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Razer's Boss Cuts PS3 to Shreds, Explains Lack of Support

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hardware manufacturer skips system because it's not a fan

If you’re hoping to snap up some Razer accessories for your PlayStation 3, then you’re bang out of luck – the third-party manufacturer doesn’t support Sony’s console because its gaffer isn’t a fan of the platform. Writing on Twitter earlier in the week, Min-Liang Tan explained that "one of the big reasons why we don't make PlayStation accessories is because I don't really spend time with mine”.

Fortunately, the executive has not ruled out support for the PlayStation 4 in the future. “We'll definitely be looking at the PS4, but no promises there,” he said. “I've got high hopes for the [console] – at least from what we saw at E3.” Let’s hope that his DualShock 4 doesn’t end up coated in dust, then, huh?


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Snorky said:

Personally I'm fine using the dual shock. Part of the reason people use razors is so they don't need to deal with the constant battery replacement on the xbox ._.



Ginkgo said:

With a business strategy like that the guy deserves to be bankrupt.



Paranoimia said:

Who? Never heard of them. But then I've never seen much point in 3rd-party peripherals for Sony's consoles, as the originals are always the best.

That said, this seems like an utterly moronic business decision. A bit like Michelin not making tyres for a Ford Focus because the big boss doesn't like them.



Scollurio said:

Lol Razer products are overpriced pieces of crap anyways. A while back when I was getting stuff for my PC rig to play with 2 Razer keyboards never worked and one mouse broke on me after 2 month. Razer? Never again, thanks.



ViciousDS said:

Razer lost its touch years ago, now they just make a $2800 laptop that really should only cost $1300, and of course an insanely priced tabelet at like $1200 which again you can buy a beast of a laptop and one hell of a desktop at that price point. Razer is no longer "by Gamers, For Gamers" there product quality has gone to crap and they to me are no longer relevant, the only thing I need to find a replacement for is my mouse but none have the feeling of my original deathadder.



AaronYeager said:

If i were Sony, after those comments I wouldn't even let Razor develop for PS4 even if they wanted too. That's some BS.



FullbringIchigo said:

looks like he's putting his personal feelings before that of his business, not a good move and boasting about it on twitter, i think someone [like his investors] needs to have words with him



Beaston61 said:

I never have or will buy a Razer product.
I have friends that have spent alot of money on overpriced PC peripherals... for what? Having used some of the most expensive mice, keyboards and headsets they have to offer... I really cant see the appeal.



IAmNotWill said:

Don't really care honestly. The only 3rd Party peripheral manufacturer I mess with is Nyko. Otherwise, I buy the official stuff for my systems.



Tasuki said:

I use the the Razer Naga on my computer mainly for World of Warcraft. Its the best gaming mouse I have ever owned. However I can't see me using it on a home console system.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Not supporting a platform that sells/sold millions because yours gathers dust sounds like an awesome way to make money.

I'm sure they still make solid products from but I think now a days they're more like Bose and other high-end brands that are just as much for bragging rights as anything else.

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