Sony has patented a product called the Hybrid Separable Motion Controller. While it may sound like a fancy gizmo, it actually amounts to little more than a DualShock 3 controller that snaps in half. Oh, and it’s got PlayStation Move bobbles bunged on top.

The registration – which was filed in May last year and published on 13th November – explains that each half of the controller includes a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer. That’s in addition to rumble, traditional button inputs, and a speaker. Stay away Nintendo fans.

One image shows extended grips that resemble the infamous banana controller from the original PlayStation 3 reveal. We assume that the added length is designed to help with grip, though the patent does continue that a textured surface could be applied to stop you from whacking your Dad during a particularly heated round of Start the Party.

The gaming applications aren’t really discussed in the patent, but they’re pretty self explanatory. We always thought that the standard PlayStation Move controller should have included an analogue stick on the shaft, so this seems like a natural evolution – even if it does look bloody awful.