we know the release date? I'd rather wait a few months and get a bigger one than just a 1TB now and then it fill up quickly.




Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Heshmagray Hey Ash, and welcome as a poster!

I agree with you that 1TB is too small if one goes through the hustle of changing the HDD in the first place, so I'm aiming for at least 2TB. The Seagate I posted up there is the first 2TB HDD that would fit into the PS4, afaik. There's no release date yet, but I'd guess it launches soon, so you should be good until your 500GB HDD runs out of space.

I don't know where you live, but Amazon sells 1.5TB drives that fit. This one, for example.

Personally, I'd wait for a 2TB model, though...should be big enough to hold lots of PSN downloads and also the 4-5 disk-installs one might playing at any particular time.




charlesnarles said:

dude, no physical drive can be 100% used regardless of whether it has an installed OS, from floppy diskettes to SSDs. : ) I expected a bigger chunk to go to virtual memory/critical system files than this anyhow. I think we should all wait for a 2tb drive to be cheaper and maybe even hybridized. My opinion could change quickly if there ends up being a buch of free stuff worth getting



Tasuki said:

I dont plan on upgrading one right now so I think I will just wait and see how fast I go through the existing amount and by that time a 2 TB should be available.



drumsandperc92 said:

i was so stoked to hear the ps4 was launching with a 500gb hdd, i mean the last console i bought was the original X360 w/ a 20gb hdd!
but then i read about the fact that every game, regardless if u have the physical disc, needs to install the entire thing on the hdd....
and now i read that we are losing another 100gb to firmware or whatever.
it looks like nearly every PS4 user will have to update the hdd.
thing is, we're not all techies so i hope it's easy enough, but one of the most useful things about consoles is to be able to buy the box and not have to tinker with it!
it's REALLY disappointing that PS4 doesn't allow external hdd. they could do it too, with USB 3.0. idk about it, but i would guess that USB 3.0 hdd read times would still be faster than the bluray read times from disc?



rjejr said:

500GB HDD always start out at 465GB - most important point nobody here has mentioned yet.

Well this is timely, just yesterday I asked how much space out of the 500 would be available.

"Just out of curiosity, anybody know what is actually available on the PS4 500GB? I think when I installed a 500GB into my PS3 it was about 475Gb. I never cared w/ the PS3, I've always had about 180GB free, but this does sound like it could become a serious issue in a year."

Gotta say, answer is a bit worse than I thought, I was thinking 450ish. No way that's mostly OS though. Formatting always eats up a few GB, and 500GB is only 465GB I think anyway. But 408GB doe sseem low. They might as well advertise it as 400GB to le tpeopel think they are getting 8GB free. That's an entire Wii U Basic.



EyeDeeNO76 said:

@rjejr One thing you may have forgot is the PS3 hard drive is FAT32 formatted. I do not know but I hope the PS4 will use NTFS and tighten things up.



elocinkrob said:

There’s no price available for the drives just yet, but I’d ballpark the 2TB drive around $200. thats something i read about that hard drive



rjejr said:

@EyeDeeNO76 - I didn't think it's so much about the formatting as the bad math.

Layman's terms:

1 GB = 1024MB but HDD are always sold as 1000MB = 1GB

500,000MB / 1000MB = 500GB sold as
500,000MB / 1024MB = 488GB reality

The formatting does bring the 488 down to 465, but even unformatted it would still be 488.

Here's a more scientific Wiki explanation:



Heshmagray said:

@Reverend_Skeeve Cheers for the info man I think I'll wait for a bit though , at least till the new year to see what I can get.

@elocinkrob If what you say turns out to be true I don't think I'm going to spend that much on a HDD (I'm from Engalnd btw so around ~£124), do you think it will come down in price quick or not?



Jacowaco1556 said:

Say i put in a new hardrive will all previous game saves be deleted or is there a way to transfer them also say for games like gta 5 character transer will i neeed to do that again seeing as though it only works once

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