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Japanese Sales Charts: Vita Stagnates

Posted by Sammy Barker

A familiar story

This week’s Japanese sales charts prove the nation is gripped in 3DS fever. After enduring a tepid start, Nintendo’s handheld has become something of an unstoppable force, dominating the software and hardware sales charts alike.

Meanwhile, the Vita continues to lurk beneath the decisive 10k units mark, selling 44 consoles less than the previous week. Sales for the PS3 and PSP also dipped.

Feel free to cover your eyes as we reveal the disappointing numbers below.


1. 3DS: 84,760 (63,796)
2. PS3: 16,390 (17,765)
3. PSP: 11,779 (13,166)
4. PSV: 8,206 (8,250)
5. Wii: 7,025 (6,837)
6. X360: 1,282 (1,373)
7. PS2: 1,172 (1,212)
8. DSi LL: 760 (800)
9. DSi: 516 (633)


1. [3DS] Fire Emblem Awakening (Nintendo, 04.19.2012): 242,600
2. [3DS] Code of Princess (Agatsuma, 04.19.2012): 19,554
3. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo, 11.03.2011): 14,491 (1,519,303)
4. [PSP] 2nd Super Robot Wars Z Saisei Volume (Namco Bandai, 04.05.2012): 13,560 (313,402)
5. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G (Capcom, 12.10.2011): 13,069 (1,403,296)
6. [3DS] Kingdom Hearts 3D (Square Enix, 03.29.2012): 12,881 (289,668)
7. [3DS] Kid Icarus Uprising (Nintendo, 03.22.2012): 10,915 (231,558)
8. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo, 11.03.2011): 10,892 (1,660,759)
9. [3DS] Chou Rich Tamagotchi Puchi Puchi Omisecchi (Namco Bandai, 04.19.2012): 8,453
10. [3DS] Detective Conan: Prelude From the Past (Namco Bandai, 04.19.2012): 8,312
11. [PS3] Pro Baseball Spirits 2012 (Konami, 03.29.2012): 7,954 (139,758)
12. [PSP] Pro Baseball Spirits 2012 (Konami, 03.29.2012): 7,833 (111,919)
13. [NDS] Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition (Pokemon, 03.17.2012): 6,976 (302,950)
14. [3DS] Mario & Sonic AT London Olympics (Nintendo, 03.01.2012): 6,104 (137,326)
15. [WII] Wii Sports Resort Wiimote Plus Pack (Nintendo, 11.11.2010): 4,567 (919,259)
16. [PSP] Seinarukana Oriharicon no Mei no Shita ni (Cyber Front, 04.19.2012): 4,406
17. [PSP] War in the North: Lord of the Rings (Warner, 04.19.2012): 4,199
18. [PSP] Detective Conan: Prelude From the Past (Namco Bandai, 04.19.2012): 4,037
19. [WII] Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, 08.04.2010): 3,967 (3,550,906)
20. [PSP] Miyako Awayuki no Utage (Idea Factory, 04.19.2012): 3,824


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Corbs said:

Those Vita sales are just downright sad. Hard to believe a system this powerful and functional is just languishing at the moment. Sony had better hope they have one hell of a Vita game lineup announcement at E3 or every developer and publisher outside of Sony will likely be dropping the Vita like a boiling-hot turd.



get2sammyb said:

@Corbs Bleh — it's not good, but I'm still not worried. Everyone that gets their hands on the device loves it, so it's clearly not a problem with the system itself. It's just a case of building up the right catalogue. It's still way too early to make any knee-jerk reactions.

The biggest issue as far as I'm concerned is the PSP's continued popularity. Sony needs to try and encourage developers to shift resources onto the new platform.



Squiggle55 said:

I love both of my handhelds, but Sony really is messing up pretty bad so far. The PSP is still popular because Sony is dragging their feet making the Vita backwards compatible with more PSP games. Unfortunately I'm one of those people that bought the Vita on the promises of playing psp games and ps1 classics and minis, and even PSN games and PS3 games through remote play. And by staying quiet about all of the issues Sony is acting like they don't care and are in no hurry. And Streetpass absolutely crushes Near so far.

Let me put my dang PS+ minis on my Vita already Sony.



Magi said:

Games games games: Bring em, Sony! Looking at the game sales chart, it's easy to see why the 3DS is selling so well.



MarcusM said:

The biggest mistake Sony has done with the Vita is that the Psp games are not backward compatible with the Vita. What was Sony thinking? Wow you get a discount if you have the game. So what? Why do I have to pay for a game that I already paid for in the first place. And then you have to buy a memory card (not included in the package) especially made for the Vita!? And you have to buy one since there are no internal memory! My 3DS has internal memory and besides, I don't need it's internal memory because since decades, Nintendo can use his brains and used the actual game card as saves for the game. This is used since the Gameboy Advance. Why didn't Vita use this strategy? Well they stole all of the 3DS's other ideas (AR games, touch screen, cartridge games, front and rear cams, gyro), they could have used this one as well. Well, in the end, I used to be a Playstation fan and still have my PS3 but I see the Vita useless. It's not even portable with the large screen and prone to scratches and fall off your hands. You want large screen with good graphics, have a 50" tv with PS3 stuck on it. You want to take it to the other room? Well have another 50" tv with another PS3; it will most probably cost you as much as a vita and it's accessories.



Slapshot said:

...and look what three little game releases did for the 3DS when it was in full 'doom and gloom' mode!



3Above said:

Im not worried i love my Vita. its great and once it has those Big Name games everyone else will love it too. I really dont think Sony was aiming to Take Japan by storm wiht Vita anyway. It seems that theya re mor focused on western style games for it, Wchi inthe long run have a larger audience. The japanese lauch lineup speaks to that.



Gamer83 said:

We've been seeing Japanese numbers every week and they're not good but I'm also not surprised because frankly it still doesn't have the library built up it needs to succeed there. When the inevitable Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Monster Hunter hit, sales will go up. My question is, has there been any mention at all of North American or European sales? Right now I'm more concerned with the Vita's performance in those territories.



Corbs said:

I look at it this way - Nintendo has dominated the portable gaming market for two decades, so them getting the 3DS rolling didn't surprise me at all. And while no one has been a bigger fan of the PlayStation Vita than I have, these sales right now are a bit worrisome for me. In fact, "a bit worrisome" might be the understatement of the year. My big hope is that Sony knocks one out of the park at E3 in regards to the Vita and this thing starts getting the recognition it deserves.



Bankai said:

@Corbs - I look at it this way - Sony has to make the Vita a success, it's a critical bit of hardware for it. So there's no need to worry, really, Sony will really spend out to make sure it happens.



Kage_88 said:

Well, Sony better use E3 to announce some big things for the Vita (which I'm sure they will).

The fact that Monter Hunter and Dragon Quest are exclusive to Nintendo (for now) was a huge kick in the nuts for Sony. Like Slapshot said, all it takes is a few killer apps to help rejuvinate the handheld's fotunes.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Was it really that hard to add a UMD drive to the vita? The dang thing is bulky as it is. I still love my UMDs. {That and considering one of my UMDs is an import that can't be purchased off of PSN, it would have been nice if they added that damn drive.}



ShogunRok said:

Yeah I think this is partly because the PSP is doing so well in Japan, still. We saw the same thing when the PS3 first launched to a degree - PS2 was still selling relatively strong. I think the real question is when will Sony start winding down with PSP in Japan?

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