With this weekend playing host to not one, but two betas in the form of the Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT open beta, we thought that it's an appropriate time to ask: do you play many betas on PlayStation 4? It feels like betas have become more common as the system has aged, but are they always a good thing?

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Do you play many betas on PS4? (168 votes)

Yes, I try any and all that are available


Yeah, I try quite a lot but not all


I only try betas for games I'm already interested in


Nah, I rarely try betas


No, I don't bother with betas at all


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Has a beta ever put you off buying a game? (147 votes)

Yes, I've been put off a game after trying the beta


Not quite, I've played a bad beta before but I still bought the game


No, a beta's never stopped me from buying a game


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