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E3 2014: LA Times Thinks That Nintendo Made the White PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Let them dream

As the video game industry has grown, the mainstream media’s coverage of the medium has certainly improved – but that hasn’t prevented the LA Times from dropping a clanger of epic proportions in its piece about E3 2014. Our friends over at Nintendo Life spotted a photograph from today’s paper, insinuating that the House of Mario is behind Sony’s new ‘Glacier White’ themed PlayStation 4.

Unless we’ve missed something, of course, that’s absolute nonsense, as the Japanese giant announced the console as part of a Destiny bundle during its Sony branded showcase earlier in the week. As our Legend of Zelda obsessed colleagues point out, the two companies did collaborate many years ago, but a bit of corporate backstabbing led to PlayStation creator Ken Kutaragi assembling his own console constructing crew and going it alone. The result was the world beating PSone.

With the arrival of Microsoft on the scene, Sony and Nintendo aren’t quite the fierce competitors that they once were – but we certainly can’t see them collaborating again anytime soon. Still, if the Wii U maker fancies porting Mario Kart 8 to the PS4, we certainly won’t complain...


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eaglebob345 said:

Nintendo making the PS4 would be the only way to get MK8 on it. I would still love for these two to collaborate again, but I doubt it will ever happen...



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Doesn't Sega make that big new game gear called the Wii who? Ubisofts reply in the above paper as to why there are no female leads in AC Unity 'too much work' funny. Pigs.



N711 said:

Lol not surprised about non sense in the media but it fun thinking of people who believe anything they read without questioning



Jazzer94 said:

I thought you guys would be more interested in a LBP karting 2 then Mario Kart 8.



ThreadShadow said:

It must be from an alternate dimension where Sony and Nintendo's partnership in the early nineties succeeded, and Nintendo managed to survive it as a recognizable entity.

"KYE DODSON, sporting a Marvel's Superman T-shirt, plays the Nintendo Splatoon on Day 2..."

Dodson! Dodson! We've got Dodson here!



rastamadeus said:

@SimonAdebisi Yeah it's great isn't it? So much extra work. Correct me if I'm wrong but the most famous assassin in French history was a woman, Charlotte Corday. There was a tweet from a Ubisfot employee, quickly pulled down, which said its because boobs jiggle and it's too difficult to animate. Yet three of the four Hyrule Warriors playable characters so far are women (well, one is a female imp). Pathetic response. Once again game developers just don't have a clue.



Jazzer94 said:

@get2sammyb I'm hoping for a new Modnation racing game myself after playing Mario Katy 8 I really want make some wacky anti gravity tracks but Nintendo aren't in a rush to add such a feature it seems.



Tasuki said:

Better not show the writer of that article this


otherwise he would really be confused.



Kage_88 said:

@Punished_Boss - Unlike the PS Vita. Zing.

On topic; I seriously cannot believe a paid (PAID!) journalist can have such a lack of knowledge on their subject matter. How do these people get hired?



Alpha said:

I saw this article on something else. And boy oh boy was it funny xD Nintendo for one is the best now though lol.

Seriously though.... How could they let this get out? I mean doesn't anyone do their research at all?



Volmun said:

@Tasuki I want.. no.. NEED that PS4 O.O (Is it stikers or a custom painjob?) Also that controler is nice.

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