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Sony Patents Bizarre Break Apart DualShock Controller

Posted by Sammy Barker

Shake it all about

Sony has patented a product called the Hybrid Separable Motion Controller. While it may sound like a fancy gizmo, it actually amounts to little more than a DualShock 3 controller that snaps in half. Oh, and it’s got PlayStation Move bobbles bunged on top.

The registration – which was filed in May last year and published on 13th November – explains that each half of the controller includes a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer. That’s in addition to rumble, traditional button inputs, and a speaker. Stay away Nintendo fans.

One image shows extended grips that resemble the infamous banana controller from the original PlayStation 3 reveal. We assume that the added length is designed to help with grip, though the patent does continue that a textured surface could be applied to stop you from whacking your Dad during a particularly heated round of Start the Party.

The gaming applications aren’t really discussed in the patent, but they’re pretty self explanatory. We always thought that the standard PlayStation Move controller should have included an analogue stick on the shaft, so this seems like a natural evolution – even if it does look bloody awful.


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ohhaime said:

I really like this idea looking at it from the point of buying extra controllers. It seems like it could be somewhat cost effective if it wasn't priced much higher then a DS3.
You would only need one controller that could act as a dual shock, A Move & Nav or as two Moves.

It does look like it might be a feel unbalanced when broken apart though.It would probably be tough to get the weight distributed right.



Paranoimia said:

Hmm. The more I think about it, the cooler it becomes. With DualShock3's still costing around £30, one of these priced at around £50 would be great. A DualShock and two Move's/Move+Nav for £50 would be great value.

As @ohhaime says, it could be a little unbalanced if they aren't careful - but with extended grips (not too long, mind... give them a rubber coating) and the rumble motors in those handles, it should be okay.



rjejr said:

Does it say how the 2 halves are connected together? Would be nice if it was a strong magnet so you could easily take them apart for Move controls but then snap them back to grab a drink or snack with a free hand.

I thought since the Wii came out 6 years ago that there should be a way to have both good motion controls and a good standard controller in one - hated looking around with the D-pad on the Wiimote - so I'm just surprised it's taken so long for them to patent this. Oh, and leaving motion out of the Nav sucked, otherwise they could have done the Figth with only 1 Move.

And remember, no matter how ugly this thing may be, it's way better looking than that steering wheel that should have been a bow.



ohhaime said:

@rjejr The drawing show three different way they might be attached.
one shows a peg and hole system, another shows a dovetail sliding system and another shows a thing that I'm not sure what it's called but you basically put two hooks into slots then twist to lock them in place.



Jaz007 said:

If this is refined enough somehow it would be awsome, espcially if they combined it with their other neat controller patents. Though I'm not really sure how they will make it all work, it probably is possible.



Ginkgo said:

Although I don't think that this controller would work well, I have believed for a long time that they should add a stick to their move controllers. This is kinda that same idea, just shaping them as an attachable DS3.

The point being that the motion controls (glowy ball thingys) need to be free to represent both hands in 1:1, while the two sticks take control of motion (left one for feet and the right one for head/camera). So add the glowy ball to the Nav Controller and add a stick to the Move Controller.

At the moment games need to decide if they want you to hold 2 Move controllers or 1 Move and 1 Nav. The idea above combines both options. Imagine Spider Man. Both hands work 1:1 with Motion controls for firing webs, while you still have two sticks for running and looking.



dmmp1234 said:

The only issue I see is How would you hold one Move half in 2 hands?
Say for golf, or batting or anything else like that. The Move is designed for a reason.
Also what happens if you have larger hands? It would have to be pretty long.

Could be done but the design would have to be done just right. So it could actually replace either the Move or Dual Shock without losing features or benefits of the traditional design.

Would be great thou!



Zombie_Barioth said:

Not sure about the ps move part I like that the controller comes apart. I've always wanted a one handed controller for RPGs and other slow-paced games, in fact one of my favorite things about the GBC was it was small enough to play one-handed.

I have a snakebyte controller (the FFXIV one) and its pretty comfortable, so I would say an extended dualshock would work well.

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