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Mon 8th Nov 2010

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dmmp1234 commented on E3 2016: Stop Complaining About PlayStation VR...:

I just tried it!!!!!!! IT'S UNREAL!!!! I tried "Heist" and I can't even comprehend how amazing and futuristic the experience was, how it sent me to another place.
You appear in a SUV with a hitman guy in a suit driving it. You use a move controller in each hand as your hands. They worked PERFECTLY 1-1 movement!!! The attention to detail in the SUV was insane!!! You could open the glove box, the doors, the visors, Grab objects like sodas. You can lean out the open door. After the hitman kicked out the Windshield I stood up in the car and leaned out and looked back. It freaked me out like I was going 90mph down the highway! Then a guy appeared on the dash and you used your right hand to pick up clips and pop them in the gun in your left hand!!!!
Your virtual hands were at the perfect distance like real life. It's hard to explain how real it was, but I was not in that GameStop anymore, I was in a SUV in a gun battle.
Btw the Headset was lightweight, The sound was amazing in 3d, and the graphics looked sharp and clear!!!! It's an INSTANT day 1 buy!!!



dmmp1234 commented on PS4's Virtual Reality Headset May Just Be Reve...:

This could change EVERYTHING if done the right way.
It has to be supported fully. And if it doesn't strain your eyes it could be used to watch movies too. Will it track your head in 3d space? How exceptional is the experience? Good enough to use it before your tv every time?
Price, implementation, support.. Especially since the Oculus Rift is right around the corner..



dmmp1234 commented on What Can You Use PS4 Voice Commands For?:

I hope we'll be able to control the dual shock with this. For instance- "Turn right one degree, strafe forward 2 steps, jump, shoot, turn right 2 degrees now left 50 degrees".



dmmp1234 commented on Sony Patents Bizarre Break Apart DualShock Con...:

The only issue I see is How would you hold one Move half in 2 hands?
Say for golf, or batting or anything else like that. The Move is designed for a reason.
Also what happens if you have larger hands? It would have to be pretty long.

Could be done but the design would have to be done just right. So it could actually replace either the Move or Dual Shock without losing features or benefits of the traditional design.

Would be great thou!



dmmp1234 commented on Preview: Hitting Some Winners with Sports Cham...:

Sounds like your saying it has a more realistic depiction to everything. I would like the game to be deeper though than just games that are more like mini-games to show off the capability of the Move Controller. This game is too good!



dmmp1234 commented on Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 (PlayStation 3):

Move Controls last year people overall online: Majorly bad!
Move Controls this year people overall online: Great!!

It's almost 4 times better than Wii in every way. It could use some tuning but everything is proportional making the whole thing play natural!



dmmp1234 commented on Sony Admits that It Could Have Done Better wit...:

Three games are going to Fully Utilize the Move coming up here- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, MLB The Show and Sorcery. They will be must have Move games, ones we are waiting for!
You want to see what Move is capable of and Should have been from the start.