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PlayStation Vita Sales Surpass 62,000 Units in Japan Post Price Cut

Posted by Sammy Barker

Onwards and upwards

PlayStation Vita sales surged to 62,543 units in Japan following last week’s price cut. The system – which saw its cost slashed to ¥19,980 on 28th February – sold out in some stores, prompting SCEJ executive Hiroshi Kawano to hint that sales had quadrupled. However, the system actually performed better than the 40k figure that the executive insinuated, proving that there’s still life in the system yet.

Of course, the boost means very little at this stage. The key test for Sony’s struggling handheld will be if it can settle at a sustainable level. Soul Sacrifice is poised to release next week, which could give the platform another bump. Hopefully it’s sales start to stabilise beyond that point.


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Gamer83 said:

Hopefully not just a one or two week thing, the Vita is a good enough system that it should at least be reaching these numbers consistenly.



rastamadeus said:

About time but it was bound to happen due to the much needed price cut and everybody in Japan already owning a 3DS.



Blaze said:

Now just do the same thing in the West. If Sony can get similar sales in NA and Europe, the Vita will be the best selling console worldwide, not just in Japan. But this is good news, obviously~



belmont said:

That's good, I like my Vita very much. Now I wait for Dead or Alive and anticipate some more rpg games that will come if it keeps selling well in Japan.



Ginkgo said:

Vita just needs some momentum. Hope this is the start of something.



AVahne said:

You gotta add the 3DS model sales together. It's higher than the Vita, but Vita's selling VERY well now after that price cut. Now if only there's a price cut over here as well, AND if only Sony cuts the price of those ridiculously overpriced memory cards.



hamispink said:

To those demanding a memory card price cut, I don't think it's going to happen. The point of the high prices is to offset the cost of manufacturing the vita itself, and a price drop on the system will only increase the need for this practice. Also, the number of people who would buy a vita and even know about the memory card prices is small. To the mass market, all that matters is the base price, the accessories don't really become a factor until after the sale is made. The Xbox's success is proof of that with it's insanely priced hard drives.

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