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Sony's Bundling Games with PlayStation Vita Memory Cards

Posted by Sammy Barker

Added value

The price of PlayStation Vita memory cards remains a sore point for some people. While the system itself is not particularly expensive for what you get, the storage options – which range anywhere from £15/$20 to £60/$100 – are prohibitively costly. However, it seems that Sony’s hoping to mitigate that issue by bundling digital games alongside the extortionate memory solutions.

Reddit user Lokarnus snapped an image of a 16GB Vita memory card which includes a voucher for ModNation Racers: Road Trip as part of the package. The bundle appears to be exclusive to continental Europe at the moment; it’s listed on Dutch website, for example, but we can’t find it on any of the main UK or North American retailers. The aforementioned online shop is also selling an 8GB memory card alongside MotorStorm RC.

At €54.99 (£47/$72) and €39.99 (£34/$52) respectively, the packages don’t represent an enormous saving – but if Sony’s smart with this strategy, it could at least make the price of its memory cards a smidgeon more palatable.


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meldarion said:

that's a nice thing finally i needed another card after filling my 4gb and 8 gb quickly from ps+ offers and dlc's I was planning to buy a 16gb one. I would have preferred lower prices but I was going to buy mod nation racer anyway just to try it out so having it included with the card is a nice thing



WCamicase said:

This is not really new, when I got my Vita I got a 16GB card that came with the golf game (Hot Shots is it? Or everybodies Golf? LOL)
It had various cards to choose from, I wanted LBP but it was only on 32GB cards D:
BTW I got my Vita a bit over than a month now
EDIT: I'm from Portugal if you are asking LOL



hYdeks said:

nice idea, but I still rather they just lower the memory card prices.



kivi95 said:

Sony really don't get it.... We want cheaper prices and ALOT bigger Memory cards. 32GB is a joke.



get2sammyb said:

@kivi95 I really think this about appeasing retailers. Shops make no money on you buying digital games, so what incetive is there for them to carry cheap memory cards with little profit margin?



irken004 said:

I would have gone for a 16gb card if it came with a download of Uncharted



Zombie_Barioth said:

If they can't/won't lower the price then this would be a good way to add value to those over priced memory cards, and maybe get more people interested in digital purchases.

It would be nice if they added some variety to the bundles too.




Got a 32GB from ebay for £50.00- the shocking thing STILL is that -that is a 'good deal'.
I'll keep the 4GB and maybe chuck a movie or some tunes on it.
Bundling games is a good plan though.

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