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Don't Worry, the PlayStation 4 Probably Won't Overheat

Posted by Sammy Barker

Phew, that's a relief

We’re suffering an uncharacteristic heat wave here in the UK at the moment, and that’s raised some questions about the PlayStation 4’s ability to efficiently cool itself. While the console has been lauded for its slender design, any kind of hardware hiccups could instantly undo all of the goodwill that the manufacturer’s built up over the past six months. Fortunately, lead architect Mark Cerny doesn’t foresee any issues.

“I think that it will be fine," the industry legend told Game Reactor International. "They know how to design the console so that it doesn't overheat. If you notice that the PS4 is smaller, it's because power consumption is less – simple as that."

While we trust the words of Cerny implicitly, we suspect that the weeks immediately after the console’s release will be somewhat nerve-racking for Sony’s engineers. The platform holder generally produces high-quality hardware, but there’s always a risk that something could go wrong – especially given the pressures associated with a major system launch. Keep everything crossed.


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InsertNameHere said:

The DS4 is really starting to grow on me. I already thought it looked good lying down or at an angle, but now it's starting to look pretty good while facing forward - to me at least.



Kayoss said:

it seems that Sony has learn its lesson but we have to see. I cant say the same for Microsoft so far.



rjejr said:

Maybe that's why systems are launched in Nov. and not the hot summer months?



Paranoimia said:

That is perhaps my one concern with PS4 - the size of the box in relation to the power within. It's clearly got substantial venting, but just how big is the cooling fan, considering everything else that's in there?

Never had a problem with PS3 though. My launch 60GB was still going strong when I got the Slim. I still have it, boxed in the spare room. Need to dig it out, check it over and sell it.



ObviouslyAdachi said:

My PS2 overheats, so we stood it up on some Legos to elevate it and put fans under and around it. It was my little cousin's idea and it works.



charlesnarles said:

@Paranoimia yeah, the exhaust vent is big enough, it better not overheat. I got a launch 60 too, but mine always overheated and then got the YLOD but "only" $150 later, Sony put new heat pads and paste in and now I can even play Fallout NV without (many) freezes. (Oh, and the big-assed fan on the back probably has a lot to do with it) I really have high hopes tho. My ASUS laptop runs über-modded Skyrim at around 115 degrees, so the tech is definitely there to implement.



Zombie_Barioth said:

This time around both Sony and Mircrosoft are using AMD's APUs rather than the usual power pc or modern desktop hardware, that'll make a big difference in the amount of heat compared to current gen consoles. They shouldn't have much trouble unless they decided to use a dedicated GPU over the on-board one.



LampShade said:

He THINKS it will be fine, what a way to build up your product, we can put on a new roof and.i.can ALMOST grantee it won't leak, poor choice of words

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