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Dichotomy commented on Review: The Technomancer (PS4):

@JoeBlogs Unfortunately games go gold now before they're finished which gives the developer about a month to create a day one patch. Very rarely is this enough time to completely fix the game, especially since new bugs arising from fixing existing ones are never factored in to the time scale. As software companies know now that their games will still sell, even if they are bug ridden at release, there is little incentive for them to not follow this approach.

For my money at least the best approach to modern day gaming is to wait out the first few weeks of any release to see if things get fixed and then decide on if the game is worth it from there. It also means you can see if there is any price drop on the cards as, after the first month, it is rare to find a game that hasn't at least had 25% chopped off its day one (beta) price.



Dichotomy commented on Review: Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival (PS4):

@johncalmc Never realised it was released on the C64, my mistake sorry (I really should google these things). Must be losing my mind in my old age On the positive side of things, if I am I can hopefully forget this travesty of an update to the franchise.



Dichotomy commented on Review: Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival (PS4):

I used to play the originals against friends from school, I remember we had to come up with some house rules like banning the use of the lob goal from the kick off as it became more about who was going to mess that manoeuvre up first as opposed to any real skill. Who needs patches Eventually we replaced the game with the Sensible Soccer games and SWOS was still able to grab my attention in the PS1 days.

Review is a good read, but I would mention that, as Kick Off was an Amiga and ST game, it came on floppy disc and not cassette. I know you don't explicitly state that it does, and it is true games were still released for the C64 and other systems on tape, but it was a dying form of media by this point. We were a progressive bunch back in the late 80's you know?



Dichotomy commented on Talking Point: What June PlayStation Plus Free...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi I doubt they do. I have never read the EULA for plus, but we have seen changes to it over the past few years making it less desirable than it was without anyone getting a refund. For instance we used to have a collection of games when we subscribed that were on the service for a year before being cycled to give new subscribers a larger starting catalogue and entice them to join. I remember Sony saying they were going to update the list, then answering questions with 'there will be a post about this service soon' and finally just ignoring questions about those games and removing them from the service without explanation.

At some point PS3 will leave plus, when the profit margins get too low to support it I expect Sony to drop plus for the console quickly - I would guess they could easily argue that they don't need to refund anyone as they'd lose access to their previously obtained titles, so they are still providing a service. I hope the Vita takes longer to be axed (I know a few people who have picked one up just because they have a load of plus games they can now play on it), plus is actually a decent bonus for a handheld imo.



Dichotomy commented on Feature: Everything We Know About PS4K So Far:

@get2sammyb The question is will there be a PS5? Given the move to x86 architecture with the current gen of consoles it makes using existing upgrades, traditionally developed for the PC, easily integrated into either console. Therefore, to me at least, this move to a 'PS4.5' indicates that the future plans for consoles may well be an iterative process with new hardware released every 2-3 years and older models being phased out after 5-6 years. That way I guess Sony can still argue a console still has a 5-6 year lifespan, but stay in touch with the abilities of a medium spec PC. Not keen on the idea myself, but it is the most logical way I can understand/explain this current move.



Dichotomy commented on PS4K Is Codenamed Neo, Has Upgraded Specs, Wil...:

I am unsure of the point of this upgrade, Sony have the market share this gen and seem to be coasting so why would they risk their position by doing something that is going to annoy a lot of its user base? The upgrade itself seems relatively moderate, the CPU doesn't seem to have gotten too much of a boost and the memory bandwidth increase isn't going to lead to much of a boost in performance. Only the GPU seems to be notably more powerful, but it certainly isn't anywhere near a 4K capable system (I'd be surprised if it manages 1080p/60 on current games).

All I see happening is Sony causing some of its customers to be wary of purchasing their system should one be released next gen (although this kind of looks like their plan might be to release a revised system every few years - i.e. shorten the console cycle from what we are used to). If Sony are worried about PCs being much more powerful then all this will do is cause people to switch over to PC gaming since it will end up being cheaper. I really hope this idea fails as it did with the N3DS or it would certainly see me move to solely playing on the PC.

On the other hand I do look forward to the Digital Foundry comparisons where Playstation users mock Playstation users for getting a worse experience.



Dichotomy commented on Site News: Push Square Readers Select the 64 G...:

Surprised no souls games made the cut (well apart from Bloodborne, although it technically isn't a souls game). Also the list seems to favour games more in recent memory, which is understandable I guess. I think we are at a great point in gaming where any 64 games listed as the best will never cover everybody's choice.



