Today, we're proud to announce Push Square's Ultimate PlayStation Character TournamentHurrah!

This is something that we've wanted to do for a long, long time, and now we're finally putting our plans in motion. Without further ado, let's just take a minute to explain what this tournament is all about.

Those of you who have been readers of Push Square for a long time may remember our Who Would Win Wednesday series. Every Wednesday, we would put out an article in which two PlayStation characters would face off in a popularity contest. The winner would be decided by community vote through a poll. It was a fun idea and it was well-received, but we sadly had to end the series due to time constraints.

The Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament, or UPCT, will take the Who Would Win Wednesdays format and apply it to an entire tournament. On a weekly basis, we'll be asking you to vote for your favourite PlayStation characters as they go head-to-head. Eventually, only one winner will be left standing.

The Rules

  1. The Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament will feature 128 participants. These participants have been decided by the Push Square editorial team. (We've tried to keep things varied and fair.)
  2. The Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament is a single elimination tournament. That means if a character is beaten, they're out. Gone. Done. Finished. The winner moves onto the next round.
  3. The Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament features a randomised bracket. This essentially means that we put all of the participants into a pot and pulled them out at random.
  4. Push Square will publish one Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament article per week (every Wednesday). Each article will feature at least one poll which the community can vote on. Voting will remain open until the following Wednesday.

What You Need to Do

If you want to have an impact on how the Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament plays out, all you need to do is make sure that you have a Push Square account and turn up every Wednesday to cast your vote(s).

The Tournament Bracket

We've created the Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament using Challonge

We've included the full tournament bracket below. Every Wednesday, we'll make our way down the bracket. Once the first round is over, we'll be moving through the next, and so on.

In the interests of time, each Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament article will feature more than one poll -- at least until we reach the later rounds of the tournament. If we did just one match per week, the tournament would take over two years to complete!

(You can click the images to enlarge them.)

Screenshot (286).png
Screenshot (287).png
Screenshot (288).png
Screenshot (289).png

When Is the First Match?

The first Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament article will be published next week, on Wednesday the 25th October. A new article will be published every following Wednesday until we have a champion.

We hope that you're looking forward to our Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament as much as we are. Feel free to predict the eventual winner in the comments section below, and we'll hopefully see you next week.