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Sat 17th Jan 2015

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Mega-Gazz commented on Video: Seven Horizon: Zero Dawn Facts You May ...:

And to be clear I'm not accusing the site of anything, but every.single.person who knows about this game has had their opinion "primed". From the moment it was introduced at the e3 presser the marketing dept has been trying to give us our opinion. Then self-reinforcing internet search bubbles do the rest.

The game isn't ugly, also, don't get me wrong. I'm not hating, I'm just critical thinking.



Mega-Gazz commented on Video: Seven Horizon: Zero Dawn Facts You May ...:

@Bhattiboy the point is that this game's graphics are being talked about and touted everywhere as amazing, but without even trying it was easy to pick out multiple shortcomings which other games do better.

And since we're in the year of fake-news and media bubbles, it would not be inconceivable that the great graphics are a talking point arranged for by the publisher, either covertly or expressly.



Mega-Gazz commented on Video: Seven Horizon: Zero Dawn Facts You May ...:

I noticed the faces are lacking definition and texture, and the hair really shows how its not individual strands - it [the hair] looks rather sub-par in a lot of respects. For a game which has received so much press about graphical quality, I'm a little surprised.

I have it pre-ordered anyhow, so here's hoping for the best.



Mega-Gazz commented on PS4 Wins the All-Important December NPD:

The real issue is that Microsoft isn't just losing at consoles. They are losing on the OS front because of tablets and iOS. They are losing on the office suite front (their cash cow) because people at home are starting to use the free options like google docs (and retail leads that industry because people push for their comfort zone at work eventually). They are definitely losing on the web front, despite .net being fantastic - just java is more universal and pushed by IBM. Bing, lol. windows phone... Seriously Microsoft needs a win in at least one of their markets.



Mega-Gazz commented on Here's What Diablo III's PS4 Pro Support Does:

I've totally got sucked back in for the anniversary event, now gonna finish the plat - 1 more lvl 70 to go .

At least 3 push-squarers (square pushers??) have gotten those in-game presents from me, incidentally



Mega-Gazz commented on Rhianna Pratchett Packs Up Her Pick Axe and Sa...:

The Tomb Raider reboot - both games - would definitely be in my top 10 playstation game series list right now, should I put such a list together. (I say series to avoid Dark Souls taking up all the spots). I actually played the reboot twice, which is rare for me.

@get2sammyb I don't think number of protagonists is a measure of story quality in video games. But the prophet, the hunter chasing him in ancient times, and the prophet's daughter all from RotTR probably count. So would Ana, Lara's Stepmom. I think the story was enjoyable and was exactly what it needed to be. The gameplay was fantastic and in particular they did collectables well by making alot of them part of the narritive rather than meaningless dots (something other games should learn from).



Mega-Gazz commented on Game of the Year 2016: #1 - Uncharted 4: A Thi...:

Fun is probably the wrong word, but close enough. Basically I think games have diversified from just being about gameplay (Mario, Donkey Kong) to a full spectrum ranging from movies/experiences to pure meaningless action. It only makes sense then that people are into different things then.

I get all the intellectual stimulation I could want at work, so I generally value gameplay over 'deep' plots and artistic 'experiences'. I recognize that other people are looking for that, so I don't fault them for thinking that games like Journey are good. I wouldn't rate Journey as more than a 3/10.

This is my biggest problem with reviews and review scores in general, figuring out what the reviewer values and if it lines up with myself. For that reason I almost feel like scores need to be codified 1-10 on 5-10 different axis (what is the pural of that?), and the reader set a weight to each axis which will help compute a final score.



Mega-Gazz commented on Game of the Year 2016: #1 - Uncharted 4: A Thi...:

Basically what @Tasuki said....

Naughty Dog may be great at writing scripts/stories, but in the actual gameplay department their games have been consistently lacking, basically making the actual "game" portion an inconvenient afterthought.

I realize it has great graphics, acting, plot, writing... but if the gameplay is still just trivial puzzles, climbing, and mini-sandbox shooting, then the game should be getting the same review as The Order... For that matter, hype aside RotTR is basically a better game in every respect, and Lara has been doing this same shtick much longer.



Mega-Gazz commented on Game of the Year 2016: #2 - Inside:

So wait, one spot left and Neither Dark Souls 3 nor Uncharted 4 have been mentioned.... which I'm assuming means that DS3 loses out.... So DS3 doesn't even make the top ten?



Mega-Gazz commented on Feature: The 10 Best PS4 Trailers of 2016:

How could the Hellblade trailers not be on this list?

They reinvented post-processing in digital cinematography for a game, and produced a really intriguing game with it - easily my most hyped game currently - just hoping it pans out to a good game given all the great trailers and dev diaries



Mega-Gazz commented on God of War's PS4 Gameplay Video Is Now Sony's ...:

@get2sammyb Spiderman is a game based on a non-gaming franchise, which is always an uphill battle - they usually flop because you spend too much time being true to the franchise and not enough making a good game. Hopefully insomniac can do it well.

God of War OTOH is a game franchise and I have much higher hopes for it, especially with this new direction.



Mega-Gazz commented on November 2016 NPD: PS4 on Top as Call of Duty ...:

@kyleforrester87 you should in a sense - 24 percent drop is a big deal, and the AAA execs will do just about anything to turn that around, including Konami-style course changes. With Super Mario on the iPad now and Konami very publicly switching to mobile, that is going to be on every exec's mind when the traditional industry is 24 percent down.

Mind you, PSVR was always going to be a failed gimmick, we knew that. And with so many other games delayed or flopped, this may not be a surprising result. And while there have been a lot of great new PS4 games, I think the remaster trend has to slow down as it makes people feel like there isn't anything new. Yearly franchises are a tired concept, too.