Dichotomy commented on Soapbox: Why I Don't Think PS4K Is Okay:

I wonder if the difference in opinion is down to age, I'm older than most gamers these days having been playing games since the 80s and think this is a really bad idea if it is true. Is people's acceptance of this down to youth and the fact they have grown up in a world where we now change are phones, tvs, cars and most other things in the span of a few years?

I also wonder what effect these news stories are having on the PS4s sales? If I was in the market to buy one I would hold out on confirmation or denial of this system and the specs of it if it was real. For me Sony's silence tells me they are making this system as they'd want to squash these rumours otherwise. With 40 million PS4s in the wild I would also suspect that most developers are going to develop games with that in mind making an upgraded console possibly an idea that backfires as happened with the New 3DS.

Sony needs to step carefully as I can see this leading to a lot of people going to PC if handled poorly. I already game on the PC too and, should this become the path consoles take, I would drop console gaming completely in favour of the cheaper option.



Dichotomy commented on No Man's Sky Will Carry An Intergalactic Entry...:

If it's a great game with a lot of enjoyable content then there is no reason they can't sell it for $60. I do suspect though that, even if it is a good game, the amount of hype that is surrounding this title will be impossible to live up to leaving a good few people upset come the release.

My main problem with the price is that $60 seems to translate to £55 here in the UK which is about £20 more than you can get a new AAA physical release without really even looking that hard.



Dichotomy commented on Talking Point: Would You Upgrade to a Supercha...:

Apparently this idea has been mentioned by Sony


Personally I think it would be a very bad idea for consoles to start releasing new, more powerful, iterations every year or so. At the moment a good reason to own a console over a PC is the fact you buy it once and you get to play everything as well as you can for the next sixish years. By taking a path where there are upgrades and multiple options of power I think it will turn a lot of people off the idea of owning a console. Plus people might start to realise that building a PC is not any harder than building a model from Lego (I'm not even joking about this, you just slot the pieces together and stick a disc in to install an operating system).

I would be done with consoles if this ever happened, a few great exclusives is not enough for me to justify not just investing the money in making my PC better.



Dichotomy commented on PS4 Fans Are So Mad at PlayStation Plus They'r...:

@Octane Because PS+ doesn't offer anything more in service than I get from gaming on PC for free other than the games, so they are charging £40/year for the games as far as I can see. A lot of us are Playstation users from when the PS3 had free internet access (ofc it still does) and Plus lived or died by its gaming choices and it still is sold on the PS3 and Vita as nothing more than a monthly games service. So they are not free unless you somehow think we get £40s worth of 'better than PC' internet access and all subscribers have the PS4.



Dichotomy commented on PS4 Fans Are So Mad at PlayStation Plus They'r...:

I usually defend plus, but this month is stretching it - the games on the PS3 are now very old and have been on sale enough times that pretty much everyone who wants them will have them. The Vita selection is poor at best with two games you've probably never heard anyone talking about. The PS4 titles are the only real saving grace, but they are not enough to lift the collection of games into anywhere near being acceptable.

As for us voting for Broforce, we might have, but we didn't get to choose which three games we were voting for and neither did we have any say on the other five games.

As a matter of interest, did Sony ever say what happened to the yearly games on plus?



Dichotomy commented on Review: Street Fighter V (PS4):

@Shillll Sounds a lot like a freemium game to me - give you an abundance of currency early on and then make it increasingly rare as you play more, making it a case of having to pay real money for the average person if you want to get new content. I know it is not in Capcom's best interest to give away too much content for a little effort, but SFIV released with over 50% more characters (as well as the game effectively being complete). I also seem to recall that SFIV released at a lower price point than the average game.

I'm sure the game is good fun, but I can't be alone in having some worry in watching these business models creep in to our games. I have a lot to play anyway so I can leave SFV for now and hope it blossoms into something other than a cash cow for Capcom. I should also say I enjoyed your review, so I am in no way directing any ire at you



Dichotomy commented on Review: Street Fighter V (PS4):

I really like the Street Fighter franchise, but from what I've been hearing about the acquisition of battle points, the currency to unlock new fighters, I'm a bit put off the game. For completing the story mode you get 100000 points as a one off which is expected to be the price of a character, but for winning an online battle you get 50pts, so you would need to win 2000 games to unlock a fighter. If we assume from connecting to to finishing a match takes 3 minutes, then it would take 100 hours to unlock one character assuming you win every match and your opponent doesn't disconnect. I really dislike freemium game tactics in full priced games...



