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Rumour: Could Mutant Mudds Be Switching Planes on PS Vita?

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Stranger things have happened

You might be familiar with Mutant Mudds, the platformer from Renegade Kid that's seen a run on not only the Nintendo 3DS, but also PC and iPhone. According to a reliable source close to the developer, a port to the PlayStation Vita is being seriously considered at the moment.

The retro-themed release puts you in control of a rocket propelled protagonist named Max, who's able to jump between the foreground and background of environments by stepping on orange jump pads. We've embedded a trailer below to help give you a better feel for the gameplay.

Would you like to see Mutant Mudds made available on the PlayStation Vita system? Let us hear your thoughts.

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hYdeks said:

yes I would, I loved this game when I did have a 3DS. It'll loose alil something thanks to no 3d, but the game will still be great on vita



Slapshot said:

Or better yet - does the PlayStation Vita need Mutant Mudds?

**** yeah it does!



Squiggle55 said:

I think I would actually buy it again for trophies. Especially if there was a little bit of new content and psn leaderboards.



ohhaime said:

I'd be nice if you didn't own a 3DS but the game looks so amazing in 3D I don't think I would even consider a Vita version.



Stuffgamer1 said:

"A reliable source close to the developer." This, written by a man who has worked directly with them. None too subtle there, buddy.

Of course, you might recall my opinion of the game, and I was sorely disappointed. Somehow, I don't much see a Vita port improving that situation much.



Dambuster said:

After all the hype of this on 3ds, I got very board very quickly. So I won't be getting this for vita.



Tony_342 said:

I think Mutant Mudds is still the best game available on the 3DS eShop (excluding retail downloads). I don't have a Vita, but I'm looking forward to Mutant Mudds Deluxe on Wii U (and the inevitable sequel).

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