We would fittingly argue that the PlayStation 4 is where you'll find the best place to play Bungie's planet-spanning adventure game Destiny, and Sony is helping us prove our point even further since it has kicked off its E3 2014 conference with an assortment of PS4-related goodness.

Destiny has gotten yet another substantial trailer to show off its jaw-dropping vistas, graphical power, and impressive shooter gameplay. However, this trailer goes for a lot of exposition on the back story of Destiny, narrated by a 343 Guilty Spark-like robot. It shows how humanity discovered the legendary Traveler, what the ominous Darkness is and why it looms over Earth, and so forth.

In addition to Sony's Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations, Adam Boyes, claiming that the amount of exclusive content coming to the game is "literally too much to detail tonight," gamers will be able to play it first on PlayStation 4 with a summer beta starting on 17 July. Lastly, we've also gotten our first look at a 500GB PlayStation 4 bundle that will see the sleek system in a glacier white finish, complete with a fresh copy of Destiny to top it off, which can be seen in the second video below.

What do you think about all these exciting announcements surrounding Bungie's tantalizing title? Will you consider purchasing the Destiny PS4 bundle? Blast off to the comments section and let us know.

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