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GamesCom 2013: Sony Reveals Free-to-Play Creation Tool LittleBigPlanet Hub

Posted by Katy Ellis

Cheap as chips

Sony has announced a brand new, free-to-play creation tool from the universe of LittleBigPlanet. LittleBigPlanet Hub allows players to create their own game levels, kit out their Sack-things with new costumes, and share their gaming experiences with friends.

While crafting your own stages and browsing through players' creations online may seem like old news for LittleBigPlanet players, it's likely that Sony will disclose more information about how LittleBigPlanet Hub differs from the rest of the franchise very soon.

The digital download's due out on the PS3 later this year.

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rjejr said:

Is anybody there being driven crazy yet keeping track of whats new for PS3, PS4, Vita or some combination thereof?

The PS2 to PS3 transition seemed much more obvious.

LBP Hub has a nice ring to it. Free is good.



Grockumus said:

@rjejr Yes, it's driving me crazy as well.
Also, I frowned at the fact that they weren't announcing LittleBigPlanet 3, or at least a new exclusive IP for PS4 from Media Molecule.



WispMetas said:

What is this? A free online mode? Really please someone explain XD I didnt understand X)



MadchesterManc said:

@WispMetas From what Ive gathered its LBP..but free..I think..maybe? lol It sounds like they are basically giving th toolset for creating content away for free and allowing people to share content too. Ithink you have to pay for certain things still, but the core toolset nd content is free.



ShogunRok said:

It never occurred to me before, but LBP is perfect for free-to-play. Like almost too perfect.



irken004 said:

Sounded to me like it's the create and share/play modes gone free-to-play. Which is neat because the custom levels can be better than the singleplayer levels.



ThreadShadow said:

I like the idea of getting the creation tools in a stand alone package. I'd like to see inFamous 2 "Hub" now.

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