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Tue 13th Jul 2010

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Hokori commented on Sony Ceases PlayStation 2 Shipments in Japan:

Before I moved onto Nintendo, I used to play a lot of Ratchet and Clank, but now I'm going to try and pick up others for the system, I already have KH, FFXII, MGS 2 that id like to get into at some point, and I'd pick up a lot of games as well (that is if there isn't a 3DS/WiiU remake coming)



Hokori commented on Muramasa: The Demon Blade Stuns with Brief Vit...:

@Sanquine nintendoLife is a bit similar, but they are a lot harsher, but unlike them I'm coming here to see if there are games for PS3/V that I'm interested in (yes BTW MGS series, MH series, FF, SMT/Persona, KH just to name a few) and I have a PS2 and had a PSOne I like Sony, just not as much as Nintendo, and I hope one day they'll merge... Some how.....



Hokori commented on Talking Point: Does the PS4 Need to Do More Th...:

While I agree that Sonys finally making ips they didn't really that many to start with until mid PS2 era and Nintendo makes more then just there old ips
(Golden sun, chibi Robo, Ouendan, Daigasso band brothers, wii, brain age, pushmo, Sakura samurai, freaky forms, dillons rolling wester, tingle RPG, battalion wars, Baiton Kaitos, Xenoblade, the last story, Pandoras tower, ect.) and maiyamotos working on that new ip we know nothing about yet, Sony needs to make new ips or make more then an HD version of Ico and shadow of Collosus, I think if they made new series instead of all the HD remakes it would help (especially if they do a "super HD" or whatever, making the normal HD versions the same equivalent to SD, and I hope they don't just remake the games that are already in HD to super HD)



Hokori commented on Michael Pachter: PlayStation 4 Will Launch in ...:

@Kayoss Because they make new games, but the games could all be 8-bit for all I care! Also WiiU and wii are 2 entirely different consoles, it not just a wii with HD, just like the 3DS isn't just a DS with 3DS and how the PS2 wasn't just a PSOne with DVDs