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  • Guide What Time Is Ubisoft Forward?

    Dates, times, and where to watch

    After E3 2020 was scrapped entirely thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, lots of publishers have been taking to the internet with an entirely digital showcase to debut their game announcements. Ubisoft has also decided to take this online route with Ubisoft Forward, a livestream that promises to share the future of...

  • News Assassin's Creed Valhalla Release Date Leaked Through Instagram

    Launches two days before Cyberpunk

    The release date for Assassin's Creed Valhalla has supposedly been leaked ahead of Ubisoft Forward. As posted on Reddit, it appears as though an Instagram advert for the upcoming action RPG has spilled the beans. According to the ad, Valhalla is due to release on the 17th November 2020. That's obviously right...

  • Live Watch the Devolver Digital Direct Livestream Right Here

    What madness is this?

    Devolver Digital. That’s it – that’s the article. No, not really: the indie publisher is planning another one of its infamous livestreams, and you can probably expect all of the usual shenanigans from the label. In among the madness should be a couple of games, so join us from 12PM PDT / 8PM BST to watch the insanity...

  • News Godfall Cover Art Released Following PS5 Box Reveal

    Lookin' good

    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the first PlayStation 5 game to show off its official box art, and now we have a second. Joining the Insomniac Games superhero adventure at the PS5's launch will be Godfall from Gearbox Publishing. The looter slasher has just had its cover art unveiled, and here it is: We think this actual

  • Poll Would You Pay $70 for a Brand New PS5 Game?

    Making the investment

    Over the past week or so, the price of games has once again become a major topic of discussion. Sparked by the next-gen NBA 2K21, the basketball simulator plans to charge its users $69.99 for a copy of the game on PlayStation 5. This is, of course, a $10 increase over what consumers have come to expect out of major AAA titles...

  • Random Insert Coin Clothing's Latest Collection Focuses on PS5 Exclusive Horizon Forbidden West

    Suits you

    Insert Coin Clothing has been around for about 10 years, and in that time it's made countless stylish shirts, hoodies, and accessories all about games. For its latest collection of gear, though, the company has taken inspiration from a game that's not even out yet. The brand has today announced an officially licensed line of apparel based...

  • News Far Cry 6 Leaks for PS5 and PS4, Launches 18th February 2021

    Ubisoft responds to leak

    Update: Ubisoft has acknowledged the leak with the following tweet: Original story: If it isn't the Microsoft Store doing all the leaking, it's the Hong Kong PlayStation Store! Yes, Far Cry 6 has leaked ahead of this Sunday's Ubisoft Forward digital event with a listing that reveals a whole host of details. M

  • Rumour Black and Red PS5 Console Spotted in Sony Marketing Material

    Would you buy one?

    Hmmm, what do we make of this, then? Originally posted over on ResetEra, a Sony marketing pamphlet supposedly shows a black and red PlayStation 5 console. The pamphlet itself seems legitimate -- it's marketing that's directed at store employees, and covers various Sony products. The real question is whether the black and red PS5...

  • News Hitman 3 Is the Darkest Entry Yet, a 'Love Letter' to Hardcore Fans

    The end of a journey

    The epic conclusion to IO Interactive's rebooted Hitman franchise will be coming to PlayStation 5 in January 2021, and to get us all a little bit more excited, the development team has shared a couple of insights which detail what fans should expect. Hitman 3 is said to be the darkest entry in the franchise to date, but the...

  • Guide PS4 Games on PS5 - All Confirmed Upgrades

    PS4 game updates on PS5

    What PS4 games can be upgraded on PS5? Below, we've compiled a list of all confirmed PS4 game updates on PS5. All of these titles will receive some kind of upgrade on Sony's next-gen console that will allow them to look better, perform better, or both. Please note that this guide refers to specific game updates, not...

  • News After The Last of Us 2's Record Success, Naughty Dog Is Staffing Up for PS5

    And it's working on a single player game

    The Last of Us: Part II may be on store shelves and a colossal success, but that’s not stopping developer Naughty Dog from turning its attention to the future. The Californian team is currently on a hiring spree, and particular interest must be paid to the role of a Level/Environment Designer which makes...

  • News Here's Your First Look at Official PS5 Game Box Art

    White theme

    The first official PlayStation 5 box art has hit the Internet via the PlayStation Blog and it looks absolutely gorgeous. See for yourself: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is used to show off a similar layout to PlayStation 4 physical retail boxes, but this time around the packaging dons a white rim on the top and sides. It's...

  • News God of War Director Prefers PS5 Price Increases Over Microtransaction Hellscape

    Cory Barlog weighs in on next-gen costs

    PlayStation 5 games could cost more than the PlayStation 4 if NBA 2K21 is anything to go by. The basketball simulation will cost $69.99 on Sony’s next-gen console, compared to the more traditional $59.99 on the company’s current-gen device. And God of War director Cory Barlog believes this is the correct...

