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  • News PlayStation Wants Global Game Jam 2022 to Explore VR and Eye-Tracking

    As PSVR2 includes feature

    Global Game Jam 2022 is right around the corner, encouraging creators from around the world to come together and collaborate on simple software ideas in a short, friendly, competition-based format. Sony, as an industry leader, is backing the event, and has sponsored a “diversifier” – an optional sub-challenge which...

  • News Social Golf Sim GOLF+ Planned to Putt PS5's PSVR2

    Tee time

    Smash social golf sim GOLF+ is planning a PSVR2 port. The title – already available on the Meta Quest 2, where it’s a mainstay at the top of the software charts – is an award-winning virtual reality golf game, with a huge community focus. In addition to hitting the links with life-like gameplay, you can also team up with friends and...

  • News Hitman 3's PC Virtual Reality Improvements Could Be Promising for PSVR2

    New systems and gameplay possibilities

    Hitman 3 was transformative with PSVR, allowing you to play the entire World of Assassination trilogy from an entirely new perspective. But it had its fair share of limitations, mainly due to the primitive technology of Sony’s headset and its ancient PS Move motion wands. Pair that with gameplay being...

  • News Ping Pong Sim Eleven Table Tennis Planned for PSVR2

    PS Move was holding developer back

    Uber-accurate ping pong simulation Eleven Table Tennis is “planned” for PlayStation 5’s next-gen virtual reality headset PSVR2, according to a developer on the game’s official subreddit. When asked by a fan if a port was in the pipeline, a spokesperson said: “PS Move controller tr

  • Guide PSVR2 Guide: Everything You Need to Know About PS5 Virtual Reality

    Next-gen escapism

    PSVR2, also known as PS VR2 or PlayStation VR2, is Sony's next-generation virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5, or PS5. The system succeeds the original PSVR, which launched on 13th October, 2016 for the PS4. While the original PSVR is also compatible with the PS5, the new PSVR2 promises a suite of improvements, including...

  • Guide PSVR2 Price: How Much Will It Cost?

    How much is PSVR2?

    How much will PSVR2 cost? What is the PSVR2 price? Since you're going to need a PS5 to go along with Sony's new PlayStation VR2, we're already looking at a pretty pricy entry point for virtual reality on PlayStation. As such, you'll want to know how much money needs saving. As part of our

  • News PSVR2 Fans Are Desperate for Half-Life: Alyx to Come to PS5

    Still nothing concrete, though

    Sony will have a strong software slate in the pipeline for PSVR2, and it starts with Horizon Call of the Mountain. However, the game on everyone’s lips right now is Half-Life: Alyx. Valve’s acclaimed first-person shooter is widely regarded as the greatest virtual reality game released to date, and pretty much...

  • Guide PSVR2 vs Meta Quest 2 vs Valve Index vs PSVR: Full Specs Comparison

    All virtual reality headset specifications

    What are PSVR2's full specs and how does it compare to Meta Quest 2, Valve Index, and PSVR? If you're interested in purchasing a new virtual reality headset, then you may be looking for a PSVR2 vs Meta Quest 2 vs Valve Index vs PSVR full specs comparison. As part of our PSVR2 guide, we're going to pit all...

  • Guide PSVR2 Release Date: When Will It Launch?

    When will PSVR2 be out?

    What is the PSVR2 release date? When will PSVR2 launch? Sony is starting to pull back the curtain on its all-new virtual reality device, so the question of when will it actually be available for purchase is now a frequently asked one. As part of our PSVR2 guide, we're going to reveal when you should expect PSVR2 to release...

  • News Nothing to Announce on PSVR2 Backwards Compatibility, Says Sony

    Probably don't expect it

    Is PSVR2 backwards compatible with original PSVR games? It seems unlikely, given the distinct differences in tech. Sony’s new headset utilises inside-out tracking to detect its PSVR2 Sense controllers, while the original employed a standalone camera and PS Move wands. Even if you assume the platform holder could hurdle the...

  • Soapbox Sony's Bet on PSVR2 Is Brave and That's a Brilliant Thing

    Innovate or stagnate

    I saw a tweet earlier this week that basically said, amid heightened competition from Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony could do without the distraction of PSVR2. I understood where the poster was coming from: I too have been guilty of looking at this medium through the prism of an ongoing business battle, where games are ammunition...

  • Guide PSVR2 Wireless: Will It Require Cables?

    Will PSVR2 be wireless?

    Will PSVR2 be wireless? Will PSVR2 require cables? After Sony's original virtual reality headset released with a frankly ridiculous number of wires to sort out before the device could even be used, it's no surprise that those interested are wondering if they'll face the same mess with this latest one. As part of our PSVR2...

  • News PSVR2's Horizon Call of the Mountain Will 'Change What AAA Means for VR'

    "It's amazing"

    Horizon Call of the Mountain, an original PSVR2 exclusive, was teased overnight – and it’s already been put under intense scrutiny. Words like “experience” and the “on-rails” nature of the short gameplay clip has sceptics concerned that Sony’s new headset will simply be a prettier version of its predecessor, with shallow...

  • Guide PSVR2: All Confirmed Games

    Every game confirmed for PlayStation VR2 so far

    What are all confirmed PSVR2 games? As Sony's latest virtual reality headset draws closer to release, more and more games are expected to be confirmed for the device, arriving at launch or beyond. As part of our PSVR2 guide, we are going to list all confirmed PSVR2 games. If you're looking for specific...

  • News Sony: PSVR2 Will Offer 'Best in Class' Visuals

    Jim Ryan promises a true next-gen experience

    We’ve heard a lot about PSVR2’s unique sensory features, like its on-board rumble motor and new PSVR2 Sense controllers, but it’s also worth remembering that Sony will be pushing the visual fidelity here. Working in tandem with the PlayStation 5, the platform holder has a lot more horsepower to play...

  • News PS5's New PSVR Headset Officially Named PlayStation VR2, Full Specs Revealed

    4K HDR! Eye tracking! Headset feedback!

    Sony has pulled back the curtain on PlayStation 5’s next-gen PSVR headset, which now has an official name: PlayStation VR2. Bet you’d never have predicted that, eh? Alongside the moniker comes news of a brand-new game: Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is being developed in collaboration between

  • News Horizon Call of the Mountain Is Your First Glimpse of PS5's Next-Gen PlayStation VR2

    Heed the call

    It's almost 2AM here in the UK, but Sony clearly doesn't give a damn about our sleeping patterns. The Japanese giant's just announced that a new Horizon title — Horizon Call of the Mountain — is in development for PlayStation VR2. You can find the specs and more information about the new headset