This is one of those quotes that's so crazy it's hard to believe, but it's archived on Twitch – and yes, we did go back to watch it just to make sure. Speaking during a Mighty No. 9 launch broadcast, creator Keiji Inafune said via a translator that while the game's not perfect, "it's better than nothing". That is one extraordinary quote.

The game's been receiving mixed reviews all week, scraping a 6/10 here on Push Square, and plunging lower elsewhere on the web. An average game is one thing, of course – but when it's funded by fans, the issues are amplified. Inafune's company raised almost $4 million to make this game, and clearly pledged it for far too many platforms.

The aforementioned stream is filled with many crazy anecdotes, like the fact that Inafune began work on other projects once Mighty No. 9 was 70 per cent complete, and played no part in the porting process to other formats. It's one thing being transparent – but this is unprecedented as far as we're concerned. Why say this stuff on launch day?

Perhaps the moral is not to back Kickstarter projects with a frightening number of Stretch Goals, as with the addition of each new platform, it's clear that the quality of the final product is going to plunge. Moreover, maybe consider Inafune's pitch carefully next time he takes to Kickstarter – if, of course, he ever decides to give it another go.