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Thu 16th Jun 2011

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Dichotomy commented on Review: Crypt of the NecroDancer (PS4):

@Simon_Fitzgerald Cheers, I assumed it would be done like that, but then I noticed in the screenshots the items still had dual directions associated with them, on a keyboard that is easily done (well maybe not easy, but you get what I mean), but on a controller you can't push up+down at the same time so wondered if it was replaced by X and triangle - glad it isn't.



Dichotomy commented on Review: Crypt of the NecroDancer (PS4):

@Simon_Fitzgerald Just a quick question about the control scheme, I know certain abilities require you to input directions such as up+down simultaneously, but how are these done on a controller? Are certain buttons assigned to these motions or do you have to use the four face buttons for movement? If it is the latter does that feel odd, especially if you are doing an up+down input?



Dichotomy commented on Review: Crypt of the NecroDancer (PS4):

Had this on PC for a while now and can fully recommend it, loads of content, interesting concept and, most importantly, a good soundtrack. My only caveat would be that it is brutally difficult at times and the learning curve will repeatedly see you sent back to the beginning for the first few hours, so if that type of thing frustrates you, you might want to think twice about this game.



Dichotomy commented on UK Sales Charts: Naruto Shippuden Soars as Gra...:

Played Gravity Rush on the Vita, so wasn't that interested in picking up the PS4 version. It was a decent game once you got used to the controls, but certainly not the best game available to spend your money on so I can understand it not doing too great (especially as I'm sure most people have a decent sized back catalogue after Christmas).

I'm sure CoD is doing so well this week due to two major retailers selling it at £20, I know I couldn't resist at that price and picked up my first CoD since MW2 (the Cthulhu inspired zombies maps swayed me). I apologise for that



Dichotomy commented on Your Free February PlayStation Plus Games for ...:

Almost bought Helldivers the other day so glad that turned up before I did. Seems a bit of a catch 22 to me on the AAA stuff, everyone asks for it, but if they get it then people will either complain they already have it or will complain it is something mediocre like Knack. I'm happy if I get a few decent indies each month I may otherwise have missed.



Dichotomy commented on Want to Play Killzone: Shadow Fall in 3D? Sorr...:

3D was not the reason I got my new TV, nor was it anything I really cared about, but after playing a few games (including KZ3) in 3D, just because I could, I found myself really enjoying the technology behind them. While I'm not devastated that 3D seems to have died out in games, I feel that if enough people had had the tech to try it out it would have become a much more prominent feature in games and, perhaps, another selling point for Sony systems.

Hopefully Sony wont totally ditch the idea of of 3D games in the future and try again to show the world why 3D should be given a chance, this time I won't be so apathetic to it.



Dichotomy commented on Feature: Celebrating the 18th Anniversary of t...:

I got the Playstation about a year after it was released with the games Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. I remember playing Tomb Raider to death and saving Resi for the right moment (I wasn't scared or anything, honest). Once I finally got around to playing Resi I managed to play for about a day before I came down with a relatively severe fever. Needless to say when I went to sleep my dreams were filled with feverish nightmares involving zombies (and that dog that jumps you through the window - how that made me jump when it happened). As a side effect of that fever I didn't go back to playing Resi for 3 months as it reminded me of both my fever induced nightmares and the rather unpleasant sick feeling I felt throughout the disease.

After about 3 months though I did go back and thoroughly enjoy the game. The same couldn't be said though for Asda's pizza flavoured version of monster munch which tasted nice going down, but less so coming back up.



Dichotomy commented on Review: Under Siege (PlayStation Network):

Great review Jamie

The game reminds me a lot of Warhammer:Dark Omen on the pc if anyone remembers that? If anything that game was possibly harder than Under Siege sharing the same format of having a few squads you couldn't afford to lose and the inability to save during a level.

Back in the day I loved Warhammer and spent many a frustrating hour slowly making my way through its branching plot. It is definitely a different sort of satisfaction you get from finally beating a level in a game like this, rather than the instant gratification of most modern games. However, I'm not sure I have the patience I once did so I still haven't fully decided on whether to buy it or not (so far I've played it at a friends).

On the plus point it seems like the date the offer expires (14/06) does not apply to us welcome back ps plus members so the offer price of £7.19 should remain until the 30 free days expire from my understanding after reading the psn blog.