The build up to E3 is always a minefield of rumours and speculation, but it’s been particularly difficult to dodge a misplaced bomb this time around. Mere hours ago, IGN erroneously reported that The Last Guardian had been cancelled, while we still see that fake PlayStation press conference schedule doing the rounds. Thankfully, some rumours are easier to debunk than others – such as this supposed PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 leak.

The hazy image originally appeared on Twitter, but has since been posted on NeoGAF and various other websites. It shows the Japanese version of the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale logo, with the sub headline ‘Round 2’. There’s even a fancy animated image that shows a Moogle from Final Fantasy XIII curiously peering around the text. Of course, as you should have learned by now, off-screen images like this are rarely real.

In fact, common sense suggests that this game would never get the green light anyway. The original title sold extremely poorly, and wasn’t especially well received by parts of the press. Moreover, developer SuperBot Entertainment was dropped by the platform holder, and we haven’t heard word of anyone stepping in to take the studio's place. Furthermore, with big third-party franchises such as Final Fantasy absent from the original, we’re not entirely sure why they’d suddenly appear now.

As such, while this editor would personally love a sequel, we doubt that you’re going to see anything like this announced at E3 – or even at all. This is perhaps another reminder of why you shouldn’t believe everything that you read on the Internet...