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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Corbs commented on Sony: We Aren't Making Vita Games Because of C...:

Vita is an amazing system that was marketed and supported like crap. Maybe Sony needs to stay out of the portable gaming market as they clearly have no idea how to sell a portable game system. Lol



Corbs commented on Review: MediEvil (PSone):

This game had potential, but that potential was overly clouded with control and camera problems. Nice idea, but very poor execution. Great review Jamie.



Corbs commented on Reaction: Vita's Lacklustre E3 Showing Was a H...:

I agree totally. They had some amazing games on the show floor, but you wouldn't have known it from watching the press conference. Sometimes Sony makes me scratch my head. But great games are coming. It's just many don't know they're coming. LOL



Corbs commented on Review: The Sly Collection (PlayStation 3):

I have always loved the Sly Cooper games and this one I just added to my collection before E3. Now it's just going to be a matter of getting some time to play them all. LOL



Corbs commented on Japanese Sales Charts: Vita Stagnates:

I look at it this way - Nintendo has dominated the portable gaming market for two decades, so them getting the 3DS rolling didn't surprise me at all. And while no one has been a bigger fan of the PlayStation Vita than I have, these sales right now are a bit worrisome for me. In fact, "a bit worrisome" might be the understatement of the year. My big hope is that Sony knocks one out of the park at E3 in regards to the Vita and this thing starts getting the recognition it deserves.



Corbs commented on Japanese Sales Charts: Vita Stagnates:

Those Vita sales are just downright sad. Hard to believe a system this powerful and functional is just languishing at the moment. Sony had better hope they have one hell of a Vita game lineup announcement at E3 or every developer and publisher outside of Sony will likely be dropping the Vita like a boiling-hot turd.



Corbs commented on Analyst: PS4 Must Launch First to "Remain Comp...:

Right now Sony needs to focus on keeping PS3 relevant and getting Vita jumpstarted. I think it's a bit early to start thinking about PS4 when there's still plenty of life left in PS3 if they play their cards right.



Corbs commented on Japanese Sales Charts: Vita Dips Below 10k Units:

I'll wait until after I see what Sony announces for Vita at E3 and how sales are through the holiday shopping season before I begin considering the Vita in serious trouble. But clearly Sony need to get some top tier titles on the Vita, especially in Japan, and soon.



Corbs commented on Review: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND (Play...:

Well with a game of this depth, it was tough to narrow down the things to talk about and what things I'd probably leave to the player to find. I really enjoyed the game from top to bottom and was actually rather surprised it was as balanced as it was.

@Mickeymac is right, the story lines of the characters are very good and very much worth exploring, even if you're someone who normally just likes to pick a character or two and stick with them.



Corbs commented on Robin Hunicke Latest to Leave thatgamecompany:

I saw Robin smoking a cigarette outside of the convention center back at E3. If I hadn't been late to a meet-up with Jools, I would have liked to have at least said hello to her. Sad to see her leaving thatgamecompany. They've lost quite a few pieces lately.



Corbs commented on PlayStation Orbis Concept Sketches Emerge:

I'm kinda like Sammy, I'm wondering if this isn't just an upgrade to the Move and Camera system. Personally I'm getting a little sick of all of this motion control stuff. Wish these console makers would take things back to basics a bit.



Corbs commented on Runner 2 Delayed Until November:

While it's killing me to wait to play RUNNER 2, I don't mind the wait to get the game just right. I do wonder why they think it's going to take that long to get this game ready. Could this perhaps be an attempt to launch the game alongside the Wii U? Could a deal with Nintendo be lurking?



Corbs commented on Super Monkey Balls Rolls onto PlayStation Vita...:

I doubt there will be much Japanese text in a game like this. I've imported quite a few Super Monkey Ball games over the years, and they've all been easy to navigate. I can't pass up rolling monkey balls.



Corbs commented on GAME Won't Stock Resident Evil: Operation Racc...:

I just don't see them lasting much longer with this current situation. I'm hoping Gamestop will snatch them up and help them out, because if they don't, this company may very well be a thing of the past, sadly.



Corbs commented on Retro City Rampage to Retail for $15:

I got the chance to play an early WiiWare build and the game was quite awesome. Tons of stuff to do and I love the open world feel of it. I'll definitely be picking this up on Vita.

I also agree with Brian, if a game has plenty of content and is a good game, there's no reason to feel pressured by the iOS and Android titles to price it much lower than is warranted.



Corbs commented on Review: Army Corps of Hell (PlayStation Vita):

This game was pretty fun for about 2 hours, but I found myself losing interest in the game rather quickly after that. Great idea, but it needed some variety and polish. Here's hoping for an Army Corps of Hell 2. Great review Patrick!