Part two of Sony's series of God of War director commentary videos is up, and it's a look at the game's first boss fight. It's another great bit of insight into the development of the game, in which Cory Barlog talks about lighting, snow tech, and how he hinted at things to come at this very early stage in the story.

The fight against "The Stranger" is an excellent primer for the rest of the game, and part of what makes it such a satisfying bout is its sheer length. It goes on for about 15-20 minutes, or possibly longer if you're struggling. It's surprising to learn, then, that the fight was initially two or three times the length of the finalised sequence, which would've taken the first boss encounter to potentially an hour or so. Of course, as with everything in game development, iterations and cuts brought the fight back down to what we've ended up with.

Give the above video a watch if you're interested to learn more, but beware: Barlog doesn't hold back on spoilers.