  • News Horizon Forbidden West Writer John Gonzalez Exits Guerrilla Games

    Lore master

    Horizon Forbidden West narrative director John Gonzalez has left Guerrilla Games, moving to a new AAA studio in Barcelona where he’ll be tasked with building an original open world with “a new cadre of like-minded, crazy-ambitious devs”. It’s unclear exactly which team he’s joined, though online scuttlebutt points to Smilegate...

  • News Capcom Wants to Know What You Think of Resident Evil Village

    Take the survey

    It has become a bit of a tradition for Capcom to ask for fan feedback following the announcement of a new entry in its classic horror franchise, and Resident Evil Village is no different. The Japanese publisher has posted a new survey for fans to take concerning the eighth mainline instalment, covering everything from the village...

  • Guide PS5 Guide: Ultimate PlayStation 5 Resource

    A complete guide to PlayStation 5

    PS5, or PlayStation 5 as it's fully titled, is Sony's fifth home console. It's the successor to the PS4, which released in November 2013. The manufacturer is yet to announce a PS5 release date, although it has confirmed that the next-gen console will launch worldwide at some point during Holiday 2020. The company is...

  • Guide Which SSD Drives Will Be Compatible With PS5?

    Extend your storage with a PlayStation 5 Solid-State Drive

    Which SSD drives are compatible with PS5? Sony have confirmed that they will allow you to upgrade your PlayStation 5's included 825GB capacity (See Also: PS5 SSD: How Much Storage Space Does It Have?) by purchasing compatible NVMe SSD drives. However, due to the nature of PS5 you'll need to...

  • Guide PS5 SSD: How Much Storage Space Does It Have?

    Space invaders

    How much storage space does PS5's SSD have? With all games requiring an install and many choosing to purchase software through the PlayStation Store, you may be wondering how much storage space there is on PS5, especially if you're planning to purchase the PS5 Digital Edition (See Also: PS5 Digital Edition vs PS5: What's the...

  • Guide PS5 and 4K UHD Blu-rays: Can PlayStation 5 Play Them?

    Can you watch Ultra-HD movies on PS5?

    Can the PS5 play 4K UHD Blu-rays? Despite marketing the PS4 Pro as a 4K Ultra-HD console, Sony decided to save costs on the system's disc drive, meaning it couldn't play 4K UHD Blu-rays. But has it repeated the same mistake with the PlayStation 5? As part of our PS5 guide, we're going to reveal all about the...

  • Guide PS5 Digital Edition vs Standard PS5: What's the Difference?

    Which PlayStation 5 should you buy?

    There are two PlayStation 5 models: PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. However, you may be wondering what's the difference between the PS5 Digital Edition vs PS5. Fortunately, as part of our PS5 guide, we're going to explain how the two consoles stack up, and what sets them apart from each other. Remember, you can find...

  • Guide PS5 vs PS4: Full Tech Specs Comparison

    How does PS5 compare to PS4 Pro and PlayStation 4?

    In this full tech specs comparison, we're going to compare the PS5 vs PS4. We'll be looking at both versions of the PlayStation 4, including the PS4 and PS4 Pro. With Sony revealing all about the PS5's tech specs, you may be curious how the next-gen console compares to its current-gen counterparts...

  • Guide PS5 SSD: Why It's Better Than HDD

    PlayStation 5's speedy SSD storage explained

    PS5's SSD storage is a huge part of Sony's PlayStation 5 package, but what makes it so much better than a traditional HDD? Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will make use of an SSD, or Solid-State Drive, which will help with things like load times. But what does this actually mean? How does it make the PS5...

  • News Boss Fight and 30 Minutes of Assassin's Creed Valhalla Gameplay Leaked Online

    Looks a lot like Odyssey

    Update: More Assassin's Creed Valhalla footage has made its way online, this time in the form of a boss fight against some kind of witch. The video's already been taken down, but we got a good look at it. First off, this seems to be a newer build of the game -- it's not quite as janky as the previous leaked footage. It's...

  • News Xbox Is Pushing for Free Next-Gen Upgrades, And That's Good News for PS5


    Sony doesn’t have a fancy marketing slogan for next-gen upgrades from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5, but practically every third-party title supporting Smart Delivery on Xbox is also offering a similar solution on the Japanese giant’s family of formats. A report by VGC reveals that Microsoft is actively encouraging publishers...

