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ModNation Racers: Road Trip (PlayStation Vita)

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ModNation™ Racers: Road Trip for the PS Vita system brings endless hours of Kart racing to players’ fingertips, where creativity rules on and off the track.

Get on the starting grid of over 500,000 tracks available online, or just race in the competitive circuit. Race with a new set of controls enhanced with the PS Vita’s array of features, including touch control and social media tools like ModExplorer.


  • Race, Create, Share Evolved - All the features that made the original ModNation™ Racers for the PS3™ system so great are enhanced with PS Vita controls.
  • Mod your Mod – Full featured customization of all your Mods, Karts, and Tracks through front-touch interface.
  • On the Road Rewards via ModExplorer – Take your Mod’s on the road, take photos with them in the foreground at exotic locations or just your favorite hangout spots, and post them to Facebook. When you travel with your PS Vita, ModExplorer keeps track of your miles and rewards you for it. Check in at pre-determined Points of Interests and unlock rare items that you can use in your personal creations.
  • Access to All Tracks – ModNation Racers: Road Trip allows you to access and enjoy over 500,000 UGC tracks (and growing), wherever you are.
  • CREATE Made Easier With Draw Mode – With PS Vita’s front touch interface, the game’s Draw Mode makes creating tracks as simple as dragging your finger on the screen and drawing the track you desire.

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Posted by Christopher Ingram

Go-kartin' with a creative touch

“Let’s go on a road trip!” The thoughts of the adventures just waiting to be explored sends you rapidly packing and out onto the open roads. But once the adventure starts you soon realise that even though you're having fun, in the rush you’ve left...

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Jfilesguy said:

Oooh, Mario Kart clone, too bad there's no online :(

Am I the only one who thinks this should have called "Little Big Kart"?



MachineLaw said:

Although at least it's a good Mario Kart clone, what it lacks in personality it makes up with the customization. I do agree they should've taken the time to make it online.

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