Dichotomy commented on Review: Crypt of the NecroDancer (PS4):

@Simon_Fitzgerald Cheers, I assumed it would be done like that, but then I noticed in the screenshots the items still had dual directions associated with them, on a keyboard that is easily done (well maybe not easy, but you get what I mean), but on a controller you can't push up+down at the same time so wondered if it was replaced by X and triangle - glad it isn't.



Dichotomy commented on Review: Crypt of the NecroDancer (PS4):

@Simon_Fitzgerald Just a quick question about the control scheme, I know certain abilities require you to input directions such as up+down simultaneously, but how are these done on a controller? Are certain buttons assigned to these motions or do you have to use the four face buttons for movement? If it is the latter does that feel odd, especially if you are doing an up+down input?



Dichotomy commented on Review: Crypt of the NecroDancer (PS4):

Had this on PC for a while now and can fully recommend it, loads of content, interesting concept and, most importantly, a good soundtrack. My only caveat would be that it is brutally difficult at times and the learning curve will repeatedly see you sent back to the beginning for the first few hours, so if that type of thing frustrates you, you might want to think twice about this game.



Dichotomy commented on UK Sales Charts: Naruto Shippuden Soars as Gra...:

Played Gravity Rush on the Vita, so wasn't that interested in picking up the PS4 version. It was a decent game once you got used to the controls, but certainly not the best game available to spend your money on so I can understand it not doing too great (especially as I'm sure most people have a decent sized back catalogue after Christmas).

I'm sure CoD is doing so well this week due to two major retailers selling it at £20, I know I couldn't resist at that price and picked up my first CoD since MW2 (the Cthulhu inspired zombies maps swayed me). I apologise for that



Dichotomy commented on Your Free February PlayStation Plus Games for ...:

Almost bought Helldivers the other day so glad that turned up before I did. Seems a bit of a catch 22 to me on the AAA stuff, everyone asks for it, but if they get it then people will either complain they already have it or will complain it is something mediocre like Knack. I'm happy if I get a few decent indies each month I may otherwise have missed.



Dichotomy commented on Want to Play Killzone: Shadow Fall in 3D? Sorr...:

3D was not the reason I got my new TV, nor was it anything I really cared about, but after playing a few games (including KZ3) in 3D, just because I could, I found myself really enjoying the technology behind them. While I'm not devastated that 3D seems to have died out in games, I feel that if enough people had had the tech to try it out it would have become a much more prominent feature in games and, perhaps, another selling point for Sony systems.

Hopefully Sony wont totally ditch the idea of of 3D games in the future and try again to show the world why 3D should be given a chance, this time I won't be so apathetic to it.



Dichotomy commented on Feature: Celebrating the 18th Anniversary of t...:

I got the Playstation about a year after it was released with the games Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. I remember playing Tomb Raider to death and saving Resi for the right moment (I wasn't scared or anything, honest). Once I finally got around to playing Resi I managed to play for about a day before I came down with a relatively severe fever. Needless to say when I went to sleep my dreams were filled with feverish nightmares involving zombies (and that dog that jumps you through the window - how that made me jump when it happened). As a side effect of that fever I didn't go back to playing Resi for 3 months as it reminded me of both my fever induced nightmares and the rather unpleasant sick feeling I felt throughout the disease.

After about 3 months though I did go back and thoroughly enjoy the game. The same couldn't be said though for Asda's pizza flavoured version of monster munch which tasted nice going down, but less so coming back up.



Dichotomy commented on Review: Under Siege (PlayStation Network):

Great review Jamie

The game reminds me a lot of Warhammer:Dark Omen on the pc if anyone remembers that? If anything that game was possibly harder than Under Siege sharing the same format of having a few squads you couldn't afford to lose and the inability to save during a level.

Back in the day I loved Warhammer and spent many a frustrating hour slowly making my way through its branching plot. It is definitely a different sort of satisfaction you get from finally beating a level in a game like this, rather than the instant gratification of most modern games. However, I'm not sure I have the patience I once did so I still haven't fully decided on whether to buy it or not (so far I've played it at a friends).

On the plus point it seems like the date the offer expires (14/06) does not apply to us welcome back ps plus members so the offer price of £7.19 should remain until the 30 free days expire from my understanding after reading the psn blog.