  • News New DIRT 5 Trailer Leaks Free PS5 Upgrade Option, Returning Modes

    Trade in the old model

    DIRT 5 is the latest off-road racer from Codemasters, and it's taking the series back to its more fun-loving, arcade-style roots. The game is coming to both PlayStation 5 and PS4, with the latter releasing on 9th October. If you want that next-gen version, you'll have to wait a little longer -- but it seems early adopters will...

  • News Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood Adds PS5 Version, Coming February 2021

    Out for blood

    Hot off the heels of its announcement last month is the confirmation that Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood will also be coming to PlayStation 5 as a native release and will be launching on 4th February 2021. Accompanying that reveal as part of the Nacon Connect digital showcase was a slice of gameplay which we're sure will satisfy...

  • News Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong Bites PS5, PS4 Next Year

    Boston blood party

    There’s no question that Vampire: The Masquerade is a confusing franchise. Based on a tabletop role-playing game, there are multiple publishers and developers all contributing to the same franchise, and The Council maker Big Bad Wolf Studio is just one of them. Due out next year on the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4,...

  • News Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown Revealed with Abrupt Teaser Trailer

    No platforms confirmed yet

    We've known about a new Test Drive Unlimited game for a while, but now it's finally been officially announced. Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is the next title in the racing series, this time coming from publisher Nacon and developer Kylotonn. Unfortunately, we don't know much more about the game at this point. We've...

  • News Steelrising Is a PS5 RPG From GreedFall Developer Spiders Studio

    Join the robotic revolution

    GreedFall developer Spiders Studio promised it would unveil its next title as part of the Nacon Connect digital showcase and boy did it deliver. Steelrising is its name and it's coming to PlayStation 5, but the real talking point here is its concept. The female protagonist of Aegis will attempt to overthrow the robotic...

  • Live Watch the Nacon Connect Livestream Right Here


    Nacon is one of the newest publishers on the block, having paired its peripherals division with Bigben Interactive to create a games-maker-cum-accessories giant. And the French firm is holding a livestream today to showcase a handful of upcoming titles. You can watch the whole thing live from 1PM EDT / 6PM BST. Nacon Connect: <liveblog...

  • Guide The Last of Us 2: Will It Be on PS5?

    Is The Last of Us 2 coming to PlayStation 5?

    Will The Last of Us 2 be on PS5? Naughty Dog's sequel has cemented itself as one of the PlayStation 4's biggest releases, but is The Last of Us 2 coming to PlayStation 5? As part of our The Last of Us 2 guide, we're going to reveal whether you should expect a next-gen version of the post-apocalyptic...

  • News Watch Dogs Legion Screenshots Leak Ahead of Media Previews

    Shows HUD, menus, and gameplay

    Watch Dogs Legion will be out in full force during this weekend's Ubisoft Forward event, and following that, select media sites will be publishing hands on impressions after playing the game over the past week or so. However, because of that, a couple of in-game screenshots have been leaked onto the internet and you...

  • News GTA Online Fans Want One Thing for the PS5 Version

    And that's to get into the game quicker

    If you’ve played GTA Online at all, you’ll know that it can take minutes to get into the game. And when we say minutes, we mean minutes – like, four or five of ‘em at least. It’s no surprise, then, that with all the talk of the PlayStation 5’s uber-fast SSD hard-drive, fans are hoping it’s a bit...

  • News inFAMOUS Domain Name Renewal Sparks PS5 Revival Hopes

    First light

    Sucker Punch recently renewed the domain infamousthegame.com, sparking fresh hope for a return to the superhero series. The developer has been beavering away on Ghost of Tsushima for a large part of the generation, which is finally slated to release next week. However, the inFAMOUS franchise has a small but faithful fanbase, and many of...

  • News Expect Much More PS5 News in the Coming Months

    State of Play on the horizon

    You didn’t think Sony was done, did you? Obviously last month’s excellent PlayStation 5 showcase was a huge success, but there are still many secrets the manufacturer’s keeping under wraps. For example, we don’t know the PS5’s price or release date, although we do have a growing list of

  • News PlayStation Fans Are Worried Microsoft Could Buy Warner Bros' Gaming Division

    Take Two, EA, and Activision Blizzard also interested

    Warner Bros’ gaming division is still very much up for sale, and a new report from The Information reveals that Microsoft has expressed an interest. The Xbox business has been on an acquisition charge for a few years now, gobbling up both close partners and independently owned studios on the...

  • Interview Dustborn Dev on Word Play, Diversity, and Representation

    Making language matter

    Ever since Sony's PlayStation 5 games reveal event, we've seen a flurry of next-generation titles announced at various different digital events. We're quite excited about pretty much all of them, but one game which really caught our eye here at Push Square was Dustborn. Revealed as part of

  • Guide PS5 Teraflops: What Are They and How Many Does PlayStation 5 Have?

