If you thought that last year’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was really scraping the bottom of the figurative barrel, then thank your lucky stars that Assassin’s Creed: Duel never saw the light of day. A NeoGAF poster discovered the attached concept art on the personal portfolio of Benoit Perreault, a former Ubisoft employee who now works for Eidos.

The images appear to hint at a two-dimensional brawler, which was apparently targeting digital platforms such as the PlayStation Network. Fighters supposedly included Assassin’s Creed favourites such as Ezio, Altair, and Desmond, as well as other Ubisoft protagonists like Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell), Jade (Beyond Good & Evil), and, er, Rayman.

Each picture stresses that this is “not an actual game”, so it’s likely that these are either really early concepts or the product of a desperate brainstorming session. Either way, we suspect that the project was cancelled a long time ago – if it even got properly started at all. Is this something that you’d have been interested in playing? We’re going to guess not.

[via benoitperreault.com, neogaf.com]