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TrueTrophies and are good sites to go to if you want more stats and info about your trophies. I like how you can compare stuff with people on your friends list on TrueTrophies, like trophy streaks which is earning at least one trophy online on consecutive days.



I got the platinum in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition and World of Final Fantasy.




As anyone that knows me can attest, when it comes to all things, I'm all about the low hanging fruit. So anyway, I did a playthrough of Resistance Burning Skys on my Vita and without much effort, got every trophy bar one without really realising it. So, checked the trophy list and the only thing between me and an easy platinum was one measly trophy. The catch? It was to complete just one multiplayer match.

Of course, this is a nearly five year old game, on a platform with a small user base so obviously, unless I sit next to my vita all day on the hope that I can find 3 other players (or start posting ads on trophy forums), the trophy list is unattainable. This really annoys me with trophies - the same was true of Tomb Raider Definitive edition. Grrrrrrr.

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@Rudy_Manchego The funny thing is that I knew exactly which trophy you were going to mention. I was also going for the Platinum in that game, so I looked up the trophy list beforehand and tried to get together a group of people for that trophy and it took days to find people who could all play at the same time. I eventually got it, but it was definitely not worth it.

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@KratosMD Exactly, the game was Ok and I enjoyed it for what it was but I just can't justify the time to try and get people together for it. It's a real weakness of the trophy system in an online world if you are dependent on servers/player bases to get trophies.

Now I may be an idiot, but there's one thing I am not sir, and that sir, is an idiot


I love trophies. Didn't really get into them until a year or two after buying my PS3 in 2010. Even though I know they don't have any actual value and "bragging rights" isn't a factor in why I pursue them, there's just something very (and oddly) satisfying about hearing that "ping" sound. They add extra playability and enjoyment to my gaming experience.

I did go through a bit of an obsession period with them where I'd be killing myself to get certain difficult trophies, to the point where gaming sometimes wouldn't be very fun. Now I kinda know when to cut my losses when it comes to pursuing a platinum trophy. I certainly don't mind doing some grinding or tackling a real challenging trophy, but I'm just not going to let it ruin what's supposed to be "fun time".

Currently at level 20 with 28 platinum trophies.



Got Platinum number 13 - The Bunker. Man, that game is a trophy hoard. Platinumed it in about 2 hours. And it was a good game, worth playing even without the easy trophies. More of my impressions on the other thread...

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Popped platinum 123 on Friday with South Park The Fractured But Whole.

Onto Uncharted 2 now

Try Nubla @Th3solution 30 minute Platinum and there is four trophies lists! 2x USA 2x EU!

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