    Does Xbox Series X have more teraflops than PS5?

    PS5 teraflops has been a big topic of conversation, but what are teraflops and how many teraflops does the PlayStation 5 have? A while ago, you probably heard all about Xbox Series X and its freshly revealed technical specifications. A big buzz word doing the rounds right now is "teraflops". Microsoft...

  • Guide PS5 Vertical vs Horizontal: Can PlayStation 5 Go On Its Side?

    Do you have to stand PS5 up?

    Can PS5 go on its side? Many are eager to know whether you can use the PlayStation 5 horizontally, or if you have to play with the console stood up. When Sony unveiled the PS5 console, it did so by showing the machine stood up vertically. It looks great in this formation, but what if you want to lay your PS5 down on its...

  • News Guerrilla Details New Machines in Horizon Forbidden West on PS5

    Developer introduces us to new creatures

    There are many things that make Horizon Zero Dawn special, but one of the most iconic things about the game is its roster of robot creatures. The far future landscape is dominated by machines resembling dinosaurs and other animal life, and this juxtaposes with the beautiful environment you explore as Aloy...

  • Guide PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Full Tech Specs Comparison

    Is PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X more powerful?

    In this full tech specs comparison, we're going to pit the PS5 vs Xbox Series X. As part of our PS5 guide, we want to answer the question: is the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series more powerful? Now that Sony has lifted the lid on PS5's tech specs, we can work out roughly how the two consoles stack up...

  • News Left 4 Dead, Evolve Dev Reveals New Back 4 Blood Concept Art

    Is this a PS5 game now?

    It's been more than a year since Back 4 Blood was announced and we haven't seen even a tiny snippet of it since. Therefore, there's probably a good portion of you questioning what this game even is. It's the next title from Left 4 Dead and Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios, and it's basically being pitched as

  • News The Next Test Drive Unlimited Game Will Be Revealed During Nacon Connect

    Start your engines

    Within a matter of hours, we'll know about the next game in the Test Drive series. Quietly announced earlier this year, publisher Nacon is bringing the open world racing franchise back, with developer Kylotonn at the helm. Test Drive Unlimited 3, or whatever it turns out to be called, is due to be officially unveiled during the...

  • News Is GTA 5 Getting a VR Mode on PS5?

    LinkedIn post suggests so

    An updated version of Grand Theft Auto V is confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 5 next year, but could one of the upgrades it sports over the current-gen edition be a VR mode? That's the current speculation as the studio who put out L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files states that it is hiring for a "AAA open world VR title for...

  • News Madden NFL 21 Devs Comment As #FixMaddenFranchise Trends

    But it has very little to say

    EA Sports has commented on a social media campaign which trended earlier this week, as fans registered their dissatisfaction with Madden NFL 21’s improvements to the popular Franchise mode. Earlier this week, the publisher released a blog post outlining the additions and improvements

  • Poll What New PS5 Games Are You Most Excited About?

    Time to get hyped

    A few weeks ago, the Push Square team came together to discuss the new PlayStation 5 games we're most excited about. Our list included the likes of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Resident Evil Village, and Demon's Souls. However, do your tastes align with ours?

  • News Far Cry 6 Announcement at Ubisoft Forward Appears Increasingly Likely

    Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito involved

    If you're planning on tuning in to the Ubisoft Forward digital showcase on Sunday 12th July, chances are you'll get to see the first glimpse of Far Cry 6. The game has been heavily rumoured ever since Bloomberg's Jason Schreier let the cat out of the bag a while back, and now it looks like Breaking Bad and...

  • News DIRT 5 on PS5 Will Have an Option for 120 Frames-Per-Second

    Smooth ride

    As usual, racing games will play a big role in showcasing next generation hardware. With titles like Gran Turismo Sport or DriveClub, the genre is often home to some of the best looking games around, and that will continue as we head towards PlayStation 5. Case in point: DIRT 5 from Codemasters. It was stated a while back that the Xbox...

  • News There's a Lot of Variety in DIRT 5's Car Classes

    New info and screenshots released

    Codemasters has lifted the lid just a little more on DIRT 5, the upcoming, cross-gen, off-road racer. We recently learned more about its ambitious career mode, but today is all about the vehicles themselves. The publisher has revealed numerous car classes within the game, and it seems there will be plenty of...

  • News Shadow Warrior Dev Teases Its Next Game Ahead of Devolver Digital Event

    Filming in progress

    The developer behind Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2 is teasing its next project on Twitter. Studio Flying Wild Hog has posted an image sporting the text: "Teaser trailer filming in progress. Quiet please!" Our takeaway from this hint is that a third instalment in the Shadow Warrior franchise is imminent -- the tweet even...