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PS4 Indie Road Not Taken Follows a Free Path in August PlayStation Plus Update

Posted by Sammy Barker

Fez, Crysis 3, Metrico, and more

As promised, Sony has revealed the selection of free PlayStation Plus titles that will be gracing your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita in August. The goodies – which will be available from next week – include Spry Fox’s procedurally generated puzzler Road Not Taken. Fun fact: that game shares a name with American scribe Robert Frost’s most famous poem. Ahem.

Subscribers will also score Fez for Sony’s next-gen format, which is actually cross-buy across all three systems. Over on the PS3, you’ll net Crysis 3 – ironically, an EA Games published title – and relaxation simulation Proteus, while the Vita will play host to infographic adventure Metrico and Dragon’s Crown in North America or LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 in Europe. Not a bad little selection if you ask us.

Of course, the offering’s sure to come under fire due to the lack of any real big retail releases once again. What do you make of this little lineup? Were you planning to pick up any of the listed games? Vent your inevitable frustration in the comments section below.

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North American Trailer


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Punished_Boss_84 said:

"Over on the PS3 you’ll net Crysis 3 – ironically, an EA Games published title" Well don't you feel silly now!

PS4 has indies again, poor lineup... in 3.2.1. I can't complain about PS3/Vita.



get2sammyb said:

I'm hyped for Metrico. It's always nice when you get given a game that you were going to buy anyway.



Splat said:

I liked the false leaked lineup better.

I guess I will check out Crysis 3.



rjejr said:

I'll DL Cyrsis 3 to mess around, just b/c.

And Dragon Crown in case I some day ever get a Vita. Hey,it could happen, when they start bundling them w/ PS4.



rastamadeus said:

First month in two years where literally everything for me is just meh. There's always been at least a single saving grace but not this time. Crysis 3 I own (never played properly but what I did was average), Lego HP I bought just the other day (and is the weakest Lego game I've played) and the rest just don't interest me. Alas. Roll on the September update.



Jaz007 said:

For a moment when I saw Spry Fox, I thought I was about to get a notalgia trip with Spy Fox lol.
Sweet. This is a good line-up. Not a fan of half of the PS3/Vita line-up, but good overall. I'm liking getting indies on PS4 (and PS3), I've had the best experiments with Plus regarding indies, only retail title I've really played is Gravity Rush. What are they gonna give retail wise anyway? Only ones I'd like I can think of are Knack and The Amzing Spider-Man 2. This article also have lack of mentioning about how Fez is supposed to be CHARMIIINNGGG.



Shaolin said:

To be honest, it would be unrealistic to continually expect big AAA blockbusters because that would be unsustainable. Maybe not the strongest showing we seen from PS+ but there are some nice little gems in there if you haven't already played them.



danny2kd said:

Are no others cross buy? Other than fez. Damn was hoping for dragons crown



RawShark said:

Already have Fez from when it came out on Xbox - great treat for anyone who hasn't played it yet, but I won't be replaying it.

The Road Less Travelled - Not sure. Can't pass judgement yet, But to be honest we've been pretty well covered for Rogue-likes with Don't Starve, and in all honesty that was a game I couldn't get into, so I can't say I'm too excited.

Crysis 3 - I dunno. I still have Crysis 2 on my download list from when that was on Plus. It's not screaming out for me to play it. Not my cup of tea I guess.

Proteus - Yep, happy with that. Came close to buying it at one point so glad to see it on the list.

Metrico - Have to be honest, I have no idea what to make of this game. Guess I'll have to play it and see.

Lego Harry Potter - Another f***ing Vita lego game? I wouldn't be too peeved about a 3DS port if it was a decent game, but these are pretty dire.

So not a big win this month. But kudos for getting some new releases in there. Just no more portable lego games for god's sake.



Shaolin said:

@voodoo341 I see what you did there LOL!

Mind you, I might lol about it but in reality it's rightly you and me and the rest of the PlayStation community who should be the gauge of whether a subscription service is value for money (not smack-talk from the service providers). All we need now is for EA to join you in commenting on the value of PS+



RawShark said:

@Splat so it does. I wonder if that's an error though. Dragon's Crown is not sold as a Cross Buy title, (even though it is cross-platform). When we got it in the EU it was just the Vita version.



Reverandjames said:

@danny2kd Dragons crown was a couple of months ago. I'm not overly impressed with that game. Very Samey.

After last month's stellar line up, we seem to have gone backwards. I'm excited about Fez, but 2 lego games in a row on Vita is just lazy. They seem to be opting for cross buy for Vita now instead of 2 fully fledged Vita titles.

I personally don't care about AAA on PS4 because there aren't enough great games anyway on the console, and I have played the best of them already, but this needs to be more value for money really.



Shaolin said:

@get2sammyb "Over on the PS3 you’ll net Crysis 3 – ironically, an EA Games published title". Well called out on that; the coincidence of it is actually quite amusing given recent developments regarding EA Access.



adf86 said:

@get2sammyb Putting Metrico on Plus is a smart choice cos the game is pretty unusual and even in the trailers you don't quite how the game plays but now it's on Plus more people will be willing to play it.



ohhaime said:

The PS3 games are junk but over all a great month for me.

Road not Taken:I was planning to buy this at some point so I'm Super happy to get it for free and on day 1.This alone makes it it a good month to me

FEZ: I own it on steam but I haven't played it yet so I'd rather play the PSN version for the trophies.

Cysis 3:I don't care much for Shooters.

Proteus:Complete Crap. I own it on Steam.It's worthless.It my be a "unique experience" but there is nothing interesting about the experience it gives,nothing interesting to see.Even the music which it's often praised for is junk.It doesn't sound good or even interesting.I have literally been more entertained by pressing random keys on a piano.

Metrico: Looks interesting but also kind of boring,Perfect game to try out through Plus.

Dragons Crown: Oh sweet merciful Shuhei ! I have been in waiting for this to come to Plus. I knew it would come someday so I put off buying it.Through all those sales and now at least my patience is rewarded.Delayed gratification at it's finest.



ohhaime said:

@get2sammyb Sammy you should to update the article I just saw this on the Playstation blog.

"+ Wario64 on July 30th, 2014 at 8:13 am said:
Dragon’s Crown isn’t cross-buy

  • Kristine Steimer on July 30th, 2014 at 9:08 am said:
    You’re correct, it isn’t cross-buy, but I’ve been told Plus members will receive both versions. ^_^ "

Now it's even better for me. Time to do a Happy dance. WoooHoo!



N711 said:

Yea PS4 game is weak this time imo. But cool for Vita again



divinelite said:

Yes almost all game i dont have. Already beat dragom crowns but i lldownload again and throw my physical



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

Two indie puzzlers for the 4. Very eclectic…
I need plus to play online so getting stuff for is a bonus but that doesnt make it worth playing, and re-re-releases dont interest me.

Cant say Im surprised, and before those d**kheads chime in with " self entitled" etc, I dont expect AAA but itd be nice to see a game NOT released 3 times prior to the PS4.



ohhaime said:

@rastamadeus Kristine Steimer is the community manager for Sony NA that handles the Plus updates. So I think her information should be accurate.



Munkyknuts said:

Gods damnit, the only game I'm interested in is Crysis 3 and I bought it the other day....oh well.



Azikira said:

I want this game, is there any way to add it to my library even though currently I do not own a PS4, but will in a few months?



Azikira said:

@ohhaime Awesome, got this months games just in time! Now my PS4 will be fat and happy before I even get it!



Rogue76 said:

Silly question here. But since Fez is a cross buy, even if I only have a PS3, will it still be available for free on PS+?

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